Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1411 - Initial Appearance in Empire

Chapter 1411 - Initial Appearance in Empire

Chapter 1411: Initial Appearance in Empire


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1411 – Initial Appearance in Empire

Black Dragon City, Underground Arena:

Currently, the street outside the arena was crowded with players. However, the players that could actually enter the facility numbered extremely few.

Players who wished to enter the Underground Arena needed an invitation from the Secret Pavilion or to have pa.s.sed the qualifiers for the official compet.i.tion. Everyone else could only stand outside the arena.

Of course, catering to the general public’s interest, the Secret Pavilion would also livestream the compet.i.tion on the large screens outside the Underground Arena, allowing people on the streets to watch the matches. This was a privilege available only to players that had rented the entire Underground Arena.

However, it cost around 15,000 Gold to rent the Underground Arena of an imperial capital for an entire day. Most likely, only the Secret Pavilion was capable of carrying out such a feat. Other superpowers would balk at spending so much money just to host a compet.i.tion.

Aside from playing on the screens outside the Underground Arena, the livestream of the compet.i.tion would also be uploaded to the official forums, allowing all players in the Black Dragon Empire to watch it as well. Hence, a player who achieved a good battle record in the compet.i.tion could definitely become famous throughout the empire.

Meanwhile, the members of Guilds that received an invitation from the Secret Pavilion were currently entering the Underground Arena one after another.

“Quick, look! Those players in that group seem to be from the first-rate Guild Undefeated Dynasty! Their levels are so high! They’re all actually above Level 45.”

“Look! Those people seem to be Fantasy Shrine’s members! The equipment they’re using is so good! Every one of them is actually geared with one or two pieces of Epic Equipment!”

The bystanders were stunned by the five first-rate Guilds that were entering the Underground Arena. The weapons and equipment worn by the expert players they normally saw were already plenty amazing. However, now they were looking at the representatives of the five first-rate Guilds whose levels and items surpa.s.sed those of expert players by leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, each of the five first-rate Guilds attending the compet.i.tion this time had sent between eight and twelve representatives. Even the most inferior piece of equipment these representatives wore was Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment. As for Epic Weapons and Equipment, although not everybody was equipped with one, each first-rate Guild boasted at least seven or eight. Let alone the ordinary players on the street, even the second-rate Guilds attending the compet.i.tion were shocked at the robust foundations these first-rate Guilds displayed.

“Snow, is the Guild Leader not here yet?” Zhao Yueru asked as she walked out of the Underground Arena. Currently, she was dressed in a set of dazzling crimson robes and held a blue crystal staff in her hand.

Meanwhile, the instant Zhao Yueru appeared, she immediately attracted the attention of many players on the street. However, while part of the reason why so many players had their attention stolen by her was the contrast between her devilish body and angelic countenance, the greater reason was her personal fame.

Just recently, Zhao Yueru had annihilated the expert team of Corpse Soul all by herself. Meanwhile, Corpse Soul was an infamous Dark Guild in the Black Dragon Empire. The top-tier experts of the Dark Guild were existences that gave the various large Guilds headaches. Many second-rate Guilds, and even first-rate Guilds, had to treat the Dark Guild cautiously.

Yet, due to one of Corpse Soul’s experts provoking Zhao Yueru, the latter had annihilated the entire 20-man team said expert belonged to. Enraged by this situation, Corpse Soul had dispatched several of its top-tier experts to Zhao Yueru. However, not only did those top-tier experts fail to accomplish their mission, but a few of them had even fallen at her hands.

After news of this matter spread, Zhao Yueru’s nickname of Flame Witch became famous across the entire Black Dragon Empire.

“He should be here soon,” Gentle Snow said as she looked at the time. Grinning, she said, “Why are you in such a hurry? Could it be that you can’t wait to show Ye Feng the results of your latest training?”

The Guild’s core upper echelon knew that Ye Feng and Black Flame were the same person. Back when Gentle Snow found out, she had been stunned. She had never imagined that Ye Feng could create such a powerful Guild, one capable of rivaling even veteran first-rate Guilds, all by himself.

“Hehe! Of course! I want to see what kind of reaction he’ll make when he finds out that I’ve already reached the Refinement Realm!” Zhao Yueru giggled.

Ever since joining Zero Wing, she realized that there would always be someone better than herself. Previously, she had been one of Ouroboros’s top-ranking top-tier experts. Yet, after entering Zero Wing, she had failed to rank even within the top 10 of the Guild. However, now that she had become a Refinement Realm expert, she was confident of entering the top 10 of Zero Wing and instantly reaching the level of peak experts like Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and Aqua Rose.

While Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru were chatting, another team of players walked out of the entrance of the Underground Arena. These players all sported a crimson flame emblem, the symbol of the Crimson Castle Guild, one of the Guilds that frequently clashed with Zero Wing’s Branch Guild, which Gentle Snow managed.

Although Crimson Castle was only a second-rate Guild, Nine Dragons Emperor secretly supported it. Crimson Castle had also allied with a few other second-rate Guilds; hence, the Guild’s strength was not one bit inferior to that of first-rate Guilds.

“Guild Leader Snow, long time no see. I never thought that you would be interested in the ranking compet.i.tion as well. It seems the compet.i.tion this time is going to be interesting,” Crimson Fox, the Guild Leader of Crimson Castle, said, smiling as he walked up to Gentle Snow.

“Aren’t you here as well, Guild Leader Crimson?” Gentle Snow said. She could not help but feel a little surprised as she looked at Crimson Fox and his entourage.

Currently, Crimson Fox had already reached Level 45, and the majority of his equipment were Dark-Gold rank. As for the weapon he carried and the top he wore, Gentle Snow could not determine their quality due to their glow effects having been hidden. However, she could tell that they were either Epic rank or Epic Growth-type Weapons and Equipment.

Meanwhile, similar to Crimson Fox, the other members of Crimson Castle were all Level 45. The weapons and equipment they possessed nearly rivaled Crimson Fox’s. Aside from these players, Gentle Snow had also spotted two cloaked players among Crimson Castle’s team. Although she could not see the levels and equipment of these players, the pressure she picked up from them was much greater than even the pressure Crimson Fox exuded.

“Guild Leader Snow, neither of our Guilds were able to achieve a clear victory in our previous war with each other. Are you interested in settling our dispute through the ranking compet.i.tion this time?” Crimson Fox said, a sly smile on his face.

“How do you want to compete?” Gentle Snow asked.

“We’ll compete using our Guild rankings in the compet.i.tion this time. Whoever places higher will be the winner. Meanwhile, whoever loses will give up on Hidden Fog Town. How about it?” Crimson Fox suggested.

As Crimson Fox had deliberately spoken in a very loud voice, everyone on the street heard his words.

“What’s going on? Is Crimson Castle planning on competing with Zero Wing?”

“As expected of large Guilds, they’re actually using a town as a wager.”

“I wonder if Zero Wing will dare to accept the challenge?”

“If Zero Wing is afraid of accepting even such a small challenge, what qualifications does it have to partic.i.p.ate in the ranking compet.i.tion?”

At this moment, everyone could not help but turn to look at Gentle Snow and Crimson Fox.

In regard to this situation, Gentle Snow also hesitated to decide.

Hidden Fog Town, a Dark Town located in the vicinity of Lake Heart City, had a Mithril vein. Conquering Hidden Fog Town was equivalent to obtaining the Mithril vein, which would greatly help in a Guild’s production of weapons and equipment. Only, due to Zero Wing and Crimson Castle’s inconclusive war over this Dark Town, neither Guild had managed to capture it thus far.

While Gentle Snow was hesitating, a deep voice resounded throughout the entire street before the Underground Arena.

“Okay, Zero Wing agrees to your conditions!”

Immediately, every player on the street s.h.i.+fted their gaze to the source of the voice.

In the next moment, a majestic monster with its paws covered in flames and lightning stalked into the crowd, radiating an indescribably heavy pressure.

This monster was none other than the evolved Demonic Flame Tiger. In terms of strength, it surpa.s.sed even a Lord of the same level. Not to mention elite players, even expert players would have to run for their lives if they encountered the Demonic Flame Tiger as an opponent.

Meanwhile, upon seeing the Demonic Flame Tiger, the players standing in its path moved to the side automatically, wearing dumbfounded expressions.

“What kind of Mount is that? How is it giving off such intense pressure?”

“Who is that person?”