Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1388 - Inheriting Secret Runes

Chapter 1388 - Inheriting Secret Runes

Chapter 1388: Inheriting Secret Runes


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1388 – Inheriting Secret Runes

Melancholic Smile, who was also in the reception room, could not help but rub her eyes as she looked at the design placed on the table in astonishment.

The Auction House Design was one of the items the various large Guilds were all searching for right now. Just from looking at Red Iron Town’s current situation, one could tell how much of a help an Auction House could be to a Guild town.

Many superpowers had even begun offering astronomical prices to purchase the Auction House Design, as it was something that could only be obtained through luck and not effort.

However, even now, n.o.body had gotten any information regarding the Auction House Design.

“Guild Leader, are you some kind of treasure box? You actually managed to take out an Auction House Design as well. If Heaven’s Burial were to find out about this, they would definitely faint from anger,” Melancholic Smile said as she looked at s.h.i.+ Feng excitedly.

Currently, the various major powers and players in Star-Moon Kingdom were all optimistic about Heaven’s Burial’s Red Iron Town. They all believed that it was only a matter of time before Red Iron Town surpa.s.sed Stone Forest Town. Meanwhile, one of the main contributing factors for their rosy outlook was the presence of the Auction House. Now, however, Zero Wing also possessed an Auction House Design. If Heaven’s Burial’s upper echelon were to find out about this matter, their reactions would no doubt be priceless.

At this moment, Melancholic Smile finally understood why s.h.i.+ Feng had said that it was about time to give Heaven’s Burial a wake-up call.

As soon as Stone Forest Town’s Auction House was constructed, all hopes for Red Iron Town surpa.s.sing Stone Forest Town would be dashed. After all, aside from the Auction House, Stone Forest Town still possessed many other attractions. It held an absolute advantage over Red Iron Town.

s.h.i.+ Feng simply chuckled in response to Melancholic Smile’s question. He then started a.s.signing tasks to everyone for the construction of the Advanced Auction House.

Once the Advanced Auction House was constructed, let alone Red Iron Town’s Auction House, even Star-Moon City’s Auction House might not be a match for it.

However, the construction of the Advanced Auction House was very difficult and required a lot of rare materials. Just the construction cost alone was over 5,000 Gold. In addition, the construction procedures were extremely complex, needing some special Secret Runes to complete the building. Hence, the design itself included a complete set of Foundational Secret Runes for players to learn. Each player could inherit this kind of technique only once, and only a maximum of 100 players could inherit this set of Foundational Secret Runes. To architects, this was a ma.s.sive opportunity to improve themselves. How much they could learn would depend on their individual standards. However, even if they managed to learn only half of the technique, it would be a great help in their pursuit of Mastery in the future.

If one could fully grasp the Foundational Secret Runes, they would have no problems becoming Master Architects.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng did not know how much the 100 architects present could grasp, at the very least, he would increase their chances at becoming Master Architects. Even if only one out of 100 of these people managed to become a Master Architect, it would be a matter worth celebrating for Zero Wing.

At this stage of the game, not much importance was placed on architects. However, as G.o.d’s Domain continued developing and the number of Guild towns and cities in the game increased, the status of architects in the game would also rise rapidly. Particularly, at the later stages of the game, the treatment Master Architects received from Guilds would not be the slightest bit inferior when compared to Master Forgers, Master Alchemists, and Master Engineers.

After all, Advanced Construction Designs were extremely rare. However, Master Architects had a chance at creating an Advanced Construction Design of their own.

Moreover, every Advanced Construction Design was worth much more than the advanced designs of alchemy, forging, and engineering, because buildings constructed using Advanced Construction Designs possessed distinctive abilities.

Take the Advanced Auction House Design for example.

In the case of an ordinary Auction House, it was only capable of letting players consign and purchase items through it. There was not much difference between it and NPC Auction Houses. However, it was a different story for Advanced Auction Houses. An Advanced Auction House possessed two more features than an ordinary Auction House.

The first feature was the bartering function.

This bartering function did not require any intervention from players. The system would automatically complete the transaction of items for players. It was an extremely convenient system for independent players and adventurer teams. After all, a large portion of G.o.d’s Domain’s player base consisted of independent players and adventurer teams. There were bound to be some people that would be lucky enough to obtain items that the various large Guilds could not.

Just this bartering function alone allowed the Advanced Auction House to surpa.s.s ordinary Auction Houses by far.

The second feature was a weekly NPC auction, which was similar to the auctions held at Blackwing City. At this NPC auction, NPCs would put their own items up for bids. Naturally, players would be allowed to purchase these items so long as the bids they placed were sufficiently high. This feature definitely could not be found in an ordinary Auction House.

Due to these two features, the Advanced Auction House Ouroboros operated in the past became the number one Auction House in Star-Moon Kingdom as well as neighboring kingdoms. Back then, even superpowers were envious of Ouroboros.

Inside the reception room, under s.h.i.+ Feng’s guidance, all 100 architect players managed to inherit the Foundational Secret Runes.

“c.r.a.p! There’s actually such a construction method as well?! These Foundational Secret Runes are simply amazing!”

“If my friends were to find out that I’ve joined Zero Wing and have even learned a set of Foundational Secret Runes, they would definitely die of envy.”

“Amazing! If I manage to learn these Secret Runes, I feel that I’ll have a greater chance of becoming a Master Architect.”

Everyone could not help but exclaim when they obtained the Foundational Secret Runes.

The loyalty and reverence they felt towards Zero Wing also strengthened even more.

Recently, there were all sorts of rumors flying about stating that Heaven’s Burial would surpa.s.s Zero Wing sooner or later. From the situation now, however, not to mention surpa.s.sing Zero Wing, Heaven’s Burial would be fortunate if it could touch Zero Wing’s shadow.

While s.h.i.+ Feng was watching everyone learning the Foundational Secret Runes quietly, Melancholic Smile’s expression suddenly sank.

“What’s wrong?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked curiously.

“I just received news from an informant inside Heaven’s Burial. It seems that Heaven’s Burial has already begun raiding the Frost King,” Melancholic Smile explained. “However, something seems to have gone wrong with the Frost King. It displayed a strength that was completely different from our investigations. Even Heaven’s Burial was caught off guard. After losing some men, the legion Heaven’s Burial dispatched promptly retreated. Now, in order to deal with the Frost King, Heaven’s Burial has formed a 20,000-man elite legion to deal with the Frost King. Currently, the legion has already set out for the Frozen Scar.”

“Its strength is different from previous investigations?” s.h.i.+ Feng also felt somewhat surprised at this situation. The NPCs of Evernight City had long since mentioned the Frost King’s strength. No mistakes should have occurred. “Do you know how strong the Frost King currently is?”

“Exactly how strong the Frost King is, that person does not know. However, he heard that the Boss’s name had an additional Mutant label. When fighting, the Boss exhibited combat standards that are slightly superior to even ordinary experts’. It was as if a player was wearing the skin of a Boss,” Melancholic Smile reported. “Currently, the Frost King has left his original habitat. Many large Guilds have also found out about this situation already and are currently dispatching their own elite armies to hunt down the Frost King.”

“A Mutant?” s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised when he heard about the Frost King turning into a Mutant. A moment later, however, a smile appeared on his face. “They’ve all gone to compete for it? This is interesting.”

Mutants were no different from natural disasters. The last Mutant he encountered in Star-Moon Kingdom was a Level 50 High Lord. If not for the immaturity of that Mutant’s intellect, to the point where it actually dared to barge into White River City, it definitely would have grown into a disaster for Star-Moon Kingdom.

Had Weissman not taken action, it would’ve been utterly impossible to stop the Mechanical Slayer with just the Level 150, Tier 1 and Tier 2 NPC guards in the city. Meanwhile, the Mechanical Slayer back then was only a High Lord. On the other hand, the Frost King was a Grand Lord.

However, the precondition for Mutants becoming a disaster was that they managed to grow up. Currently, the Frost King had just transformed into a Mutant. Now was definitely an excellent time to kill it.

In G.o.d’s Domain, risks and opportunities came hand in hand. It was very obvious that the various large Guilds were also aware of this principle. Moreover, the fact that the Frost King had left its original habitat was good news for players. After all, the greatest hindrance preventing players from raiding the Frost King was not its strength but the Boss’s environment.

“Melancholic, notify the main force members and Dark G.o.ds Legion members as well as the people on this list here. Have everyone gather at the Guild Residence. It’s about time we let these Guilds know about Zero Wing’s strength.”