Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1345 - Reversal

Chapter 1345 - Reversal

Chapter 1345: Reversal


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1345 – Reversal

With the entire Stone Forest Town embroiled in the battle, many streets had already been destroyed.

“Is it finally starting?” The corners of Singular Burial’s mouth curled up when he saw the Evil Demons charging at Zero Wing’s members. “Slaughter them! Kill every Zero Wing member inside the town!”

Evil Demons were different from Evil Beasts. The players killed by Evil Beasts would suffer only the normal death penalty. However, players killed by Evil Demons were not as fortunate.

When killed by an Evil Demon, not only would players suffer double the death penalty, but their Immortal Souls would also be devoured, preventing them from logging into G.o.d’s Domain for a certain period. Such an outcome was a nightmare for Guild elites and experts.

Recovering from such a loss would be very difficult.

Meanwhile, standing in front of a Magic Tower, Aqua Rose was currently commanding the Dark G.o.ds Legion members and a large number of NPC guards to prevent the Evil Beasts from destroying the Magic Tower behind them.

At this time, a larger group of Evil Demons joined the fray as well.

“Sure enough, their targets are the Magic Towers.” When Aqua Rose saw the Evil Demon army charging at her group, she hurriedly commanded, “Everyone, prioritize killing the Evil Demons! Activate your Berserk Skills as soon as the fight begins! Let the Tier 2 NPCs be the main attackers while you all a.s.sist from the sides!”

Seeing the Evil Demons entering their attack range one after another, the ranged of the Dark G.o.ds Legion promptly went on the offensive.

Tier 1 Spells and Skills rained down on the Evil Demon army. However, aside from the Special Elite ranked Evil Demons, the other high-ranking Evil Demons dodged the attacks easily as if they were expert players. Moreover, they were also able to keep advancing as they avoided the attacks. Only when an attack was unavoidable would they retaliate.

As for the Tier 2 NPC guards, although they held the advantage when going up against Chieftain ranked Evil Demons, the Lord ranked ones easily overwhelmed them. If not for the healers at the rear line, it was only a matter of time before these NPCs got killed.

“Such high intellect!”

“Are these things really monsters?”

“How can there be such powerful monsters?! Their combat standards are already on par with expert players!”

The players spectating the battle through the livestream could not help but gasp. They never thought that monsters were capable of achieving such a high combat standard as well. Even the weakest Special Elite ranked Evil Demons had combat standards rivaling the current expert players of G.o.d’s Domain. Meanwhile, there were actually over 3,000 of such monsters.

“With this, Zero Wing really won’t have any hope of a reversal. Even an army of 200,000 elite players would be no match for this army of Evil Demons.

Everyone could not help but shake their heads and sigh as they watched Zero Wing’s members continuously retreating.

Currently, Zero Wing’s experts were barely holding their own against the Lord ranked Evil Demons. If the players had not activated their Berserk Skills, they would’ve been killed already.

Not to mention, the Lords weren’t the strongest Evil Demons present. There were still High Lord and Great Lord ranked Evil Demons. Against these Evil Demons, even when the Level 65, Tier 2 NPC guards worked together, they still did not have a chance to retaliate. The NPC s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Guardian Knights could not at all keep up with the high-ranking Evil Demons’ Attack Speed, receiving blow after blow. If not for them having activated their Lifesaving Skills and Berserk Skills, as well as rapid healing coming from the rear line, these NPCs would’ve long since met their makers.

Once the duration of their Berserk Skills ended, the battle would also end entirely.

Meanwhile, hidden at a corner a short distance away from the Magic Tower was a party of six cloaked players. Currently, these six players had their eyes focused on the entrance of the Magic Tower.

“Boss Broken, should we take action now? Zero Wing’s Magic Tower doesn’t seem like it’ll be able to hold on for much longer. If they complete the disa.s.sembly of the defensive tool and teleport away, we’ll have wasted a trip here,” a pale and slim Level 37 asked as he looked at Broken Flow standing beside him.

“No hurry. We have the Tier 3 s.p.a.ce Freeze Magic Scroll. Stopping them from teleporting away will be a piece of cake. Let these monsters whittle down Zero Wing’s members further first. We’ll then have an easier time s.n.a.t.c.hing the tool later on,” Broken Flow replied calmly. “Speaking of which, has your Skill locked on to that item yet?”

“Boss, rest a.s.sured, I’ve already locked on to the item. No matter who picks up that tool, as long as we kill that person, we can get it to drop at a 100% success rate!” the slim said with confidence.

He was originally a very inconspicuous member of Heaven’s Burial. However, he had fortunately learned a special Skill called Plunder. At Tier 0, this Skill only allowed him to steal some money from players’ bags. Moreover, it needed him to loot players within five seconds of their death. It had been a very useless Skill.

However, when the Skill reached Tier 1, it had undergone a heaven-defying change.

The Skill now allowed him to lock on to a specific item, and if this item was placed in a player’s bag, then after the said player was killed, the targeted item would drop with 100% certainty. Due to this G.o.dly Skill, Heaven’s Burial directly promoted him into a core member and invested resources into his development.

“Excellent.” Broken Flow nodded. “Listen to my commands later on.”

During the time Broken Flow was speaking, the Zero Wing members defending the Magic Tower kept retreating towards the defensive structure, the battle becoming increasingly disadvantageous for them.

Numerous Level 50-plus one-horned humanoid Evil Demons could be seen easily dodging the Spells and arrows sent by players. At the same time, a Level 61 Great Lord ranked Evil Demon leaped abruptly into the air, both its claws emitting gray fog that promptly transformed into a ma.s.sive greatsword as it descended into a crowd of players.

The frightening might exuded by the greatsword made even Aqua Rose feel the threat of death.

“Not good! It’s a Tier 3 Skill! Everyone, avoid it!” Aqua Rose reminded hurriedly.

However, Aqua Rose’s warning was still a step too late. The players within the attack range of the gray greatsword could only watch as the ma.s.sive weapon descended towards them.

Just as the greatsword was about to crash into the nearest player, a spear of light suddenly struck this Great Lord ranked Evil Demon.

The instant the spear of light came into contact with the Great Lord, it sent the latter flying 20 yards away, the Evil Demon’s HP decreasing by over 1,600,000. Meanwhile, when this Great Lord hit the ground, the spear of light piercing its body suddenly transformed into golden chains that bound the Great Lord, preventing it from budging even an inch.

Immediately after, hundreds of Spells descended accurately on this Great Lord ranked Evil Demon.

In the blink of an eye, the Level 61 Great Lord, which had 22,000,000 HP, turned to dust.

“It died?” Aqua Rose, who was prepared to make a last stand against the Evil Demon army, was momentarily stunned.

She had fought Evil Demons before, during the previous siege war. Although the Evil Demons back then were only at the Lord rank, if not for Anna and Kite’s a.s.sistance, even a team of experts of the same level would most likely have been annihilated.

Nevertheless, now, a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon was actually killed almost instantly.

At this moment, Aqua Rose wasn’t the only person stunned by this situation. Even Singular Burial and Abandoned Wave, who were watching the livestream of the battle, were stupefied, their eyes nearly falling out of their sockets.

n.o.body had a clearer understanding than they did of just how powerful a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon was. Yet, such an existence was actually killed instantly, so suppressed that it did not even have the power to retaliate.

Before anyone realized what was going on, a group of NPCs suddenly appeared behind the Evil Demon army. Unlike the town’s NPC guards, these NPCs wore all sorts of attire. The they possessed were also diverse. The only thing these NPCs had in common with each other was that every one of them sported the Adventurer Emblem. In addition, these NPCs were all Level 70, and even the weakest among them was Tier 2. Among these NPCs, there were even ten Tier 3 NPCs.