Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1328 - Kingdom in an Uproar

Chapter 1328 - Kingdom in an Uproar

Chapter 1328: Kingdom in an Uproar


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1328 – Kingdom in an Uproar

Shortly after s.h.i.+ Feng had made his announcement, a commotion erupted on the Star-Moon Kingdom’s forums.

“What? Zero Wing is selling private houses again?”

“Even when I offered 1,000 Gold, no one was willing to sell their houses. Now that Zero Wing has finally decided to sell more, I have to get one.”

“Stone Forest Town will most likely become even more popular. I’ve heard that the adventurer teams with private houses have improved considerably since the purchase. These teams have almost cleared out the rare tools sold in Stone Forest Town.”

“Wonderful! Our adventurer wasn’t able to attend the previous auction. This time, we’ll get our own private house!”

“Players are going to fight over Stone Forest Town’s houses. I hadn’t expected Zero Wing to activate the Private House Upgrade System. It really makes you wonder how Zero Wing did it.”

“I’ve looked it up. Currently, Stone Forest Town’s private houses are only 1-star. After one upgrade, each house can register another ten players. These ten players can then teleport to and from the house, although it does have a one-day Cooldown. The house’s owner can teleport without a Cooldown.”

“This won’t do! I need to go borrow some money right away!”

Initially, everyone was overjoyed to hear that Zero Wing had decided to sell more of Stone Forest Town’s houses. However, after gaining a clearer understanding of the Private House Upgrade System, many adventurer teams began to look at the houses as potential gold mines.

After the upgrade system activated, these private houses seemed tailor-made for the various adventurer teams. Now, by owning one of these private houses, an adventurer team could explore further and return an entire team to Stone Forest Town at a moment’s notice, enjoying the town’s various benefits.

Stone Forest Town wasn’t the least bit inferior to Red Iron Town, which Heaven’s Burial developed with everything it had.

Ever since Heaven’s Burial had gained access to Evernight City, it had established Evernight City’s teleportation array in a high-resource map not far from Red Iron Town.

Now that a Guild had gained access to Evernight City, it was much easier for players to venture to the city. Players only needed to complete some corresponding quests to gain access themselves. Later, they could travel between Red Iron Town and Evernight City easily. Players would be able to reach high-level and high-resource maps relatively quickly.

The only downside was that, unless one was a member of Heaven’s Burial or owned a private house in Red Iron Town, they could only teleport from Evernight City to Red Iron Town, not the other way around.

Even so, Red Iron Town grew steadily. Wandering merchants had already begun to visit the town. Meanwhile, Heaven’s Burial’s private houses were much cheaper than Stone Forest Town’s. This tempted many independent experts and adventurer teams to invest.

As long as they bought a house in Red Iron Town, their development would be reliant on Heaven’s Burial.

Furthermore, Heaven’s Burial would undoubtedly construct teleportation arrays connected to Evernight City in other towns in the future. Using Evernight City as a waypoint, players could then freely teleport to any of Heaven’s Burial’s Guild Towns.

This would be very convenient.

Many players considered purchasing a house in Red Iron Town.

However, after Zero Wing’s announcement, the various adventurer teams in Star-Moon Kingdom changed their minds. After all, Stone Forest Town was now far stronger than Red Iron Town.

For a time, even adventuring teams in Star-Moon Kingdom’s neighboring kingdoms and empires were tempted as they secretly collected funds.


Only two players occupied a secluded bar in the Apocalypse Empire’s capital. One was a man, and the other was a woman. The man had a dignified appearance, and although he seemed young and well-groomed, there was a look in his eyes that spoke of a variety of life experiences. He was clearly older than he looked. As for the woman, to put it simply, she was an absolute beauty. She had long, flowing hair that fell to her thin waist, and her every action could easily mesmerize both men and women.

Two of purplish-red wine had been placed before these players. Despite being untouched, Mana constantly gathered around the purplish-red liquid. The liquid also gave off a faint red glow, giving it an attractive appearance. Its aroma could make anyone salivate, tempting them to drink it.

If s.h.i.+ Feng were present, he’d be shocked to see this wine.

The wine within the two was none other than one of the Apocalypse Empire’s Five Great Wines, Tears of Purgatory. Not just anyone could obtain this beverage. It would only be awarded to those who obtained the key to the Purgatory Barrier and cleared it. Although Tears of Purgatory wasn’t as effective as Soul Water, it wasn’t far off either.

In the past, wine collecting players had even been willing to pay 1,000 Gold to purchase a single bottle.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng would be more surprised to see the woman at the bar, the Midnight Tea Party’s vice commander, Endless Scars.

“Old Ghost Heartless, why did you come looking for me so suddenly?” Endless Scars asked the man looking to be in his thirties across from her. Smiling faintly, she continued, “Or are you here to tell me that your apprentice has lost?”

“Little girl, why do you insist on calling me Old Ghost? Am I really that old?” Heartless Sword rolled his eyes.

“Well? I’m right, aren’t I? Zero Wing isn’t as simple as you a.s.sume.” Endless Scars paid no attention to Heartless Sword’s grumbling. “Since your apprentice, Evil Fire, has lost, according to our agreement, I am allowed to invite Black Flame to join our operation, yes?”

“This doesn’t count. Ye Feng defeated Evil Fire, not Black Flame,” Heartless Sword said, shaking his head.

“Old Ghost, do you really think that your apprentice can defeat Black Flame, Star-Moon Kingdom’s publicly-acknowledged, number one expert?” Endless Scars said, chuckling. “Or do you think that one defeat isn’t enough?”

Heartless Sword turned pale when he heard Endless Scars’s comment. He had seen the battle video himself. The gap between the fighters’ strength was incredibly ma.s.sive. Even if Black Flame weren’t as strong as Ye Feng, they couldn’t be that different.

“Forget it. I give up. I won’t continue to argue with you. I’ll agree to your request,” Heartless Sword helplessly gave in to Endless Scars’s demand. “However, I’m not the only one involved. You’ll have to get the others’ approval as well. Although, I doubt that they’ll agree.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. As long as you agree, I can easily convince the others to fall in line,” Endless Scars said, smiling. She then finished her Tears of Purgatory before leaving the bar.


Meanwhile, in Heaven’s Burial’s Residence in Star-Moon City, an uproar shook the Guild.

“d.a.m.nable Zero Wing! They dare to ruin my good fortune!” Singular Burial cursed as he read the latest statistics report on Red Iron Town.

He could’ve made a fortune by selling Red Iron Town’s private houses. He could then use the money to support the Guild’s development. Now, however, Zero Wing had ruined his plans. Initially, he had over 400 interested buyers. Now, less than half remained…

“Guild Leader, should we lower the price a little?” Daybreak Fog suggested.

Currently, they sold the town’s houses for between 300 and 400 Gold. If they dropped the price to between 200 and 300 Gold, they should attract more buyers. After all, Stone Forest Town’s private houses had already climbed to 1,000 Gold.

“No need! I had intended to let Zero Wing survive for a bit longer, but I’ve changed my mind! Notify Abandoned Wave immediately! We are going to teach Zero Wing who truly owns Star-Moon Kingdom!”