Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1398 - Tier 4 Strength

Chapter 1398 - Tier 4 Strength

Chapter 1398: Tier 4 Strength


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1398 – Tier 4 Strength

The 50 Exploding Arrows rained down on the Frost King like meteors.


Noticing the incoming attacks, the Frost King roared. It then brandished its twin sabers, cutting down the Exploding Arrows before they could land.

The Boss knocked the majority of the Exploding Arrows off course. As for the remaining arrows, the Frost King simply took a step forward and dodged most of them, while blocking a small portion with his sabers. In the end, only three Exploding Arrows had connected with their target.




“Such high Defense!” Zero Wing’s members could not help their surprise.

On its own, an Exploding Arrow was as powerful as a Tier 2 Spell, but with the Miniature Ballista’s damage modifier, these arrows could compete with the strongest Tier 2 Spells. Overall, a single Exploding Arrow could deal over -100,000 damage against a Great Lord of the same level, yet the few that had struck the Grand Lord ranked Frost King had only dealt a little over -30,000 damage. One could imagine how pitiful their damage would be if players relied on Tier 1 Skills and Spells to take down this Boss.

Everyone finally understood why s.h.i.+ Feng wanted to utilize the Miniature Ballistas. With the minute damage players’ attacks would deal, even a 1,000-man team was unlikely to overcome the Frost King’s battle recovery. If more than 1,000 players fought the Frost King at the same time, the Boss would become even stronger, his Strength and Defense reaching new heights. The Grand Lord would be unstoppable.

“As expected of a Mutant. Despite such an uncomfortable environment, its reaction speed is still so fast,” s.h.i.+ Feng commented, smiling slightly as he watched the Frost King, who still attempted to flee the h.e.l.lscape.

In truth, s.h.i.+ Feng hadn’t expected three of the fifty arrows to hit the Frost King. After all, he was very familiar with how terrifying a Mutant was. Tier 2 attacks would have a limited effect on this creature.

Finally, Anna finished her incantation.

With a wave of her staff, a Level 75, Tier 3 Golden Giant and ten Level 75, Tier 2 Rock Guardians appeared before her. The Rock Guardians immediately formed a magic barrier to trap the Frost King. However, the Frost King was simply too powerful. Despite the barrier, his Basic Attributes remained unaffected.

Fortunately, the Rock Guardians’ barrier created an opportunity for the 50 Miniature Ballistas to bombard the Boss.

Following which, the Miniature Ballistas launched another volley at the Frost King. This time, due to the limited s.p.a.ce the Frost King had to maneuver, he dodged and blocked significantly fewer arrows. In the end, over a dozen Exploding Arrows found their mark, damages over -30,000 appearing above the Boss’s head, one after another.

Suddenly, the Inferno Demon descended from the sky and activated the Tier 3 Skill, Macropyre.

Ice elementals like the Frost King feared fire-type attacks over all else. With a single attack, the Frost King lost over 1,000,000 HP instantly.

Upon receiving such a significant amount of damage, the Frost King retaliated, swinging one of his sabers at the Inferno demon with lightning speed. Although the Inferno Demon had used its flame spear to block the attack, it still lost over 100,000 HP. Fortunately, Zero Wing’s healers supported the summoned Demon from a safe distance, granting the creature the ability to fight the Frost King for a long time.

With the Inferno Demon and Golden Giant tanking the Frost King, Zero Wing’s members could freely attack the Boss from the sides. Although their damage was insignificant at best, they could, more or less, hinder the Frost King’s movements by attacking his joints.

For a time, the Frost King engaged in a fierce battle against the Inferno Demon and the Golden Giant, the sounds of weapons clas.h.i.+ng echoing throughout the plains. At the same time, the Miniature Ballistas continued to fire one Exploding Arrow volley after another, whittling down the Frost King’s HP.

Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng switched to the Aura of Fire and circled to the Frost King’s back before activating Flame Burst.

The Frost King released an agonizing cry as he received s.h.i.+ Feng’s fifteen consecutive strikes.





In total, s.h.i.+ Feng’s fifteen attacks dealt over -1,000,000 damage.

“Is he a monster!?” The watching upper echelons from the various large Guilds were stupefied.

Even their Guilds’ top-tier experts had only dealt several hundred damage to the Grand Lord with their Skills, yet s.h.i.+ Feng’s normal attacks dealt over -5,000 damage, while his Skills dealt over -10,000.

Aside from s.h.i.+ Feng’s individual performance, these upper echelons winced as they watched Zero Wing’s members waste the precious Exploding Arrows. This situation showed them how truly powerful Zero Wing’s foundations were.

Throughout Star-Moon Kingdom, only Zero Wing would dare to raid a measly Field Boss with such an extravagant method.

Following which, the Frost King’s HP rapidly decreased under Zero Wing’s combined a.s.sault.

99%… 95%… 89%…

As time pa.s.sed, the originally peerless Frost King’s maneuverability suffered as his HP decreased.

When the Frost King had only 30% HP remaining, he finally seemed to realize that his life was in danger. Suddenly, the Frost King stomped his foot, causing the ground beneath him to sink slightly. Following which, pillars of ice rose from the dirt, surrounding the Grand Lord. The cage of ice rendered the Miniature Ballistas and players’ attacks ineffective.

After another five seconds, the Frost King split into two identical clones. However, both Frost Kings only had 15% of their total HPs.

“Is this a joke?!”

The distant spectating players gaped when they saw two Frost Kings.

One Frost King was frightening enough, yet now Zero Wing had to face two of them. Just how were players supposed to defeat such a Boss?

The large Guilds’ members weren’t the only ones horrified; Zero Wing’s members’ hearts sank at the sight. For a moment, they were at a loss.

The Inferno Demon and the Golden Giant had already struggled to tank the Mutant. Moreover, after such a long fight, the healers’ Mana was close to depletion. The healers couldn’t possibly keep up with the damage if they had to face two Frost Kings simultaneously.

After all, not even the Tier 3 Inferno Demon and the Golden Giant could defend themselves and the players against two Grand Lord Mutants’ attacks properly. Any attack they failed to block would instantly deal over -1,000,000 damage, while Skills would deal two to three million damage. At this rate, the Inferno Demon and Golden Giant would die very quickly. Without these two summoned monsters in the way, the Frost Kings wouldn’t need long to annihilate Zero Wing’s team.

Suddenly, one of the Frost Kings threw the Golden Giant from the magic barrier, leaving the Inferno Demon alone to deal with the two Boss’s pincer attack. Both Frost Kings revealed sinister smiles, their sabers releasing a frosty aura that dropped the surrounding temperature sharply. They then swung their sabers down at the Inferno Demon.

“All living creatures must die!” the two Frost Kings bellowed as one as they sent four arcs of blue light at the Inferno Demon.

When struck, the Inferno Demon’s HP, which had been at 50%, plummeted to zero, its body transforming into particles of light and disappearing.

“How is that possible?!” Everyone was stunned.

The two Frost Kings had killed a Tier 3 Inferno Demon instantly…

“It’s over. Zero Wing’s loss is inevitable.” Galaxy Past was indescribably shocked as he watched the Inferno Demon vanish from the battlefield. He hadn’t dreamed that the Frost King was this powerful.

However, after using this powerful Skill to execute the Inferno Demon, each of the Frost Kings had lost 5% of their HPs. Now, they only had 10% HP remaining.

After dealing with the Inferno Demon, one of the Frost Kings moved to deal with the Golden Giant, while the other attacked the Rock Guardians. Before they could, however, a figure appeared before the Frost King that targeted the Rock Guardians.

This figure was none other than s.h.i.+ Feng.

Despite noticing the Swordsman, the Frost King didn’t even spare him a glance. Instead, he swatted at s.h.i.+ Feng as if he were a fly. Despite such a casual attack, a black spatial tear ripped along the saber’s trajectory.

“Guild Leader!” Zero Wing’s members panicked.

The attack could even send a Tier 3 Great Lord flying; no player could possibly avoid it.

But as they watched, the spectating players were astonished yet again.

Activating Heavenly Dragon’s Power, a golden glow swallowed s.h.i.+ Feng. He also activated Blade Liberation. Immediately, he swung Killing Ray to meet the Frost King’s saber. The instant the two weapons collided, the saber was thrown back as if it had been struck by a cannonball.


“He repelled the Boss?!”

The various large Guilds in the distance could not believe their eyes. While they had considered the possibility that s.h.i.+ Feng might use a Lifesaving Skill to block the attack, they had never expected the man to repel the Frost King’s attack with one of his own.

My Strength is already on par with a Mythic monster of the same level?

s.h.i.+ Feng glanced at the Sacred Sword in his hand in confusion.

This was the first time he had activated Twofold Berserk since upgrading the Seven Luminaries Ring to the Fragmented Legendary rank.