Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1273 - Enviable Zero Wing

Chapter 1273 - Enviable Zero Wing

Chapter 1273 – Enviable Zero Wing

The moment the image of Stone Forest Town’s personal houses appeared, the players in the first-floor hall grew restless.

Apart from the Holy City slots, these players had come to the Candlelight Auction to see Stone Forest Town’s personal housing.

The various major powers might ignore the personal houses, but to independent players, these houses were extremely important.

“If I can get a house, I can easily travel to Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena! I can definitely surpa.s.s those other experts!”

“Using the houses in Stone Forest Town as a training ground isn’t a bad idea, either.”

Many independent experts and adventurer teams’ eyes shone with excitement when they saw the personal houses’ introduction.

Stone Forest Town had undergone a qualitative transformation since the last war. Not only was the town’s Mana density much higher, but the number of wandering merchant NPCs visiting the town continued to increase. Most importantly, more expert players had been attracted to the town.

Every day, Stone Forest Town hosted hundreds of duels between experts, and anyone was free to watch. One could also partic.i.p.ate in the Battle Arena’s tournaments, fighting for the chance to learn the rumored combat techniques and enjoy more benefits in the establishment.

However, traveling to and from Stone Forest Town was somewhat inconvenient as the town didn’t have any teleportation arrays for public use. If they could purchase a personal house, traveling to and from Stone Forest Town would be a lot easier.

“Now that everyone has seen the personal houses, the starting price is 300 Gold per unit, and each increment must not be lower than 10 Gold. Begin!”

As Melancholic Smile finished speaking, the first-floor’s players shouted one bid after another.

“Three hundred and ten Gold!”

“Three hundred and twenty Gold!”

“Five hundred Gold!”

The price’s rise was simply staggering.

With 500 Gold, one could purchase a considerably good house in an NPC town. However, it was obvious that the price had yet to reach its limit.

Only after the price reached 610 Gold did it finally stop.

After watching the first house sell, the various major powers grew envious.

Constructing a house in a player town was extremely cheap, with the cheapest only costing 20 Gold and the pricey houses costing up to 100 Gold. However, the more expensive a house was, the more s.p.a.ce it occupied. Needless to say, to maximize their land use, Zero Wing would’ve constructed the 20-Gold houses rather than the 100-Gold houses.

Now, every one of these 20-Gold houses sold for more than 600 Gold.

The Candlelight Auction sold a total of 50 houses, but it was nothing compared to the number of adventurer teams and independent players present.

The following houses sold for much higher prices than the first. Among the 50 houses, the most expensive had sold for 740 Gold. On average, the houses had sold for 650 Gold. By auctioning the 50 houses, Zero Wing had made 32,500 Gold.

Although this was spare change to superpowers, to first-rate Guilds, it was a ma.s.sive sum of money. It was enough to equip many of their elite members with Common Mounts.

“Guild Leader, this is a rare opportunity; why don’t we sell a few more units?” Melancholic Smile contacted s.h.i.+ Feng and suggested after seeing the players’ disappointment. It was clear that the number of houses they had offered was far from enough to satisfy the demand.

“No. We’ll stick with our original plan. We want them to learn about the benefit of Stone Forest Town’s houses first. In the future, we’ll be able to sell the houses for a higher price.” s.h.i.+ Feng instantly rejected the proposal.

Although Stone Forest Town could accommodate many more houses, he had other plans for the town, Stone Forest Town’s migration plan in particular. By the time that plan came to fruition, they would attack far more players, and the houses would fetch a much higher price.

He had simply offered these 50 units to introduce everyone to the benefits of owning a house in Stone Forest Town.

When the auction for the personal houses came to an end, the various superpowers in the second-floor rooms focused on the stage.

The next auction item was the reason they had come to the Candlelight Auction.

The slots to enter the Holy City of t.i.tan!

To ordinary Guilds, these slots were not of much use. However, it was a different story for superpowers like themselves. The slots could help some of their famous Lifestyle players become true Masters.

A Master Lifestyle player had the power to transform their trading firms.

Their trading firms would earn ample profits. Naturally, this would increase their Guilds’ development as well.

“So, this is the Holy City of t.i.tan?” a white-bearded, old man muttered, his eyes glowing as he read t.i.tan City’s introduction. “Sirius, you must get me a slot to the Holy City as per our agreement.”

The screen above the stage did not explain the Holy City slots. Rather, it displayed information about the Holy City itself.

One such detail was the t.i.tan Lifestyle a.s.sociation. The information revealed that the establishment’s workshops, which players could rent, had a Mana density far greater than the Basic Meditation Rooms’. Moreover, the floating island contained Research Rooms, and players could use these rooms to study various materials. There were also plenty of Master-rank production videos. There were even Grandmaster-rank production videos available. However, players were required to enter the Advanced Research Room to gain access.

Only, entering these Research Rooms was very costly. The Basic Research Room alone cost 200 Gold per day, the Intermediate versions costing 500 Gold per day, and the Advanced versions costing 1,200 Gold per day. The various superpowers gasped when they saw these prices.

Moreover, both the Intermediate and Advanced versions required a certain amount of Reputation in t.i.tan City to rent.

“Master Fire, rest a.s.sured; the Battle Wolves always stick to our word. We will definitely obtain a slot for you,” Sirius responded respectfully.

At the same time, the other powers’ fighting spirit roared to life as they swore to obtain slots for themselves.

“Now that everyone has seen the Holy City slots, the starting price is 500 Gold, and each increment must be no lower than 100 Gold. If you don’t have enough money, you may offer cities’ Lands as collateral. However, we will only evaluate the Lands at market price. Begin!”

After Melancholic Smile announced the next round’s rules, the venue’s atmosphere reached its boiling point.

“Five hundred Gold!”

“Six hundred Gold!”

“Eight hundred Gold!”

In the blink of an eye, the price had reached 3,000 Gold, shocking every player present. The first-rate Guilds soon gave up on the Holy City slots. They could already purchase a relatively good plot of Land in an ordinary NPC city with that kind of money. The only players remaining in the compet.i.tion were the second-floor superpowers.

The Holy City slots were similar to the Thunder To those who needed them, they were worth a ton of money. To those who didn’t, however, they were utterly worthless. Every superpower had a batch of Lifestyle players who were so close to their Master ranks. Unfortunately, these Lifestyle players weren’t familiar enough with G.o.d’s Domain’s materials and production techniques, unable to cross that final hurdle.

As long as they obtained the Holy City slots, these superpowers were confident in nurturing a Master Lifestyle player and improving their respective trading firms. They would easily rake in far more than this investment.

“Five thousand Gold!” Sirius instantly increased the price by 2,000 Gold.

“That lunatic! It seems he’s h.e.l.lbent on getting this slot.” The other superpowers shook their heads and gave when they heard this price. While they could afford it, it had exceeded their initial expectations. Although they were rich, their money did not grow on trees. Moreover, the various superpowers were preparing for the contest on Thunder Island. They did not have that much money to waste. Hence, they decided to let Sirius have the first slot.

In any case, there were ten slots up for grabs. Even if split equally among their seven superpowers, they could each obtain at least one slot. They didn’t have to rush. They could watch the Battle Wolves whittle away their funds and wait until they dropped out of the compet.i.tion.

Following which, the bidding for the second slot began.

“Five thousand Gold!” Sirius shouted once more.