Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1400 - King's Loot

Chapter 1400 - King's Loot

Chapter 1400: King’s Loot


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1400 – King’s Loot

When the HP of one of the Frost Kings reached zero, both Frost Kings suddenly turned into ice and shattered. At the same time, the heavy pressure on Zero Wing’s members lifted, and they collapsed wearily to sit down on the ground.

“That was so close!”

Everyone from Zero Wing breathed out a sigh of relief when they noticed the magic array in the sky disappearing gradually.

Had the magic array been allowed to gather Mana for even a moment longer, this battle would definitely have ended in their annihilation.

After the Frost King’s death, everyone received a generous amount of EXP. Although not everybody managed to level up, their experience bars still increased by a sizable portion, equivalent to one day’s worth of grinding.

However, compared to the EXP they received, everyone paid much more attention to the loot of the Frost King.

The reason for this was the loot’s abundance—the Frost King actually dropped over 100 items when it died.

Even the Final Bosses of leveling maps would not drop such a large number of items. Usually, one would be fortunate to get one or two dozen items. Yet, now, there were actually over 100 items dropped. Just looking at the loot made everyone’s heart race.

“What?! So many items actually dropped?!” Envy suddenly filled the eyes of the distant spectating large Guilds and independent players, many of them wis.h.i.+ng they could charge forward and steal some of the items for themselves right now.

However, the onlookers simply left their fantasies as fantasies.

Setting aside how much time they would need to cross the long distance separating themselves and the loot, just getting through Zero Wing’s experts to reach the loot would already be a near-impossible feat.

“c.r.a.p! I bet there are going to be plenty of Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment among the loot!”

“Dark-Gold rank? Aren’t you underestimating the mutated Frost King a little too much? I recall that the last Mutant that appeared in White River City had dropped Epic items after it died. Since the Frost King was much more powerful than that previous Mutant, most likely, there are going to be many Epic items among the loot.”

“Even until now, our Guild has only managed to obtain one Epic item. Moreover, it was even taken by the Guild Leader. If I could have one as well, I’d definitely be willing to leave my Guild and join Zero Wing!”


Everyone speculated on the Frost King’s loot.

What frightening loot!

With merely a glance at the items dropped, s.h.i.+ Feng already spotted more than ten weapons and equipment. Meanwhile, the majority of the loot consisted of various Attribute Gemstones and Magic Crystal Treasure Chests.

Attribute Gemstones were one of the hard currencies in G.o.d’s Domain. No matter what level players reached, Attribute Gemstones would not become obsolete.

Meanwhile, the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest was something only Grand Lord ranked Bosses and above had a chance of dropping, starting from Level 50.

Depending on the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest’s quality, the number of Magic Crystals it rewarded would also vary. This could be considered a relatively good way for expert teams to obtain Magic Crystals.

Common Magic Crystal Treasure Chests gave between five to 20 Magic Crystals, and on the market, they sold for roughly three Gold each.

Bronze Magic Crystal Treasure Chests gave between 30 to 50 Magic Crystals and sold for roughly 12 Gold each.

Mysterious-Iron Magic Crystal Treasure Chests gave between 100 to 150 Magic Crystals and sold for roughly 37 Gold each.

Secret-Silver Magic Crystal Treasure Chests gave between 300 to 500 Magic Crystals and sold for roughly 120 Gold each.

Fine-Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chests gave between 1,000 to 2,000 Magic Crystals and sold for roughly 450 Gold each.

Dark-Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chests gave between 3,000 to 5,000 Magic Crystals and sold for roughly 1,200 Gold each.

Meanwhile, the Frost King had dropped a total of five Magic Crystal Treasure Chests: three Secret-Silver rank, one Fine-Gold rank, and one Dark-Gold rank.

After another ten minutes or so, s.h.i.+ Feng was finally done organizing the Frost King’s loot.

As he was doing so, he could not help but grow ecstatic.

Among the loot, there were two Tier 4 Magic Scrolls. These things were extremely valuable treasures in G.o.d’s Domain. Not to mention, one of these two scrolls was even a Summoning Scroll. The value of this scroll was simply incalculable.

Aside from those, there were also various Advanced Recipes and Designs for the various Lifestyle The one s.h.i.+ Feng loved the most was the t.i.tan Device Design, which ranked near the top even among Advanced Designs. Or to put it in another way, the t.i.tan Device was one of the consumable items all players dreamed of obtaining.

Like the Strengthening Device, the t.i.tan Device was similarly a consumable item. Only, unlike the Strengthening Device, which was used to extend the durability of equipment, the t.i.tan Device was used to increase the Mana density around players. It allowed players to exert even more of their own strength.

Of course, the increase in Mana density provided by the t.i.tan Device was not as significant as that of the Fragmented Legendary ranked Seven Luminaries Ring. It was roughly at the level of a town or city with five Magic Towers, higher than the Mana density currently available in Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena. However, the duration of the t.i.tan Device was considerably short, lasting only three hours.

Even so, it was still exceedingly popular among the players of G.o.d’s Domain in the past. As long as t.i.tan Devices appeared in an Auction House, the various large Guilds and adventurer teams would immediately buy them out.

Unfortunately, the t.i.tan Device Design was extremely rare. Even after ten years had pa.s.sed, very few Guilds had managed to get their hands on one. Only super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds had several of the designs, while first-rate Guilds would have been fortunate to have even three or four pieces. As a result, the t.i.tan Devices these Guilds produced were rarely ever sold to the public and were generally kept for internal consumption.

Aside from the t.i.tan Device Design, the Frost King had also dropped two Epic items and one Fragmented Legendary item. The quality of the loot dumbfounded even s.h.i.+ Feng.

Of the two Epic items, one was a necklace called Magic Devouring Charm. The necklace’s level range was between 45 and 100. Unfortunately, the necklace’s Basic Attributes were average at best. Moreover, the necklace had only one Pa.s.sive Skill. In s.h.i.+ Feng’s opinion, though, this necklace was definitely a top-tier necklace for magical

The reason for this was the Pa.s.sive Skill Mana Body. Mana Body increased the wearer’s Spell Completion Rate by 3% and Spell effectiveness by 30% while decreasing spellcasting time by 20%. This could be considered a G.o.dly Skill for magical cla.s.s players.

Aside from the Magic Devouring Charm, the other Epic item was a Spatial Bag. The value of this item exceeded even the Magic Devouring Charm’s.

Although the Spatial Bag did not provide any Attributes or Skills to players, it could be stored inside a player’s bag s.p.a.ce and be used to store 12,000 slots’ worth of items—nearly double the available slots in s.h.i.+ Feng’s current bag s.p.a.ce. Meanwhile, the most amazing aspect of this Spatial Bag was its Built-in Warehouse. Players could store non-bag s.p.a.ce items such as Diamond Wood and Seven Luminaries Crystals inside this warehouse. Moreover, the Spatial Bag could store up to 300 non-bag s.p.a.ce items—triple the amount the Hurricane Sailboat could carry. If put up for auction, it could easily sell for over 50,000 Gold.

With this, transporting Diamond Wood will become much more convenient.

As s.h.i.+ Feng looked at the Spatial Bag, he quickly thought of many more ways of making money.

Non-bag s.p.a.ce items were generally very precious in G.o.d’s Domain. Due to the trouble of transporting them, these items generally sold for very high prices. Hence, maritime adventurer teams were able to make a fortune by transporting items. As long as one transported some popular non-bag s.p.a.ce items to a location that did not produce them, one would be able to sell the items for astronomical prices.

Now that s.h.i.+ Feng had the Spatial Bag, he could travel to various countries to purchase their local non-bag s.p.a.ce items for a low price and resell these in other countries.

After he was done looking at the two Epic items, he could not help but s.h.i.+ft his sights to a dazzling staff.

Despite the two Epic items earlier being worth tens of thousands of Gold, the total value of these two items was not even worth one-tenth of this staff. The reason being, this staff was a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.