Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1483 - Obtaining the First Clear of the Sunset Forest

Chapter 1483 - Obtaining the First Clear of the Sunset Forest

Chapter 1483: Obtaining the First Clear of the Sunset Forest


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1483 – Obtaining the First Clear of the Sunset Forest

“The Boss is dead?”

“What tier was that Spell?! How is it so powerful?!”

As the Tier 4 Spell, t.i.tan’s Wrath, dissipated, the surviving team members regained their senses. Even then, they couldn’t bring themselves to believe that the King of Trees was dead.

By the time the team had taken the King of Trees down to 2% of its HP, it had deployed well over 1,000 minor tendrils on the battlefield. With the remaining 100-plus members on the team, it would have been impossible to wipe out the Boss’s remaining HP before the Mythic monster annihilated the rest of the team.

And yet, just as the team was about to wipe, someone bombarded the King of Trees into oblivion. Why wouldn’t they be shocked?

Was that some sort of trump card Zero Wing had kept hidden?

Phoenix Rain stared at the empty plot before her in shock. She had never expected Zero Wing to have a Tier 4, large-scale destruction Magic Scroll.

At this stage of the game, Tier 3 Magic Scrolls were extremely precious. With just one of these scrolls, an ordinary player could make a fortune overnight with enough funds to purchase a powerful set of equipment. Among the various Magic Scrolls available, large-scale destruction Spells and Summoning Spells were the most valuable and highly sought after by the various large Guilds.

Both types of Magic Scrolls were powerful enough to turn the tide in battle.

But s.h.i.+ Feng had actually used a Tier 4, large-scale destruction Magic Scroll. Not even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had gotten their hands on such a scroll…

The King of Trees’ death contributed a tremendous amount of EXP to the surviving players. Phoenix Rain had even risen from Level 48 to Level 49. They had obtained more EXP than anyone had expected.

Meanwhile, after the King of Trees’ death, the barrier enveloping the Sunset Shrine gradually disappeared.


System: Congratulations! You are the first team to raid the Sunset Forest successfully. Rewards in the Sunset Shrine doubled. You will be teleported out of the Sunset Forest after one hour automatically.


“Healers, resurrect the dead. Everyone else, rest up,” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded before entering the Sunset Shrine with Phoenix Rain to inspect the treasures inside.

The other players couldn’t help their envy, curious about what treasures the shrine held, but they knew that they’d have to wait.

Historical Sites typically offered far more treasure than Dungeons, some of which could be used as Guilds’ trump cards. Naturally, these Guilds would have more of an advantage if fewer people knew about these items.

As for s.h.i.+ Feng, not only was he Phoenix Rain’s ally, but he had also signed a contract with the Phoenix Pavilion Master. He had also contributed the most during the raid. Thus, he qualified to enter the shrine alongside the Guild Leader.

Zero Wing and the Asura adventurer team, huh?

Quiet Melody could not help but watch s.h.i.+ Feng’s departing back before glancing at Asura’s resting members, curiosity and intrigue dominating her thoughts.

It seems that I really will need to report to the Guild Leader.

Despite all of the effort the Sacred Temple had spent raiding various Historical Sites, the Guild had failed to raid a single Grade 2 ruin, yet Phoenix Rain’s temporary team had secured the First Clear of a Grade 1 Historical Site. If other Guilds discovered this, it would cause a commotion.

On the journey here, Quiet Melody had carefully observed everything that had happened.

Based on what she had seen, she was absolutely certain that without Zero Wing and Asura’s help, Phoenix Rain’s team would’ve failed. In fact, they would’ve been lucky to reach the Sunset Forest’s core within the allotted time, much less kill the Mythic ranked King of Trees.

She had never imagined that a recently-established Guild like Zero Wing could become so powerful in such a short amount of time.

While Historical Sites were very rare in G.o.d’s Domain, Super Guilds like the Sacred Temple had discovered quite a few already. The only thing preventing them from harvesting these ruins’ treasure was their lack of strength.

Although she did not know what the conditions of Phoenix Rain and Zero Wing’s agreement, the Sacred Temple was capable of any price she could afford.


Elsewhere, with the magic barrier gone, s.h.i.+ Feng and Phoenix Rain easily entered the Sunset Shrine.

The interior was luxurious. It looked more like a palace than a shrine. Meanwhile, the two found a large pile of items in the center of this palace.

“This is the Sunset Forest’s First Clear reward?”

Even Phoenix Rain, who had seen plenty of treasure before and had her own significant wealth, was surprised to see the mound before her.

Among the small mountain of items, she easily counted more Treasure Chests than what they had looted from the three Dryad nests they raided earlier. She even saw a few Epic Treasure Chests among them. Aside from Treasure Chests, there were all sorts of Master ranked potions, high-tiered Magic Scrolls, special Gemstones, and many other valuable items. As she gazed at the items, Phoenix Rain felt as if she were dreaming.

At least I didn’t waste that Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

s.h.i.+ Feng spotted three Epic Treasure Chests in addition to Elemental Treasure Boxes and Seven Luminaries Treasure Boxes, which contained Elemental Sources and Seven Luminaries Crystals, respectively.

He had thought that the Flame Potions would be enough to raid the Sunset Forest, but in the end, he had been forced to use a Tier 4 Magic Scroll as well.

But after seeing the Sunset Shrine’s treasure, he was satisfied with trading a Tier 4 Magic Scroll for the first pick of five of the shrine’s items.

Neither the Elemental Treasure Boxes nor the Seven Luminaries Treasure Boxes were any less valuable than the Epic Treasure Chests. An Elemental Treasure Box would drop one to three Elemental Source Stones when opened, while a Seven Luminaries Treasure Box would drop three to six units of Seven Luminaries Crystals. Both Treasure Boxes had been highly sought after by the various Guilds in his previous life.

Moreover, s.h.i.+ Feng spotted various materials, designs, Skill Books, and other precious items that could easily drive the various large Guilds mad with envy.

It took s.h.i.+ Feng and Phoenix Rain over half an hour to organize the loot.

“According to our agreement, I’ll choose five items first,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he glanced at Phoenix Rain.

“Alright, take your pick.” Phoenix Rain nodded.

She was extremely satisfied with the Sunset Shrine’s treasure.

Even if s.h.i.+ Feng claimed all three Epic Treasure Chests, she wouldn’t be disappointed in the least. After all, among the treasures here, over ten were just as valuable.

Seeing Phoenix Rain nod, s.h.i.+ Feng began to select his prizes.

However, the man hadn’t pocketed the three Epic Treasure Chests as Phoenix Rain had expected. On the contrary, s.h.i.+ Feng didn’t even glance at the Treasure Chests. Instead, the first items he claimed were the two Elemental Treasure Boxes.

While current players might realize how valuable Elemental Sources were, he did. In fact, Elemental Sources could be strategic tools in Mythic monster raids. Hence, he had to prioritize these items.

After selecting the Elemental Treasure Boxes, s.h.i.+ Feng chose the Sunset Potion Recipe, an Advanced Alchemy Recipe unique to the Sunset Forest. The recipe usually had a very low chance at appearing in the Sunset Shrine. When consumed, the potion would halve the penalty of a single death. It was a super-potion with a 24-hour Cooldown.

Avoiding death was incredibly difficult in G.o.d’s Domain. Each time a player died in the field, they’d lose an entire level. Hence, the Sunset Potion had been highly regarded in the past. Only, very few Guilds had been able to brew the potion, contributing to its rarity on the market.

The Potion had only cost 10 or so Silver to produce, yet it had sold for around 1 Gold.

Now that the Sunset Potion Recipe had dropped, he had no reason not to claim it.

s.h.i.+ Feng also selected the Basic Mana Bomb Design, an Advanced Engineering Design. Although the necessary materials to craft the item were rare and expensive, each Basic Mana Bomb was as powerful as a Peak Tier 2 attack. When used in conjunction with Defensive Turrets, the Mana Bombs could rival a Tier 3 attack. The design was far more valuable than an Epic Weapon.

For s.h.i.+ Feng’s fifth choice, he selected the only Epic item throughout the hall.

The Seven Luminaries Bible!