Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1430 - Destroying the Town's Defenses in One Hit

Chapter 1430 - Destroying the Town's Defenses in One Hit

Chapter 1430: Destroying the Town’s Defenses in One Hit


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1430 – Destroying the Town’s Defenses in One Hit

A large number of Guild players had been stationed atop Green Rain Town’s ramparts. At the base of the walls, the Shadow Dragon Legion stood in neat, orderly rows.

“As expected of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s trump card legion. Its members are so strong. Just looking at them makes me shudder.”

“Guild Leader Fox, with them here, you won’t have to lift a finger. The Shadow Dragon Legion will bring a swift end to Zero Wing’s force.”

“That’s right! It’s a pity that we won’t get to join in. I’d like to show Zero Wing how powerful our Guilds truly are!”

The various upper echelons on the ramparts chatted merrily as they gazed down at the Shadow Dragon Legion.

Even if there weren’t 180,000 elite players protecting Green Rain Town, Zero Wing’s 1,000-man army would fail. After all, the NPC guards weren’t just for display.

Unfortunately, since the Shadow Dragon Legion had wanted the frontline, their Guilds had lost the chance to use Zero Wing as a stepping stone to improve their reputations in the empire.

Suddenly, Lonely Castle walked up to Crimson Fox and reported, “Guild Leader, a report just came in. For some reason, Zero Wing’s members have stopped their advance and fortified a hill some distance away from the town. They’ve locked down the area around the hill. We sent several to investigate, but they’ve all died.”

Hearing this, Crimson Fox and the other upper echelons were stunned.

“Why are they fortifying that hill?”

The same question floated in everyone’s minds. This was the first time they had encountered such a shameless Guild. Zero Wing had boldly announced its plan to raid Green Rain Town, yet after such claims, it had only dispatched a little over 1,000 members. Now, for some unknown reason, Zero Wing’s members had decided to halt their advance halfway.

“They’re not approaching?” Crimson Fox’s lips curled. “It seems Zero Wing’s upper echelons still have some brainpower. They realized that charging into the town would be suicidal, so they’ve decided to wait for us to come to them?”

“Guild Leader, should we send some of our people?” Lonely Castle asked.

“No need. We’ll let the Shadow Dragon Legion deal with it. We can save ourselves from the trouble of being called out for bullying,” Crimson Fox said, laughing.

Although he did not know what Zero Wing was trying to do, in front of absolute strength, all trickery was useless. At the end of the day, Crimson Castle would win this war, and Zero Wing’s reputation in the Black Dragon Empire would be ruined.

However, as the Shadow Dragon Legion prepared to set off for the hill, two spiraling, black and white beams appeared in the distance. Both beams struck the magic barrier around Green Rain Town a split second after they appeared, tearing through it as if it were paper.


In the end, the two ma.s.sive beams plowed through the town’s center. Two towering pillars of light rose from the craters, expanding until each covered a 500-yard radius.

One could see these pillars even from tens of thousands of yards away.

Both pillars gradually dissipated, leaving two 40-meter-deep craters. Everything that had been caught within the light pillars had disappeared.

“What…” For a moment, every player in Green Rain Town was dumbfounded as they stared at the void the light pillars had left.

The various Guild upper echelons stared with wide eyes.

What had happened?

Was the sky falling?

Not even Crimson Fox knew what had just transpired.

Although the defensive magic array protecting Green Rain Town was only Basic rank, it could survive Tier 3 attacks, yet it failed to resist the two beam attacks.

“I-Investigate that attack immediately!” Crimson Fox bellowed.

Crimson Fox’s heart bled over the buildings the attacks had just destroyed, not to mention the number of players that had died.

Crimson Castle’s members exploded into action.

“Guild Leader… it seems that those two beams came from the hilltop Zero Wing occupies,” Lonely Castle said as he pointed towards the hill.

“So you’re saying…that is Zero Wing’s doing?” A chill ran down Crimson Fox’s spine as he stared at the hilltop, astonishment flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes as he muttered, “How is this possible?”

He had investigated Zero Wing thoroughly, so he knew that Zero Wing possessed powerful war weapons. However, the hill Zero Wing occupied was over 10,000 yards away from Green Rain Town. According to the reports, Zero Wing’s war weapons should only have a maximum range of around 3,000 yards.

What Crimson Fox did not know was that the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons’ range was actually 20,000 yards. However, although the cannons could cover so much distance, the beams were straight-line attacks. Hence, the height of these cannons’ location would determine their actual range.

From the top of Stone Forest Town’s Magic Tower, they could cover around 3,000 yards.

Meanwhile, the hill s.h.i.+ Feng had chosen was far taller than his Magic Tower, increasing the cannon’s range significantly.

“Guild Leader, what should we do?” Lonely Castle could not help but shudder when he learned that Zero Wing was responsible for the attack.

With that kind of range and destructive power, the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons were a Guild town’s nightmare. If they allowed Zero Wing to fire those weapons a few more times, Green Rain Town would fall.

“Kill them… Send everyone to slaughter Zero Wing’s members! Do not let Zero Wing fire those cannons again!” Crimson Fox shouted, paling with anger. Regret tore at his heart. Had he known that Zero Wing possessed such frightening tools of destruction, he would never have let things go this far.

With such weapons, destroying a town would be a piece of cake for Zero Wing.

“Understood!” Lonely Castle immediately organized Crimson Castle’s forces to set out towards Zero Wing’s position.

When the other upper echelons saw the two craters that defiled Green Rain Town and thought about Zero Wing directing those weapons towards their own towns, they shuddered with fear.

“This… Guild Leader Fox, something urgent has come up in our Guild that requires our immediate attention; I’m afraid we must go.”

“Guild Leader Fox, our Guild Leader has found a rare Boss and is in need of manpower. Since you have things under control here, we’ll be taking our leave.”

Immediately, the four second-rate Guilds’ upper echelons took out Return Scrolls and fled.

A moment later, all of the allied Guilds’ members vanished from Green Rain Town, leaving only Crimson Castle’s members and a bunch of confused independent players.

“You …” Crimson Fox nearly had a stroke as he watched the crowd disappear.

Hadn’t they declared that he wouldn’t have to take action himself?