Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1354 - Town Changes

Chapter 1354 - Town Changes

Chapter 1354: Town Changes


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1354 – Town Changes

In Stone Forest Town, the Evil Beast and Evil Demon army gradually scattered. As a result, the intense battle had become a good opportunity to grind EXP.

It was not very often that one came across Chieftain rank and above monsters. Even when they did, fights between players might ensue.

On average, both the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons provided more EXP than monsters of the same rank and level.

Although more than one-third of the Zero Wing members had died in this siege war, the surviving members’ levels had increased significantly. Most of them had leveled up at least once, while some had even gained two levels.

As the siege war ended, Zero Wing had obtained a large number of Level 40-plus elite members…

“This is just too scary! Even those powerful monsters failed to conquer Stone Forest Town!”

“With this, Zero Wing’s position in Star-Moon Kingdom is as stable as a mountain. Both the Star Alliance and Heaven’s Burial have lost their chance to become the kingdom’s number one Guild. If I had known this would happen, I would’ve joined Zero Wing sooner! I might have been a core member by now!”

“Tch, you think becoming core member in Zero Wing is that easy? I’ve heard that the first condition to become a core member is to reach the Trial Tower’s sixth floor. Although everyone’s combat standards have improved significantly since the game’s launch, those capable of reaching the sixth floor are still considered experts in first-rate Guilds. On the other hand, you’re stuck on the fifth floor. How could you possibly have a chance of becoming a core member?”

“If Zero Wing can protect Stone Forest Town from such a large army of monsters, setting up our headquarters there might not be a bad idea after all. Tomorrow, we’ll head to Stone Forest Town and purchase a private house!”

“You want to get a private house with your standards? Don’t make me laugh. One of my brothers is an upper echelon in a small Guild. He’s told me that several small Guilds have decided to purchase the town’s houses. Your adventurer team only has a hundred or so members. Do you think you can compete with small Guilds that have several thousand players?”

Stone Forest Town’s victory over the Evil Beast and Evil Demon army was a hot topic among many players on the official forums. The strength Zero Wing displayed flabbergasted everyone. After this battle, no one in Star-Moon Kingdom would dare challenge Zero Wing’s position.

Many of the previously hesitant independent players changed their minds, determined to join the Guild.

Many of these independent players hadn’t considered applying to Zero wing due to the Guild’s extremely high recruitment standards. If they joined other first-rate Guilds, they would also receive far more benefits than if they joined Zero Wing. However, now that Zero Wing had proven how much stronger than other first-rate Guilds it was, its high requirements made sense.

“Is this Zero Wing’s true strength?”

Blue Phoenix, who had remained in White River City, was surprised to see peace returning to Stone Forest Town as she watched the live-stream.

Despite facing an army of 500,000-plus monsters, not only had Zero Wing annihilated their enemy, but it had also only suffered a little over 10,000 casualties.

However, although Blue Phoenix was shocked by the large number of high-tiered NPCs defending Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing’s revelation of its Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons and fleet of Miniature Ballistas frightened her.

After all, while NPCs could not be dispatched outside of the town or city they belonged to, it was a different story for the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons and Miniature Ballistas. These war weapons could be employed against cities or to defend strategic locations. Not even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could compare to Zero Wing’s firepower.

Blue Phoenix had been prepared to lend Zero Wing the Gnome Cannons and special ammunition she had brought with her as a back-up, but she was grateful that she hadn’t. Both she and Phoenix Rain would’ve been laughingstocks.

“It seems I need to report this to Big Sis Rain.” After giving the matter some thought, Blue Phoenix decided to report this situation immediately.

Back in Stone Forest Town, s.h.i.+ Feng discovered a long line of independent players outside of the Guild Residence after using a Guild Transfer Scroll to return. These players were all considerably high-leveled. Even the weakest among them was Level 38, while some had reached as Level 41. Their equipment was equally impressive, with the most inferior being Secret-Silver rank. With a quick glance, s.h.i.+ Feng estimated that at least 200 such players waited outside the Residence.

s.h.i.+ Feng also spotted quite a few Level 20-plus players in line.

“Guild Leader, you’re finally back,” Aqua Rose said, smiling when she saw s.h.i.+ Feng emerge from the Residence’s Teleportation Hall.

“Has something happened?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked curiously when he saw Aqua Rose’s excited expression.

“After we finished clearing out the monsters close to the Residence, some of the players that bought Stone Forest Town’s private houses teleported to the town and offered to cooperate with our Guild. After a quick search, we discovered that most were representatives of well-known adventurer teams from other kingdoms and empires. There were also quite a few adventurer team representatives from Star-Moon Kingdom and merchant players.

“Now that they feel certain of Stone Forest Town’s security, they want to cooperate. Those adventurer teams have also stated that they’re willing to sell us their rare materials for 70% market price in the future. However, they’ve requested that Zero Wing build more private houses suitable for adventurer teams. As for the merchant players, they’d like to see us sell a few Shops in town. Of course, they’re willing to pay for these structures.”

As she spoke, Aqua rose gestured to the various adventurer team representatives and merchant players.

In G.o.d’s Domain, adventurer teams and merchant players generally didn’t invest in smaller Guilds’ towns.

There were two reasons for this. First, Guild towns had a lack of player traffic. Second, these independent players were concerned about a town’s safety. In Guild wars, there were no guarantees that rival Guilds wouldn’t capture or destroy a Guild town.

A few adventurer teams had only decided to purchase Stone Forest Town’s private houses because of the tempting benefits the town offered. Several hundred Gold Coins might be astronomical to ordinary players, but it was affordable to the kingdom’s top adventurer teams.

However, setting up a main base of operations in a Guild town was a different story.

To adventurer teams with hundreds of players, it was clear that private houses, which could only accommodate a small number of players, were not suitable. Such teams needed the ruling Guild to construct houses that catered to their activities, but Guilds generally refused to construct such ma.s.sive structures for no good reason.

Moreover, purchasing such a large house would cost more than just a few hundred Gold Coins.

Hence, both sides needed to compromise.

But no adventurer team would risk such an investment until a Guild town was stable.

After this siege war, Stone Forest Town had proven that it was just as secure as an NPC town, allowing players to develop in the area without worry.

Because of this, many well-known adventurer teams and merchant players hurried to Stone Forest Town, afraid that their compet.i.tion would steal their opportunity.

Not even Aqua Rose could make the decision to allow so many players into Stone Forest Town. She had to wait for s.h.i.+ Feng to return.

“Guild Leader, would you like to meet with them?” Aqua Rose asked.