Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1356 - Abandoned Wave's End

Chapter 1356 - Abandoned Wave's End

Chapter 1356: Abandoned Wave’s End


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1356 – Abandoned Wave’s End

Star-Moon Kingdom, Star-Moon City:

After the battle in Stone Forest Town, many merchant players from neighboring kingdoms and empires gathered in the city. Three out of ten players that arrived in the Teleportation Hall were low leveled merchant players in ordinary equipment. Normally, such a scene could only be found in imperial capitals.

Upon arriving at Star-Moon City, the merchant players teleported to the closest NPC town to Stone Forest Town. The long line at one of the departure teleportation arrays stupefied players.

“Why are all these merchant players heading to Stone Forest Town?! Isn’t it just a measly Guild town? Why make such a huge fuss over it?”

“Don’t you know? When Zero Wing announced that it would auction adventurer houses, it had also declared that it would sell all kinds of Shops to outsiders. These merchant players are heading to Stone Forest Town to get a better idea of the town’s situation. The Shops in NPC cities are too expensive. There’s also a lot of compet.i.tion with the various large Guilds’ Shops on top of the high property tax every month. It’s simply impossible for ordinary merchant players to afford.

“The Shops in Guild towns, on the other hand, are much cheaper. The monthly property tax is also much lower. Most importantly, Stone Forest Town’s player traffic rivals an NPC city’s. Due to the Battle Arena, expert players have gathered there, and they generally have plenty of precious resources. Merchant players will be able to buy and sell their items more conveniently if they had a Shop in Stone Forest Town. Everyone knows that Stone Forest Town has near-impeccable security now. Naturally, merchant players are eager to move into Stone Forest Town.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be amazing if we developed in Stone Forest Town!?”

Independent players quickly started making preparations to s.h.i.+ft their base of operations to Stone Forest Town.

Originally, the Candlelight Trading Firm’s presence already made Stone Forest Town a good place to develop. Unfortunately, NPC cities sold a much more diverse selection of items than the Candlelight Trading Firm. Now that so many merchant players were planning to invest into Stone Forest Town, with some even coming from other kingdoms and empires, Stone Forest Town would sell a greater variety of items.

Stone Forest Town’s variety of merchandise might rival, or even surpa.s.s, Star Moon City’s.

Unlike Shops in NPC cities, players could construct simple teleportation arrays in Guild town shops. Merchant players could teleport directly to their Shops without pa.s.sing through Star-Moon City or spending hours traveling by carriage. This encouraged merchant players to sell more products in Stone Forest Town, facilitating the transfer of merchandise.

Heaven’s Burial’s upper echelons had gathered in the Residence’s meeting room.

The meeting room was silent as everyone stared at Singular Burial, who wore a solemn expression.

Despite foolishly throwing away the opportunity to invite famous adventurer teams to occupy Stone Forest Town, even more independent players were attracted by the ma.s.s of merchant players. Both Stone Forest Town and Zero Wing would develop rapidly. As a result, the gap between Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing would expand.

“Our only hope is to take down the Frost King as soon as possible. Although the rewards won’t help us overtake Zero Wing, we can put up a fight,” Singular Burial said helplessly.

Not only was Zero Wing undamaged by Abandoned Wave’s, but it had helped increase Stone Forest Town’s fame. He wouldn’t have let Abandoned Wave take action so soon if he’d known this would happen. To make things worse, Abandoned Wave had been captured. With Abandoned Wave finished, there was no Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom capable of stopping Zero Wing from becoming the kingdom’s overlord.

“Guild Leader, I just received good news,” Daybreak Fog said.

“Good news?” Singular Burial inquired, “What kind of good news could there be at a time like this?”

“Didn’t Black Flame kill Flame Blood? Broken Flow had brought his team to resurrect Flame Blood after failing at his task. Although Flame Blood had suffered grievous losses, he got to meet Abandoned Wave’s leader, Beast Emperor. Beast Emperor had even secretly added Flame Blood as a friend,” Daybreak Fog explained. “Beast Emperor took the initiative to contact Flame Blood, stating that he wishes to have a personal chat with you. Beast Emperor also said that he’s willing to help Heaven’s Burial annihilate Zero Wing!”

“Abandoned Wave’s leader, is it?” Singular Burial smiled. “Alright, tell Flame Blood to send Beast Emperor a reply. Say that I’m willing to have a proper discussion with him.”

Daybreak Fog conveyed Singular Burial’s response to Flame Blood.

s.h.i.+ Feng alighted from the advanced horse carriage and came face to face with White River City’s War G.o.d’s Temple.

The War G.o.d’s Temple served as a waypoint for teleporting to the Abyss Battlefield. There were more players entering and leaving the War G.o.d’s Temple now than the Adventurer’s a.s.sociation. Players would visit the War G.o.d’s Temple at least once a day.

If the Adventurer’s a.s.sociation was a good place for individual players to earn money, then the War G.o.d’s Temple was a good place for players to level up and improve their foundational strength.

If the Abyss Battlefield didn’t limit players to just one life per day, every player in the game would likely stay cooped up there and refuse to leave.

Although the Abyss Battlefield’s monsters didn’t drop Coins, they dropped weapons and equipment as well as gave Honor Points. Honor Points could be used to purchase tools, top-tier weapons, and equipment from the War G.o.d’s Temple.

It was extremely difficult to survive inside the Abyss Battlefield. Moreover, the higher level one reached, the more difficult the monsters would be.

Expert players below Level 50 could stay in the Abyss Battlefield for an entire day as long as they didn’t go anywhere too dangerous. Though their income would be lower if they didn’t take risks, after a few days of grinding, they could still acc.u.mulate enough points to purchase good equipment. The weapons and equipment for sale at the War G.o.d’s Temple were more suited towards PvP. The items’ effects and Basic Attributes would be inferior to the items dropped by Field Bosses and Team Dungeons. Even so, the Abyss Battlefield was still a paradise for solo players.

After Level 50, however, surviving in less dangerous maps would be even more difficult for expert players. Level 50-plus weapons and equipment cost substantially more Honor Points. Eventually, rather than a place for farming items, the Abyss Battlefield become a training ground for expert players and a place for ordinary players to grind for the Double EXP Potion.

When s.h.i.+ Feng arrived at the War G.o.d’s Temple’s third-floor hall, a Level 150, Tier 3 Great Mage greeted him. “Sir, how may I help you?”

Casting a glance at the NPC, s.h.i.+ Feng noticed that it was a senior administrator at the War G.o.d’s Temple named Roland.

“I’ve captured an Evil G.o.d Apostle, so I’m here to claim the bounty.”

The first-floor hall of the War G.o.d’s Temple dealt with all matters relating to the Abyss Battlefield. The second floor was the War G.o.d’s Temple’s quest area, where players could accept quests or turn in their completed quests. Players were awarded Merit Points for completing War G.o.d’s Temple quests. Similarly, players could spend Merit Points on items here.

Players were allowed to freely enter the War G.o.d’s Temple’s first two floors. The third floor was different. As it was a place that specifically dealt with matters relating to the dark forces, players wouldn’t be allowed to set foot onto the third floor if they didn’t have any related matters.

“An Evil G.o.d Apostle?!” Roland’s old face twitched. With a slightly suspicious look on his face, he looked at s.h.i.+ Feng and said, “Can you allow me to confirm your claim’s validity?”

“Sure.” s.h.i.+ Feng took out the Mobile Jail and handed it to Roland.

After Roland received the Mobile Jail, he chanted an incantation and tapped his finger on the crystal ball.

An image appeared above the Mobile Jail. The image displayed Abandoned Wave trapped inside a dark s.p.a.ce. Abandoned Wave was continuously hurling attacks at the surrounding s.p.a.ce. He radiated Evil Energy, and his eyes were bloodshot. It was obvious that he had already fallen into madness.

“It really is an Evil G.o.d Apostle!” Shock flashed in Roland’s eyes. The War G.o.d’s Temple and the Evil G.o.d’s Temple had a hostile relations.h.i.+p. Meanwhile, Evil G.o.d Apostles had received the Evil G.o.d’s blessing. They were rare in G.o.d’s Domain. Roland returned the Mobile Jail to s.h.i.+ Feng and said respectfully, “Esteemed adventurer, please follow me. I’ll bring you to meet with the Vice Temple Lord. I believe the Vice Temple Lord will be very happy to meet you.”