Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1307 - Qualitatively Changing a Town

Chapter 1307 - Qualitatively Changing a Town

Chapter 1307: Qualitatively Changing a Town


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1307 – Qualitatively Changing a Town

Inside the dim offline s.p.a.ce, a few seconds after s.h.i.+ Feng made the call request, Aqua Rose connected to the video call.

Currently, the video showed Aqua Rose out in the field, a slightly anxious expression on her face. Moreover, the sounds of an intense battle seemed to come from every direction.

“Guild Leader, your communication system is finally up,” Aqua Rose said, sighing with relief. Her frown relaxed slightly. “I was prepared to send Blackie to go and knock on your cabin.”

“Has something happened?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked as he examined Aqua Rose’s tired expression.

He had logged back into G.o.d’s Domain a short time ago, and before he had returned, he hadn’t received a single message, yet as soon as he logged out, so many people had tried to contact him.

Whatever Aqua Rose wanted to talk about, it must be important. Otherwise, with Aqua Rose’s capabilities, she would’ve solved the problem without contacting him.

Since Gentle Snow had joined Zero Wing, Aqua Rose had a much easier time managing the Guild’s affairs. This was even after taking into account the Guild’s expansion. In fact, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow were so capable that they could solve many issues without his help. Hence, he had been able to challenge his promotion quest without worrying about his Guild.

“Not long ago, Heaven’s Burial gained access to Evernight City. They’ve turned the Frozen Scar map into an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon. Based on the information Evernight City published, a Guild can gain access to the city once they kill the Frost King, the Regional Dungeon’s Final Boss. Every large Guild is focusing on raiding the Regional Dungeon.

“Quite a few superpowers have set their sights on this Dark City. The compet.i.tion in Frozen Scar is intense.

“I suggest that we pull Snow away from Lake Heart City and gather Zero Wing’s forces in Frozen Scar. However, Snow has reported that the situation in Lake Heart City has started in to improve, and she can’t step away at the moment. I led a portion of our main forces into Frozen Scar, but we’re having difficulty competing with those superpowers.

“Moreover, quite a few Dark Players have been slaughtering players around White River City, striking fear into the residents’ hearts. Some players have even migrated to Star-Moon City. We’ve dispatched quite a few experts to deal with the situation, but that means that I have even less manpower at my disposal.”

Evernight City was the only Dark City in Star-Moon Kingdom. It offered a few privileges that most ordinary NPC cities lacked. One of which was a teleportation array connected to Evernight City, which Guilds could gain access to once they had enough Reputation; the city would build this array in one of the Guild’s towns or cities, allowing the Guild’s players to teleport from the Guild town or city to Evernight City with ease. Moreover, as a Guild increased its status in Evernight City, it would gain access to more teleportation arrays.

Ordinary NPC cities didn’t have such a privilege to offer. Not only was this convenient for Guilds, but it would also aid in their development. There wasn’t a lot of distance between Star-Moon City and Evernight City. Many players could use Evernight City as a waypoint to reach farther Guild Towns and grind in the nearby high-level maps without traveling for dozens of hours. Rather than put down roots in a particular Guild town permanently, players could treat it like a temporary rest point, moving their operations at a moment’s notice if necessary.

Independent players would swarm to a Guild town tethered to Evernight City, boosting the town’s development.

“Access to Evernight City?” s.h.i.+ Feng immediately came to a realization.

It was no wonder why Aqua Rose was so nervous. Even Phoenix Rain had tried to contact him several times.

If Zero Wing could gain access to Evernight City and secure a teleportation array for Stone Forest Town, it would transform the town. Of course, this was true for other Guilds as well. It was no wonder why so many Guilds were going mad over this matter. Even the various superpowers wanted in on the action.

“Guild Leader, I’d like Snow to s.h.i.+ft her focus away from Lake Heart City for now. If the other Guilds kill the Frost King, it will become very difficult for us to gain access to Evernight City,” Aqua Rose explained.

“No. Snow has to keep her focus in Lake Heart,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. “As for you, give up on raiding Frozen Scar for now.”

“Give up?” s.h.i.+ Feng’s decision stunned Aqua Rose.

Stone Forest Town had only become the number one town in Star-Moon Kingdom after overcoming many challenges. If they let the another Guild kill the Frost King before them, they might not be able to maintain Stone Forest Town’s position.

“That’s right. Give up on raiding the Frost King. Instead, figure out a way to raid Blizzard Fortress, the Team Dungeon in the Frozen Scar. Try to get the First Clear if possible.” s.h.i.+ Feng nodded.

“Guild Leader, that’s a Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeon…” Aqua Rose was astonished. “By the time we obtain the First Clear, someone else will kill the Frost King.”

A Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeon was a ma.s.sive challenge to any Guild at this stage of the game. Raiding one was far more difficult than raiding the Frost King.

Based on their investigation, the Frost King was only a Level 53 Grand Lord. The only reason it hadn’t been raided yet was that no one had found its hiding place deep within the Frozen Scar. Players needed to kill many monsters and Bosses in order to reach the Final Boss. Taking into account the Frozen Scar’s severe environment, which increased players’ Stamina consumption by several times, progress to reach the Frost King was quite slow.

They would be crazy to ignore the Frost King, the easier raid target, to challenge the Blizzard Fortress instead.

“The Frost King is an ice-type Boss. Fighting it without very high Ice Resistance is nearly impossible, but the weapons and equipment that drop in the Blizzard Fortress are somewhat unique. Almost every item offers high Ice Resistance. If we have these items, it’ll be much easier to raid the Frost King. In any case, with so many Guilds in the running, the compet.i.tion won’t conclude for some time. We’ll use this opportunity to bolster our team’s strength. It won’t be too late to raid the Frost King once we’ve done so,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, smiling. He did not bother to explain further details.

“Alright, I understand. I’ll try to raid the Blizzard Fortress as quickly as possible.” In reality, Aqua Rose still had her doubts. She knew that they had tons of Sea G.o.d’s Blessings in the Guild Warehouse. The potion could significantly increase a player’s Resistances. However, since s.h.i.+ Feng had given her an order, it wouldn’t be wise to insist against it. She could only try to raid the Dungeon as quickly as possible. Following which, Aqua Rose disconnected the call.

Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng smiled wryly at Aqua Rose’s confusion. He could not reveal too much information. After all, no one had actually raided the Frost King yet. He couldn’t just come out and say that players needed a minimum of 300 points of Ice Resistance to raid the Boss.

With such a high requirement, not even stacking two bottles of Sea G.o.d’s Blessing would be enough. They needed other weapons and equipment to supplement for the missing points. Otherwise, players wouldn’t stand a chance against the Frost King.

Many Guilds had contested for the right to enter Evernight City in the past as well. Similarly, these Guilds had focused on clearing a straight path towards the Frost King, expending tons of manpower and resources in the process. However, only after encountering the Frost King did everyone realize how much of a nightmare the Boss truly was. In the end, despite only being a Grand Lord, the Frost King had wiped out an army of hundreds of thousands of elite players, transforming them into ice sculptures.

However, the fact that Heaven’s Burial had gained access to Evernight City concerned s.h.i.+ Feng.

When Evernight City had surfaced in the past, over twenty days had pa.s.sed before the first Guild had gained access to the city, yet it had only been a few days, and Heaven’s Burial had already entered the city. It was inconceivable. To make matters worse, the first Guild to gain access enjoyed additional benefits, which would make it far easier to gain Guild Reputation in Evernight City.

It wouldn’t be long before Heaven’s Burial connected its Guild town to Evernight City.

This won’t do. I need to hurry.

After a two-hour nap, s.h.i.+ Feng logged into G.o.d’s Domain once more.