Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1335 - Darkness Strikes

Chapter 1335 - Darkness Strikes

Chapter 1335: Darkness Strikes


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1335 – Darkness Strikes

Inside the Guild Leader’s office…

Daybreak Fog and Heaven’s Burial’s several other upper echelons were stunned by Singular Burial’s command.

They hadn’t expected Zero Wing’s Guild Mounts to inspire such a firm decision.

In G.o.d’s Domain, the Guild structures inside NPC cities could be destroyed. If one wished to rebuild a structure, they would require a new design to do so.

However, these structures were generally protected by defensive magic arrays. They weren’t easy to destroy.

Normally, a Guild structure’s defensive magic array could absorb up to 15,000,000 damage.

As for a crucial structure like the Stable, the Guild would employ a far more powerful magic array to protect it. Inside a 2-star Guild Residence, the strongest magic array one could establish to protect its Stable could absorb up to 30,000,000 damage, while the weakest magic array in a 3-star Guild residence could absorb up to 40,000,000 damage. Taking into account the Stable’s own durability and Defense, it would take a considerable amount of time to destroy the building.

In addition, White River City was a major NPC city. An attack at night might have a chance of success, but now, they had been ordered to attack the Stable during the day. The NPC guards patrolling the city were incredibly diligent. Even the slightest disturbance would attract a large number of these NPC guards.

White River City was also Zero Wing’s main headquarters. There were now fewer than three or four thousand members stationed in Zero Wing’s Residence at a time. The Guild had also hired tons of NPC guards to defend the Residence. If they attacked, these players and NPCs would respond immediately.

Unless they invested several times the number of players Zero Wing had, it would be impossible to destroy the Stable under such tight security.

The Ghost Shadow Legion only had 2,000 members. Although these players were all elites or experts, there were plenty of elites and experts defending Zero Wing’s Residence.

“Guild Leader, although Zero Wing’s Guild Mount poses a threat, we’re talking about an a.s.sault in White River City. Even if we dispatch the entire Ghost Shadow Legion, it won’t even be enough to get through Zero Wing’s main entrance,” Daybreak Fog persuaded. “I suggest that we follow the original plan and take things one step at a time. First, we’ll secure Stone Forest Town. Then, we’ll kill the Frost King. Even with their Guild Mounts, we can whittle Zero Wing down. Such a forceful a.s.sault isn’t necessary.”

The other upper echelons expressed their agreement.

Zero Wing had a ma.s.sive advantage over the other large Guilds, which did not possess Guild Mounts. As time pa.s.sed, this gap between Zero Wing and its compet.i.tors would only widen.

It was wise to deal with this situation as quickly as possible.

However, Heaven’s Burial was an exception.

With the Evil Beast army, Heaven’s Burial could flatten any Guild town it wanted. To a large Guild like Zero Wing, losing a town meant losing an important income source. It would impact the Guild’s development.

If Zero Wing lost its Guild town, how could it possibly compete with Heaven’s Burial?

“I understand your concern.” Singular Burial could not help but laugh. “Sending the Ghost Shadow Legion into action isn’t profitable, but aren’t you jealous of Zero Wing’s Stable?”

“Of course, we are, Guild Leader, but so what? Constructing a Stable requires a design, yet we haven’t even found a lead to the Stable Design.”

“We might not have had the opportunity to build a Stable in the past, but now we do.”

Saying so, Singular Burial revealed a thick, ancient tome and displayed it before everyone.


[Book of Replication] (Consumable)

Saves a copy of a building for ten days. When used, creates an exact replica of the building. (Cannot be used if copied building exists.)


After Daybreak Fog and the others read the introduction text, they wore shocked and ecstatic expressions.

With this Book of Replication, they could copy and destroy Zero Wing’s Stable, obtaining one for Heaven’s Burial.

“When Abandoned Wave attacks, Zero Wing’s members will flock to Stone Forest Town’s defense. As a result, the Guild’s main headquarters will be left unguarded. That’s our opportunity,” Singular Burial said, smiling. “Don’t we have eight Gnome Cannons? Give them all to the Ghost Shadow Legion. With eight Gnome Cannons, the magic array protecting Zero Wing’s Stable can only last a few volleys at most, regardless of how powerful it is.”

Hearing this, the upper echelons’ eyes shone with excitement.

It wasn’t possible for the Ghost Shadow Legion to destroy the Stable by itself. However, employing the Gnome Cannons against Zero Wing’s defenses wouldn’t be a problem.

Although they would undoubtedly lose all eight cannons and many members of the Ghost Shadow Legion, the losses would be worth stealing Zero Wing’s Stable.

“However, as a preventive measure, lead the Third Legion to White River City, Fog. You can hand the eight Gnome Cannons over to Ghost Shadow while you’re at it. Destroy Zero Wing’s Stable once Ghost Shadow copies it. I want to see how Zero Wing intends to hold its position as Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild after losing both Stone Forest Town and its Stable.”

“Understood. I’ll see to it right away.”

Daybreak Fog turned and left the office.

Zero Wing might have many experts, but after today, it would be Heaven’s Burial’s era in Star-Moon Kingdom.


Meanwhile, many adventurer teams and Guild players lay siege to the Bloodring Bandit Group at the border between the Stoneclaw Mountains and the Limestone Hills.

The Bloodring Bandit Group was one of the dark forces residing in this area. The group consisted of Level 45 and above Half-orcs. Among them, powerful Chieftains and Lords ambushed pa.s.sing players and NPCs. Occasionally, even Great Lords patrolled the area.

However, due to the Bloodring Bandit Group’s frequent robberies against NPC merchant fleets, NPC merchants had placed a high bounty on their heads. Including the fact that the Bloodring Bandits had a chance of dropping the Bloodring Set, a Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, and the recipe for the Mad Demon Potion, many players had joined the crusade against the Bandit Group.

Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment might not be considered top-tier equipment to first-rate Guilds, but independent players dreamed of such equipment. Moreover, Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment generally only dropped in large-scale Hard Mode Team Dungeons.

Raiding the Bloodring Bandit Group was much easier than raiding a large-scale Dungeon.

Moreover, the Mad Demon Potion was a powerful concoction that, when consumed, allowed players to enter a Berserk state, increasing all Attributes by 30% for 20 seconds. It also only had a one-hour Cooldown. Hence, the recipe was highly sought after by the various large Guilds.

If the Mad Demon Potion Recipe dropped, it could even sell for enough to make powerful adventurer teams and Guild teams jealous.

Because of these reasons, the various adventurer teams and Guilds around Star-Moon City had targeted the Bloodring Bandit Group.

However, even now, not a single Guild or adventurer team had defeated One-eyed Clyde, the Bloodring Bandit Group’s commander, a Level 49 Grand Lord.

But one of Zero Wing’s 50-man teams had arrived.

“Leader, One-eyed Clyde’s resting place is ahead.”

“Good. This time, we have the magic array we purchased from the Guild to suppress Clyde. If we coordinate our AOE Skills and Spells properly, we’ll kill him. If the recipe drops, we’ll all be riding Thunder Wolves tomorrow!” a Level 41 Ranger said.

Hearing this, everyone grew excited.

Following which, under this Level 41 Ranger’s command, the team of 50 slowly approached One-eyed Clyde’s stone house.

Just before the team reached the house, however, numerous figures exited the building.

“Why are other monsters here?”

The team was surprised to see the one-horned humanoid monsters emerge from the house.

However, the Ranger team leader, who had extremely sharp eyesight, paled when he saw these monsters.

Inside the dimly-lit stone house lay a three-meter-tall, armored corpse. This corpse belonged to none other than One-eyed Clyde. Fresh blood still flowed from his body. However, the Ranger couldn’t detect any other players within his Eagle Eye’s range.

The Ranger also detected traces of green blood on these humanoid monsters. It was Half-orc blood. Seeing this, the Ranger thought back to the frightening monsters he had encountered during Stone Forest Town’s last siege.

“c.r.a.p! Everyone, retreat!”