Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1517 - King's Reward

Chapter 1517 - King's Reward

Chapter 1517: King’s Reward


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1517 – King’s Reward

“We won!”

“The Boss is finally dead!”

Zero Wing cried out in excitement as they watched the Rock King crumbling into a pile of rubble.

The Rock King’s death, it meant that they now owned the Rock Giant Encampment.

Now that they had secured two of Thunder Island’s monster encampment, they would secure nearly one-eighth of the authority over Thunder Island, becoming one of the island’s main rulers.

When the Rock King’s corpse began to fade out of existence, a pillar of light rose from it and shot into the sky.

Even players outside Thunder Island could see the pillar of golden light.

“What’s going on over there?”

“What’s up with that light pillar?”

“The light pillar seems to be coming from the Rock Giant encampment’s direction.”

“Quick, have our scouts investigate the area!”

Players both outside of and on Thunder Island turned towards the golden light pillar almost simultaneously.

When the various superpowers’ observers adjusted their Magic Mirrors to scout the situation over at the Rock Giant encampment, what they saw dumbfounded them. Only two Rock Guards were left alive in the encampment the various superpowers abandoned. The Archaic Species Rock King was nowhere to be seen…

“Why is the Rock King gone?”

“Could they have… Impossible! How can they possibly defeat it with just 50 people?!”

Although no one could bring themselves to believe that Zero Wing had managed to defeat the Rock King with only 50 players, they couldn’t find any signs of the Guardian Boss’s ma.s.sive figure regardless of how hard they searched the encampment. The only noteworthy thing in the encampment was the golden pillar extending from a pile of rubble.

With this, they had no choice but to accept the fact that Zero Wing’s 50-man team had secured the Rock Giant encampment.

The various observers reported what they saw to their superiors on the island.

“What? How is that possible? Zero Wing managed to secure a second encampment before we did?”

“Just what did they do?”

Although Zero Wing’s clearing speed surprised them, they were still confident that they could claim their second encampment before Zero Wing was anywhere close to defeating the Rock King. Then they would be able to secure their third encampment with little effort. After all, the Guardian Boss there couldn’t be defeated easily, especially not with a 50-player team.

Not only did Zero Wing manage to clear the monsters in the inner and outer areas, but it defeated the Rock King quickly. This outcome exceeded their expectations.


When Phoenix Rain received this shocking news, she, too, was astonished.

They actually succeeded?!

Phoenix Rain looked at the Rock King’s remains with an indescribable sense of shock.

At this point in the contest, the various superpowers had almost finished claiming their second encampment, and they had far more players than she and Zero Wing. However, these superpowers had many more players that she and Zero Wing did.

If not for their lack of manpower and Nine Dragons Emperor’s interference early on, they could’ve secured more than just two encampments.


In contrast to the reactions of Phoenix Rain’s team, Nine Dragons Emperor’s players wore grim expressions when they heard the news.

“How did they defeat the Boss so quickly?”

“Was the Rock King actually an easy raid?”

“Right! That must be it! How else would Zero Wing’s 50-man team have cleared out an encampment faster than us?!”

When Nine Dragons Emperor’s team members looked at the distant light pillar, they were envious. Despite fighting desperately, they had yet to clear out the monsters in the encampment’s inner area. On the other hand, despite starting the raid on the encampment’s inner area much later than they did, Zero Wing’s team already defeated the Rock King, a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species.

d.a.m.n it! How did things end up like this?!

Lonely Castle’s eyes were bloodshot from rage and envy.

Had he known something like this would happen, he would never have agreed to cooperate with Nine Dragons Emperor.

Although he wouldn’t receive any financial support from Phoenix Rain, he would have obtained a temporary teleportation array on Thunder Island at the very least. With the teleportation array, Firmament would be able to further the development of its naval forces and gain the opportunity to surpa.s.s the other first-rate naval Guilds. Now that opportunity was gone.

“Pavilion Master, this will be troublesome. Now that Phoenix Rain has secured two monster encampments, the Great Pavilion Master will side with her,” Martial Dragon said as he gave the light pillar a grim look.

Had Phoenix Rain only secured one monster encampment, they could still, more or less, compete with her, but they’d lose their advantage if she secured two encampments. Not only could she convince more large Guilds to ally with her, but she would also gain the Guild Elders’ support during the next contest.

Phoenix Rain also had a powerful ally like Zero Wing. Not only would Phoenix Rain be able to get more players to take part in the next Thunder Island contest, but she would also have many more powerful experts supporting her.

“Zero Wing?” Killing intent welled up within Nine Dragons Emperor. Immediately, he commanded, “After the battle, notify Beast Emperor that I’ll support him fully. But I have one condition. I want Zero Wing eliminated from G.o.d’s Domain!”

“This… The Guild Elders will likely voice their opinions about this matter. After all, Zero Wing is in the same boat as Phoenix Rain. If we use the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s strength to deal with Zero Wing publicly…” Martial Dragon said worriedly when he heard Nine Dragons Emperor’s chilling tone.

“Let them! As long as Phoenix Rain loses Zero Wing’s support, we’ll have a chance to struggle onward!” Nine Dragons Emperor stated, determined. His voice radiated killing intent.

He had always treated Zero Wing as one of Phoenix Rain’s chess pieces and had never placed any importance on the Guild. Now he fully understood that Zero Wing was no mere chess piece. Instead, it was Phoenix Rain’s lifesaver. He would be eliminated from the compet.i.tion for the Great Pavillion Master’s position sooner or later if he didn’t disregard his reputation and destroy Zero Wing while it was still developing.

Even if he had to earn the Great Pavillion Master’s displeasure, he was determined to destroy Zero Wing thoroughly.

“Understood!” Martial Dragon looked at Nine Dragons Emperor’s determination in shock.

Nine Dragons Emperor would normally only place such great importance on Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds, yet he was doing the same for Zero Wing now. In fact, this was the first time he had ever seen Nine Dragons Emperor willing to go to such lengths to defeat a foe.


Zero Wing’s members received a system notification while the various superpowers were shocked by their successful capture of the Rock Giant encampment.


System: Congratulations! You have defeated the Rock King with less than 100 people. Rewarding 15 Thunder Island Reputation and 800 Thunder Island Contribution Points.

System: Congratulations! You have defeated the Rock King during the first struggle for Thunder Island! Rewarding 20 Free Mastery Points, 5 Legacy Skill Points, and 1,000 Thunder Island Contribution Points.


Two system notifications appeared consecutively, stunning the team.

While they might not know the value of Thunder Island’s Contribution Points, they knew the importance of Mastery Points and Legacy Skill Points.

When one had enough Mastery Points, their base damage would increase. As for Legacy Skill Points, players typically on received some when they leveled up. With the five points they just received, they could easily learn an additional Tier 1 Legacy Skill. They could even learn a Tier 2 Legacy Skill if they obtained some more points, greatly enhancing their combat power.

It was true that s.h.i.+ Feng’s leaders.h.i.+p had allowed them to defeat the Rock King so easily this time, but another reason that quite a few players in the team possessed Tier 2 Skills, which allowed their team’s overall damage to exceed the Rock King’s battle recovery.

After the system notifications ended, the light pillar rising from the center of the encampment began dissipating gradually. Dazzling items of various shapes and color then rained down from the sky, forming a small mountain where the Rock King’s corpse had previously lain. The brilliant glow and powerful aura the mountain of items radiated moved the team members’ hearts.

The reward for the First Kill of Thunder Island’s Three Great Bosses is tremendous.

s.h.i.+ Feng was also quite surprised.

Although he had expected the Rock King’s loot to be extraordinary, he hadn’t expected this much. The amount of loot here could already rival the loot from killing three or four Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level…