Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1347 - Hero Time

Chapter 1347 - Hero Time

Chapter 1347: Hero Time


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1347 – Hero Time

Currently, Gilbert stood quietly inside the Guild Hall with both his eyes shut. His three-meter-tall body was unmatched by the other NPCs. As he stood before the Guild Flag, he looked just like a G.o.d of war preventing all enemies from approaching the Guild Flag.

Is this the Hero the Guild Leader was talking about?

Aqua Rose was somewhat astonished as she looked at Gilbert.

What a powerful aura!

Although the Tier 3 NPCs she encountered before were terrifyingly strong, she had not felt suffocating pressure from them.

As for Gilbert, rather than calling him an NPC, he was more like a prehistoric beast.

“d.a.m.n it! Why does Zero Wing still possess a Tier 3 NPC?!”

Abandoned Wave’s expression darkened considerably when he spotted Gilbert standing inside the Guild Hall.

In order to prevent the Tier 3 adventurer NPCs from coming to a.s.sist in the defense, he had mobilized all the surviving Grand Lord ranked Evil Beasts in a desperate effort to pin down those NPCs. He had even stationed several Great Lord ranked Evil Demons nearby to find an opportunity to attack. Only with this did he manage to block all 30 Tier 3 NPC adventurers from reaching Zero Wing’s Residence.

He never imagined that Zero Wing would still be hiding a trump card even at such a crucial moment, allowing Stone Forest Town to gain a moment of reprieve.

One hit!

He needed his monsters to land only one hit to destroy the Guild Flag!

Once the Guild Flag was destroyed, Stone Forest Town would become a monster town.

“If it were 30 Tier 3 NPCs working together to defend the Guild Flag, I might really need to put in some more effort. However, Black Flame, you are overestimating yourself if you think one Tier 3 NPC is enough to defend the Guild Flag!” Abandoned Wave sneered. He then manipulated the gray orb in his hand and started chanting an incantation.

Suddenly, over a dozen figures hidden in the monster army leaped forward, leaving afterimages trailing behind them.

By the time Zero Wing’s members noticed these figures, the latter had already broken through the blockade and appeared in the Guild Residence’s surroundings. They then smashed through its walls and dashed straight towards the Guild Hall.

The true ident.i.ty of these figures were Evil Demons. However, unlike the Evil Demons that attempted to a.s.sault the Guild Flag before, this group of Evil Demons was much stronger.

“Not good! There are Great Lord ranked Evil Demons mixed in among them! We need to stop them!” Aqua Rose, who was defending inside the Guild Hall, hurriedly activated the Power of Darkness and used the Tier 1 Spell Shadow Vines.

Suddenly, hundreds of blue vines emerged from around Aqua Rose’s feet and slithered rapidly towards the approaching Evil Demons.

“A futile struggle!” Abandoned Wave sneered upon seeing this.

The sixteen Evil Demons were the strongest force he had remaining—eleven High Lords and five Great Lords. Even a party of Tier 3 NPCs would have a hard time facing such a force, not to mention a measly Tier 1 Cursemancer like Aqua Rose.

In the next moment, the Evil Demons could be seen dodging all the oncoming Shadow Vines.

What quick reaction speeds!

Aqua Rose was surprised.

She had aimed all her Shadow Vines at the blind spots of these Evil Demons. Yet, as if they had long since sensed her attack, not only did the Evil Demons perfectly avoid being bound, but they had even managed to close the distance between them and the Guild Flag even further.

“Finish it!”

Through the eyes of one of the Evil Demons, Abandoned Wave could see the Guild Flag that was just 30 yards away.

In the next moment, the sixteen Evil Demons charged at the Guild Flag from various directions. With this, even if two or three Tier 3 melee NPCs worked together, they wouldn’t be able to stop every one of the Evil Demons.

“Are we going to lose, just like this?” Aqua Rose’s eyes were filled with frustration as she looked at the Evil Demons approaching the Guild Flag.

The town they had invested plenty of resources into was going to disappear, just like that…

The sixteen Evil Demons could be seen rapidly closing in on the Guild Flag.

Twenty yards… Fifteen yards…

At this moment, the Evil Demons had even stopped evading the attacks sent at them by the players inside the hall, focused solely on reaching and destroying the Guild Flag.

Just when the Evil Demons were only ten yards away from the Guild Flag, Gilbert, who had his eyes shut all this time, opened them and let loose a deafening roar. Even the people outside the Guild Hall heard his roar very clearly.

In the next moment, the sixteen Evil Demons involuntarily turned towards Gilbert—as if nothing but Gilbert existed in their world at this moment.

The Barbarian cla.s.s’s Tier 3 Legacy Skill Barbaric Roar!

The Skill immediately enveloped a radius of 50 yards. Unlike other Taunt Skills, Barbaric Roar was more of a Domain Skill. All enemies caught within the range of the Domain would find their minds filled with only Gilbert’s existence. At the same time, due to the deterrent effect of Gilbert’s voice, all enemies within range would have their Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and reaction speed reduced by 50%.

Following the activation of Barbaric Roar, Gilbert pulled out his blood-red greatsword, which he had stabbed into the ground, and lightly swung it at the approaching Evil Demons.

If one was watching from afar, one would think that Gilbert’s Attack Speed at this moment was very slow. However, if one paid close attention, they would realize that Gilbert’s Attack Speed was not slow at all. Instead, the extreme speed and fluidity of his attack had merely given rise to a misconception.

Although the sixteen Evil Demons tried to block the approaching crimson streak of light, they suddenly found their bodies unable to move. The only thing they could do was watch as the streak of light landed on their bodies.

Tier 3 Legacy Skill Barbaric Blade.

Although the Skill executed an extremely normal slash, it rendered all the surrounding enemies immobile. Meanwhile, pitch-black spatial tears would appear one after another wherever the crimson light pa.s.sed. The might of the attack was so powerful that it even sliced s.p.a.ce itself.

After the greatsword pa.s.sed through the Evil Demons, all sixteen Evil Demons left behind afterimages as they went flying out of the Guild Hall like cannonb.a.l.l.s.

The High Lord ranked Evil Demons lost over one-third of their HPs on the spot. The destructive power of the attack made everyone present gasp.

So strong! The power of this attack should be practically Tier 4 standard!

Aqua Rose wore an incredulous look on her face as she stared at Gilbert.

Even Tier 3 NPCs were just barely able to cope with a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon in a one-on-one; at least two of such NPCs were needed to suppress a Great Lord. Yet, now, Gilbert had managed to send five Great Lord ranked Evil Demons flying with a single blow. This was simply unbelievable.

“He stopped them?! How is this possible?! How can there be such a powerful Tier 3 NPC in existence?!” Abandoned Wave nearly fainted when he saw this scene.

He had been watching through the eyes of one of the sixteen Evil Demons, so he had clearly seen the speed and power of Gilbert’s attack. Not to mention dodging the attack, even blocking it was utterly impossible. Gilbert was far stronger than the Tier 3 NPCs from before. They were on entirely different levels.

Before Abandoned Wave could react, Gilbert took a step forward. In the next moment, he disappeared from where he stood. Immediately after, he appeared in front of one of the Great Lord ranked Evil Demons. Before anyone realized it, Gilbert had already thrust his greatsword through the Great Lord’s body. Meanwhile, only after its body was stabbed did the Evil Demon realized it had been attacked.

Gilbert’s strength was simply overwhelming.

As for the other Evil Demons, due to the effects of Barbaric Roar, they couldn’t approach the Guild Flag at all without killing Gilbert first.

As time pa.s.sed, although many more monsters entered the Guild Hall, due to the effects of Barbaric Roar, these monsters had no choice but to fight Gilbert. However, not only was Gilbert himself frighteningly strong, but there was also a Tier 2 NPC Cleric healing him from the side. The monsters failed to pose any threat to Gilbert whatsoever.

In regard to this situation, s.h.i.+ Feng did not feel particularly surprised.

There naturally was a reason why the various large Guilds had coveted Heroes in the past. Back then, towns and cities under a Hero’s protection had rarely fallen to enemy invasion.

Although a Tier 3 Hero could not compete with an Archaic Species of the same rank and tier in terms of Basic Attributes, in terms of combat standards, a Tier 3 Hero was many times superior to the ordinary experts of G.o.d’s Domain. After taking into account the Legacy Skills they grasped, a Hero was the most suitable kind of NPC to defend a Guild Residence.

Over time, the number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons could be seen decreasing continuously.

“Is this Zero Wing’s true strength? This town’s defenses are simply too strong! Such a powerful monster army actually failed to capture it! With this, which Guild could possibly threaten Stone Forest Town?”

Everyone was filled with astonishment as they looked at the rapidly thinning monster army.

After this war, most likely, no Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom would dare have designs on Stone Forest Town. At the same time, Stone Forest Town would also enter a new era of prosperity.

“We lost?” Abandoned Wave’s eyes were filled with mixed feelings as he looked at his servants decreasing precipitately in number.

At this moment, whether it was the Evil Beast army or the Evil Demon army, the top combatants of both had already been annihilated. Right now, even without the presence of NPCs like Gilbert or the Tier 3 adventurers, Zero Wing’s remaining members were more than enough to defend the Guild Flag.

“I’ll give this win to you, Zero Wing. However, don’t get excited too soon. Although I’ve lost my Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, I can still make more. You all, on the other hand, won’t be as fortunate next time.” Abandoned Wave knew that he had been thoroughly defeated this time. However, he was confident that with enough time, he could create a monster army that was several times stronger than the current one. Meanwhile, as long as Zero Wing lost Stone Forest Town, it would decline into a second-rate power. “Flame Blood, I’m afraid Heaven’s Burial will have to get busy for the upcoming period.”

“Rest a.s.sured, although Star-Moon City’s resources have nearly dried up, there are still plenty of resources available in other cities and kingdoms.” Flame Blood smiled and nodded. Although Zero Wing’s performance today was indeed shocking, Heaven’s Burial remained in the shadows while Zero Wing stood in the light. Heaven’s Burial could easily help Abandoned Wave create more Evil Beasts and Evil Demons while Zero Wing could only wait for its impending doom.

The reason for their loss this time was their lack of understanding of Zero Wing as well as their lack of preparation. However, it would be a different story next time.

Following which, Abandoned Wave and Flame Blood turned around and left.

Meanwhile, standing inside one of Stone Forest Town’s Magic Towers, s.h.i.+ Feng was quietly observing the image displayed on the ma.s.sive crystal ball before him.

“I’ve finally found you. An Evil G.o.d Envoy?” s.h.i.+ Feng muttered, his lips curling upwards as he looked at the image of the bandaged Abandoned Wave. “No. The Evil Energy surrounding him is too thin. An Evil G.o.d Envoy has received the blessing of the Evil G.o.d. Even if he used a treasure to suppress the Evil Energy, it should not be this thin. Perhaps an Evil G.o.d Apostle developed by an Envoy? Forget it. Let’s just go and take a look.”

Saying so, s.h.i.+ Feng locked in the coordinates and used s.p.a.ce Movement. Suddenly, he vanished from the top of the Magic Tower.