Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1299 - Do You Dare Fight?

Chapter 1299 - Do You Dare Fight?

Chapter 1299: Do You Dare Fight?


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1299 – Do You Dare Fight?

What is she trying to do?

Xie Qiwen frowned when he saw Yi Yuqing’s fist stop suddenly.

Yi Yuqing could’ve ended Yu Qiaoqiao right there and then, yet she had frozen.

Xie Qiwen wasn’t the only person confused. The others in the VIP stands were also baffled.

Why had Yi Yuqing held back?

However, none of them knew that Yi Yuqing was just as shocked.

Although her punch hadn’t contained her full power, her opponent shouldn’t have been able to stop it, yet Yu Qiaoqiao had done just that.

“You really are impressive. You are the first person my age to stop my punch after I used Limit Removal.” Yi Yuqing could not help but praise Yu Qiaoqiao. “However, you should give up. I cannot afford to lose this match. My strength is 50% higher than when this fight started. You have no chance of winning.”

Yi Yuqing could not help but admire Yu Qiaoqiao. If not for her being a White Tiger Dojo disciple, she definitely would not have been a match for Yu Qiaoqiao.

Saying so, Yi Yuqing took half a step forward. Cracks began to appear on the stage beneath her feet.

Her legs, waist, and shoulders twisting, Yi Yuqing concentrated all of her strength into her fist.

Half-step Collapsing Punch!

In Yi Yuqing’s opinion, Yu Qiaoqiao had only caught her punch due to luck. It was very likely that Yu Qiaoqiao had grabbed her wrist before her fist accelerated. Although Yu Qiaoqiao currently had a firm hold on her wrist, if she went all-out, Yu Qiaoqiao had no hope of stopping her.

Moreover, her fist was less than ten centimeters away from Yu Qiaoqiao. At this distance, Yu Qiaoqiao wouldn’t be able to dodge the hit. Even diverting her attack trajectory would not be possible.


Immediately, Yu Qiaoqiao took a step back, the stone floor beneath her feet cracking. Unexpectedly, however, Yu Qiaoqiao’s firm on her opponent’s fist was firm. She did not let Yi Yuqing’s fist get close to her shoulder.

“You…” Yi Yuqing was shocked.

The young woman blocked her full-powered punch!

“As expected of a genius from the White Tiger Dojo. It was a tough fight without Limit Removal. Let’s continue our earlier fight.” Yu Qiaoqiao smiled slightly, a hint of excitement flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes.

Yi Yuqing was momentarily stunned.

Based on the way Yu Qiaoqiao spoke, it was obvious that she, too, had grasped Limit Removal and simply hadn’t used it yet.

Although Yi Yuqing wanted to respond, Yu Qiaoqiao was already moving.

Yu Qiaoqiao twisted her fist and broke free from Yi Yuqing’s hold. Immediately after, her body spun as she sent a spiral kick at Yi Yuqing’s head, her leg cutting through the air like a menacing scythe.

Suddenly, Yi Yuqing felt death loom over her. Not daring to be careless, she used her full strength to break free from Yu Qiaoqiao’s hold and used both arms to block the incoming kick.


The instant Yu Qiaoqiao’s foot met her arms, Yi Yuqing felt a stinging pain deep into her bones. Afterward, her arms grew numb. She felt as if she had been hit by a car as she flew backward. However, reacting quickly, Yi Yuqing adjusted her posture so that she would land on her feet. In the end, Yi Yuqing only stabilized herself after retreating another eight steps.


Yi Yuqing wore an incredulous look as she stared at Yu Qiaoqiao, who now stood over ten meters away.

Just by blocking one kick, both her arms were numb. She couldn’t even move them.

Just how strong was Yu Qiaoqiao?

Meanwhile, the audience stared with wide eyes, their gaze fixed on Yu Qiaoqiao.

Just who is that girl!?

Xie Qiwen nearly shouted when he saw Yi Yuqing fly through the air.

Xie Qiwen could also see the blood vessels on Yu Qiaoqiao’s forehead surface slightly. After factoring in Yu Qiaoqiao’s sudden burst of strength, even a fool could tell that Yu Qiaoqiao had used Limit Removal.

However, Limit Removal was one of the top dojos and training centers’ secret techniques. How could Yu Qiaoqiao have learned and grasped it?

Yi Yuqing had trained arduously for two years under countless masters’ guidance to grasp Limit Removal.

Yet, not only had Yu Qiaoqiao grasped the technique, but it was also obvious that she could suppress her limiters far more than Yi Yuqing.

Even Jiang Tianyuan was surprised.

What an amazing little girl! Just who is her master? She can control her strength so freely despite removing her limiter to such a degree.

Jiang Tianyuan was curious as he watched Yu Qiaoqiao launch a relentless a.s.sault against Yi Yuqing.

Although grasping Limit Removal was difficult, trying to exert the additional strength one received to its full potential was even more so. Only those on Xie Qiwen and Tang Jingyao’s level could rival Yi Yuqing’s standards. It was no longer a matter of talent. Rather, one required careful guidance and a wealth of combat experience to achieve this.

Back on the stage, the match between Yu Qiaoqiao and Yi Yuqing was incomparably fierce. Every one of their actions shattered the stone floor.

Yi Yuqing, who wasn’t a match for Yu Qiaoqiao’s combat experience, had become even less of a match for her opponent.

Every blow Yi Yuqing exchanged with Yu Qiaoqiao hurt her to the bone. In the end, Yu Qiaoqiao found a ma.s.sive weakness in Yi Yuqing’s defense as she launched a palm strike at the woman’s shoulder, shoving Yi Yuqing off the stage.

Yi Yuqing realized that this was Yu Qiaoqiao’s way of showing mercy. Had she not taken pity on her opponent, Yi Yuqing would have suffered more than just a fall off the stage.

A genius?

Yi Yuqing looked up at Yu Qiaoqiao. Suddenly, she found that all of the praise she had received from others, calling her a genius, truly laughable. Ignoring all other aspects, Yu Qiaoqiao was leaps and bounds above her regarding her strength after executing Limit Removal.

Her defeat was only a matter of course.

After Yi Yuqing fell off the stage, the referee announced the match’s winner.

Yu Qiaoqiao!

As the referee announced the outcome, the arena fell silent for a moment. Then, loud cheering filled the venue. This breathtaking match had truly surprised every spectator.

The Big Dipper Dojo’s name etched itself deeply into everyone’s mind.

After all, among the four people taking part in the semifinals, three belonged to the Big Dipper Dojo.

There were dozens of dojos and training centers from the six cities partic.i.p.ating in this compet.i.tion. Among them were the White Tiger Dojo and a large number of independent contestants. Sending all three representatives to the semifinals was a miracle.

“The Big Dipper Dojo? I am definitely going to apply to join it tomorrow!”

Many among the audience had already decided to join the Big Dipper Dojo no matter what. Even the contestants consider the option.

Among those in the VIP stands, some celebrated while others worried. Xiao Yu was naturally ecstatic. With this, the Big Dipper Dojo’s fame would spread throughout the six cities. Xie Qiwen, on the other hand, felt both rage and helplessness. He had never thought that his first attempt of benefiting the dojo would end so miserably.

However, Xie Qiwen hadn’t given up yet. There was still the savage Evil Fire. It was still possible that Evil Fire could secure the champions.h.i.+p. This would be much better than letting the Big Dipper Dojo win.

Now that the four semi-finalists had been decided, due to this being a friendly match, as long as You Ziping defeated Evil Fire, the Big Dipper Dojo would win the compet.i.tion. Everyone very much looked forward to the first match of the semifinals between You Ziping and Evil Fire.

It took roughly twenty minutes to repair the stage. Once the repairs were complete, You Ziping and Evil Fire approached the stage.

However, as the referee was about to announce the start of the compet.i.tion, Evil Fire stopped him and said, “Wait!”

“Contestant Evil Fire, is there an issue?” the referee asked curiously.

“Before the match, I have something to say,” Evil Fire, who looked like a brown bear, said, grinning.

“Alright, but I can only give you one minute.” The referee nodded.

“Ten seconds will be enough!” Evil Fire laughed. He then received the microphone and s.h.i.+fted his gaze to s.h.i.+ Feng in the VIP stands. Emanating a dominant aura, he proudly proclaimed, “Head Instructor s.h.i.+, I have come here today for one reason and one reason only! I have heard that you are one of Zero Wing’s upper echelons, so I hope that you can convey a message to Black Flame for me! Tell him that I, Evil Fire, want to challenge him in G.o.d’s Domain! Does he dare fight me?”