Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1418 - You Still Aren’t Qualified

Chapter 1418 - You Still Aren’t Qualified

Chapter 1418: You Still Aren’t Qualified


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1418 – You Still Aren’t Qualified

As the current match on the main stage was about to end, everyone s.h.i.+fted their gaze to the screen hovering above the stage, excitement and joy sparkling in their eyes.

“The next match is going to be awesome!”

“The Frost Empress and Flame Witch? How unfortunate. Both clearly have the strength to rank in the top 30, yet they have to face each other in the fifth round.”

“I wonder who’s strongest?”

“Do you even need to ask? It’s definitely Yi Luofei. After all, she is the third-ranked Elementalist in the Black Dragon Empire. She even ended in the top 20 during the previous compet.i.tion.”

In the Black Dragon Empire, practically everybody knew about FFF’s Frost Empress. She had soared to fame during the previous ranking compet.i.tion. Her beautiful face and graceful body had made it into everyone’s hearts. Although she hadn’t left many battle records in the Black Dragon Empire after the compet.i.tion, the battle records she had left were terrifying.

In one instance, she had annihilated a Dark Guild by herself. In another instance, she had fought the fifth-ranked player on the Black Dragon Empire’s Red List, the h.e.l.l Prison. To be more specific, h.e.l.l Prison had ambushed Yi Luofei. In the end, however, she had defeated the, and he had been forced to retreat.

h.e.l.l Prison had killed sever second-rate Guild Leaders. Although he had never killed a first-rate Guild’s Leader, he had come very close to succeeding several times. This had earned the various large Guilds’ hatred. However, they were powerless against the expert, yet after a single failed attempt, h.e.l.l Prison had declared that he had given up targeting Yi Luofei.

No one knew why he had done so, but the fact that Yi Luofei had forced an like h.e.l.l Prison to give up showed how powerful she was.

The attempt had been a while ago; Yi Luofei had certainly grown stronger since then.

“Big Sis Rain, it seems that Zero Wing may be in trouble. Yi Luofei is highly talented. The Secret Pavilion has even labeled her as a monster-level genius. Based on the information we currently have, she has grasped at least two combat techniques. Moreover, one of them is an advanced combat technique. The Secret Pavilion has tried to recruit her, but she rejected their offer. Based on our reports, it seems that the Flower of Seven Sins has contacted her as well,” Blue Phoenix whispered when she saw the combatants for the next round. “If Zero Wing is defeated here and loses its bet with Crimson Castle, Nine Dragons Emperor will use the opportunity to crush Zero Wing’s Branch Guild.”

“The Flower of Seven Sins didn’t just contact her in secret,” Phoenix Rain said, smiling bitterly. “The Great Pavilion Master informed us to give up on recruiting Yi Luofei and to avoid provoking her. She’s already become one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ reserve upper echelons. The Flower of Seven Sins values her.”

“What?! She’s already a reserve upper echelon?!” Blue Phoenix was shocked, staring at Yi Luofei below the main stage.

Although the Flower of Seven Sins was a mysterious organization, the various superpowers had a certain amount of information on it. Like the Secret Pavilion, it was considered a transcendental power; none of the superpowers would dare underestimate it.

The requirements to become one of the Flower of Seven Sins’s upper echelons were even stricter than those to become a Super Guild’s upper echelon. As the Flower of Seven Sins was an organization of, strength meant everything. If one wished to become one of the organization’s upper echelons, they needed to have the strength to back up the ambition. Every one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ upper echelons was an absolute monster.

Now that Yi Luofei was a reserve upper echelon, this proved that the Flower of Seven Sins had acknowledged her strength. The organization had clearly deemed that she could become a monster-level expert as well.

When the waiting partic.i.p.ants saw the next pairing, a commotion rippled through the crowd.

“Luofei, it seems you’ve encountered a proper opponent this time,” a slim in dark-gray leather armor said from beside the woman, smiling.

“A proper opponent?” Yi Luofei glanced at Zhao Yueru, who sat a short distance away. She responded indifferently, “Commander, please stop joking. She’s still not worthy of being my opponent. Someone on Phoenix Rain’s level might be, but not her.”

“Well, in any case, don’t take the match too seriously. Just defeat her casually. Save some cards for the rest of your opponents. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble fulfilling your agreement with the Flower of Seven Sins,” Yan Tianxing, the FFF adventurer team’s commander, said as he glanced at the several cloaked players beside the stage.

“Commander, rest a.s.sured; I’ll claim the champions.h.i.+p and leave those upper echelons speechless,” Yi Luofei confidently declared before walking towards the stage.

When the Flower of Seven Sins had tried to recruit her, she had given the organization a condition. She required that they turn FFF into one of the top adventurer teams in G.o.d’s Domain, not just the Black Dragon Empire. However, a large amount of resources would be required to do so.

Although the Flower of Seven Sins had agreed to her condition, the organization had offered one of its own. She must secure the champions.h.i.+p in this ranking compet.i.tion.

Yi Luofei didn’t think too much about the condition. After all, not only had the Flower of Seven Sins given her a top-tier Epic staff upon her joining, but it had also sent her into two legacy s.p.a.ces, allowing her to improve tremendously. She had even broken through to the Void Realm, pus.h.i.+ng her five senses to their very limits.

When Yi Luofei and Zhao Yueru stepped onto the stage, cheers erupted throughout the venue. Not only were they gorgeous, but they were also highly venerated experts.

“I’ve always heard that Zero Wing is a one-man Guild. I never thought that it would have an expert such as you. I had planned to challenge your Guild Leader during my previous trip to Stone Forest Town, but I never actually met him. After this match, please convey my request to Guild Leader Black Flame. Tell him that I’d like to challenge him. The time and location are up to him,” Yi Luofei spoke to Zhao Yueru softly.

The Flower of Seven Sins had actually given her two conditions. If she completed one of them, the organization would agree to her condition, pus.h.i.+ng FFF to the heights of G.o.d’s Domain. Obtaining the champions.h.i.+p was the first condition. The second was to kill Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame. Moreover, the second condition was available long-term.

She had watched Black Flame’s battle videos. While he was a monster, she was confident of defeating him.

The moment Yi Luofei finished speaking, an uproar shook the arena.

“What’s this?! Yi Luofei just publicly challenged Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?!”

“This is interesting! I wonder if Black Flame will accept the challenge? If he does, I have to watch it!”

“As expected of the Frost Empress! She dares to challenge the Sword King!”

Everyone here was quite familiar with the name ‘Black Flame.’ After all, he ranked among the top 100 on the G.o.d’s Domain Experts List. The Secret Pavilion had even given him the nickname Sword King. When he had received it, it had caused quite a stir throughout G.o.d’s Domain.

However, while the crowd cheered over the matter, Zero Wing’s members wore ugly expressions. Fierce Snake and the others, who sat below the main stage, were furious.

A measly vice commander of an adventurer team had dared to issue their Guild Leader a challenge!

Zero Wing was Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild. Luo Yifei’s blatant challenge was no different than spitting on Zero Wing’s reputation; she simply wasn’t taking Zero Wing seriously in the least.

“Hahaha! Nicely done! As expected of someone the Flower of Seven Sins has acknowledged!” Nine Dragons Emperor laughed in his VIP room.

“Black Flame really is famous everywhere,” Phoenix Rain muttered, sighing as she looked at Zero Wing’s room.

Although she did not believe that Yi Luofei could defeat Black Flame, this challenge humiliated Zero Wing, Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord. If Yi Luofei defeated Zhao Yueru, the challenge would deal an even greater blow to the Guild’s reputation.

“You wish to challenge our Guild Leader?” Zhao Yueru’s gaze chilled as she glared at Yi Luofei. “Unfortunately, you still aren’t qualified!”