Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1284 - Soloing an Archaic Species

Chapter 1284 - Soloing an Archaic Species

Chapter 1284: Soloing an Archaic Species


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1284 – Soloing an Archaic Species

After completing its evolution, the Silvermoon Rat had more than doubled in size. Now, it was six meters tall and loomed like a two-story house. Its aura had also grown more intense, making it difficult for s.h.i.+ Feng to breathe.

Meanwhile, its statistics had undergone an earth-shattering transformation.


[Silvermoon Rat King (Weakened)] (Archaic Species, Great Lord)

Level 64

HP 90,000,000/90,000,000


As s.h.i.+ Feng stared at the information, the Silvermoon Rat King vanished.

In the blink of an eye, the Rat King appeared before s.h.i.+ Feng, its four front paws transforming into streaks of light as they slashed at s.h.i.+ Feng.

So fast!

s.h.i.+ Feng believed that in terms of speed, no player was his match in G.o.d’s Domain. However, compared to the Silvermoon Rat King, he was slow. Not to mention, the Rat King attacked with four limbs. Even if he could move faster, he couldn’t dodge all four attacks.

Defensive Blade!

Peng… Peng… Peng…

Over a dozen streaks of light slashed at s.h.i.+ Feng again and again. In the blink of an eye, s.h.i.+ Feng heard his defensive barrier shatter.

In a single round of attacks, the Silvermoon Rat King had exhausted Defensive Blade’s block counts.

As soon as the Silvermoon Rat King ended its first barrage, it launched another. However, black mist now extended from its paws, forming four shadow whips that lashed at the Swordsman. As if the Rat King were an expert with the weapon, the four shadow whips sealed off every one of s.h.i.+ Feng’s paths of retreat, preventing him from dodging the attacks.

It clearly forced its evolution, but why has its intellect improved by so much?

s.h.i.+ Feng’s expression darkened when he saw the four incoming whips.

If a monster tried to force its evolution, not only would it receive a backlash, but it would also suffer a Weakened state for some time, their Attributes decreasing significantly in all aspects. Naturally, its intellect would be affected. Only after its Weakened state faded would it recover to its peak.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng’s exchange with the Silvermoon Rat King had been brief, he could tell that the Rat King had the combat standards of a player that had reached the Trial Tower’s fourth floor. s.h.i.+ Feng found this truly inconceivable. If the Silvermoon Rat King had evolved normally, what kind of combat standards would it have had?

The Trial Tower’s fifth floor? Or the sixth floor?

With such high Attributes and superb combat standards, the Silvermoon Rat King would be an utter nightmare.

Not even an entire team of experts would be a match for the Silvermoon Rat King, much less a 100-man team of Level 60, Tier 2 players. It was much different than the Tier 5 Archaic Species s.h.i.+ Feng had faced in the past. Due to the lack of weaknesses, players had been forced to take the Tier 5 Archaic Species head-on. In the end, the Tier 5 Archaic Species had only died after a Super Guild had dispatched a team led by a Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked player.

Against the Silvermoon Rat King’s Skill attack, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Divine Steps without hesitation.

Immediately, ten doppelgangers appeared around him.

The instant the shadow whips descended, s.h.i.+ Feng switched places with one of the distant doppelgangers.

In the end, the four shadow whips pa.s.sed through s.h.i.+ Feng’s doppelganger unhindered and struck the ground, slicing the packed dirt apart as if it were a cake. The grooves were roughly six-yards deep and extended up to 50 yards. The attacks’ range and power rendered s.h.i.+ Feng speechless.

After the Skill ended, s.h.i.+ Feng swapped positions with another doppelganger and appeared beside the Silvermoon Rat King, the Abyssal Blade descending on the Great Lord.



The Silvermoon Rat King reacted as it turned and snapped two shadow whips at s.h.i.+ Feng. s.h.i.+ Feng once more switched positions with a doppelganger on the other side of the Rat King and quickly followed up with Thundering Flash. Four arcs of blue lightning pa.s.sed through the Silvermoon Rat King’s body.





Although the Rat King’s Defense hadn’t risen by much, it had 90,000,000 HP. s.h.i.+ Feng’s damage was nothing. Fortunately, while Weakened, the Silvermoon Rat King couldn’t use its combat recovery. Hence, any lost HP was permanent.

By constantly switching positions with his doppelgangers, s.h.i.+ Feng suppressed the Rat King for a moment.

Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng controlled the Shadow Lion and two Tier 2 Demons to join the battle.

However, the Silvermoon Rat King promptly responded when it noticed the Shadow Lion and Demons approach by las.h.i.+ng its four shadow whips. It aimed two for the Tier 3 Shadow Lion while the other two dealt with the Tier 2 Demons. The Rat King’s attacks were extremely accurate, forcing the Shadow Lion and Demons to defend themselves.

However, the shadow whips’ Attack Speed was quite high. Before s.h.i.+ Feng could direct his creatures to dodge, the whips struck. The Shadow Lion was knocked back by over ten yards, two damages of over -170,000 appearing above its head. Each of the Tier 2 Demons had lost over 300,000 HP and been thrown over 30 yards…

What high Strength!

s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised.

The Silvermoon Rat King’s Strength could rival a Grand Lord of the same level.

Fortunately, he had avoided the Rat King’s attacks, using Divine Steps to defend himself. Otherwise, if he had failed to block the four shadow whips and were struck, he would have died instantly. Even if he blocked all four whips, he would have very little HP remaining.

Once s.h.i.+ Feng understood how powerful the Silvermoon Rat King was, he changed his attack methods.

Now, instead of issuing the Shadow Lion vague commands, he chose to control it himself. He directed the two Demons to attack from the sides.

Like the Silvermoon Rat King, the Shadow Lion was a Tier 3 monster. Although the Shadow Lion’s Strength was no match for the Silvermoon Rat King, its speed should be on par. With s.h.i.+ Feng’s control, it would not be difficult to block the Rat King’s attacks with the Shadow Lion. After all, the Silvermoon Rat King only had combat standards at the Trial Tower’s fourth floor.

To ordinary and elite players, this combat standard might be considered very high. To him, however, it was not even pa.s.sable. Even if he had to split his attention between controlling his body and the Shadow Lion, he could exhibit combat standards at the Half-step Refinement Realm with the Shadow Lion.

Once the Shadow Lion was under s.h.i.+ Feng’s complete control, it easily dodged three of the Silvermoon Rat King’s shadow whips. The Shadow Lion countered the last whip with a swipe of its claws, negating the attack. It then used its other paw to cast the Tier 2 Skill, Shadow Claw, raking four b.l.o.o.d.y slashes across the Silvermoon Rat King’s face. The impact slammed the Rat King’s head into the ground.


The Shadow Lion’s attack dazed the Silvermoon Rat King. The rat stared at the lion in confusion.

It had sent the stupid lion flying earlier, yet now the beast had dodged its attacks and slashed its face.

The Silvermoon Rat King pushed s.h.i.+ Feng to the back of its mind and focused its attention on the monstrous cat, las.h.i.+ng one whip after another at the Shadow Lion. Against this furious a.s.sault, s.h.i.+ Feng directed the lion to defend itself.

Although the Shadow Lion couldn’t damage the Rat King, s.h.i.+ Feng and his two Demons could attack the Great Lord from its blind spots, taking tens of thousands of the Rat King’s HP every now and then.

For a time, they fought a battle of attrition.

The Silvermoon Rat King’s HP decreased slowly. Only after a long time did its HP fall by 1%. As for the Shadow Lion, it lost HP at roughly the same rate.

Thank goodness for its Weakened state.

After getting a general grasp of the situation, s.h.i.+ Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

If the battle continued like this, he could kill the Silvermoon Rat King before the Shadow Lion’s duration ran out. If the Silvermoon Rat King weren’t in a Weakened state, however, he wouldn’t be able to kill it, even if he had days, due to its battle recovery.

In fact, the reason that most experts in G.o.d’s Domain couldn’t solo powerful Bosses wasn’t due to weak combat standards. Rather, they couldn’t deal enough damage to overcome the Boss’s battle recovery.

Without battle recovery, the Silvermoon Rat King’s HP steadily decreased.

95%… 90%… 80%…

After fighting for nearly an hour, the Silvermoon Rat King’s HP finally fell to 10%. Fortunately, the Shadow Lion still had 60% of its HP. Throughout the battle, whenever the Shadow Lion’s HP fell to a critical level, s.h.i.+ Feng had cast Life Bloom on it. As a result, the Silvermoon Rat King watched helplessly as the Shadow Lion recovered to full HP.


The Silvermoon Rat King finally went berserk. Black magic arrays suddenly appeared before its four paws, rampantly gathering the surrounding Mana. The Rat King then slammed its paws on the ground, and streaks of black light shot from the ground in a 100-yard radius.

When the Tier 2 Tomahawk Demon accidentally stumbled into one of the streaks of light, it instantly lost over 600,000 HP. As the seconds ticked by, more streaks of light broke through the dirt.

As this attack continued, even s.h.i.+ Feng had no choice but to use Defensive Blade and Absolute Defense to defend himself.

By the time these streaks of black light finally stopped, the two Tier 2 Demons had less than 30% of their HP remaining. As for the Shadow Lion, it only had 40% HP remaining…

As expected, an Archaic Species won’t go down so easily after all. Even in a Weakened state, this Skill is more than enough to annihilate an expert team multiple times.

s.h.i.+ Feng was greatly shocked as he stared at the exhausted Silvermoon Rat King.

If the Rat King were at its peak, only death would await him. There was no other outcome. After all, despite the Rat King’s current Weakened state, s.h.i.+ Feng hadn’t found a single weakness. If he wanted to defeat it, he had to face it head-on. If the Rat King were at its peak, he wouldn’t have any hope of victory without several Tier 3 tanks or Summoning Scrolls and an Intermediate Magic Array to suppress the Demonic Beast.

The Silvermoon Rat King was exhausted after using such a powerful Skill. It couldn’t even move a muscle. Seeing this, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, Phantom Kill, and Nine Dragon Slash and started a merciless a.s.sault.

If he waited for the Silvermoon Rat King to recover and use that powerful AOE Skill again, he would die.





When the Silvermoon Rat King only had around 100,000 HP remaining, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Divine Providence and Flame Burst.

In the blink of an eye, the Silvermoon Rat King’s HP hit rock bottom, its body collapsing to the ground.

“Success, finally!” s.h.i.+ Feng fell flat on his back in exhaustion, taking one deep breath after another.

He had focused on controlling the Shadow Lion while a.s.sisting the battle from the side. The fight had been both mentally and physically exhausting. Had the battle gone on any longer, s.h.i.+ Feng might have collapsed before killing the Silvermoon Rat King.

Suddenly, s.h.i.+ Feng realized that his previously stagnant experience bar, which hadn’t moved when he killed the other Shadowmoon Rats, was rising. Moreover, it rose at a rate visible to the naked eye.

10%… 20%… 30%…

Only after reaching 69% of Level 50 did his experience bar finally stop.

Meanwhile, upon its death, the Silvermoon Rat King had dropped a mound of s.h.i.+ny items.