Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1269 - Crazy Start

Chapter 1269 - Crazy Start

Chapter 1269 – Crazy Start

“The Candlelight Auction has even obtained a Dark-Gold strengthening item?!”

“These Attributes are ridiculous! I’ve heard that Bronze strengthening items can only increase a s.h.i.+p’s durability by 2 points, yet the Magic Whale Skin can increase a s.h.i.+p’s defense by 10% and durability by 10 points. It can even increase Movement Speed by 3%!”

The various Guilds’ upper echelons in the first-floor hall panted as they stared at the Magic Whale Skin.

Ordinary players might not yet understand the game’s s.h.i.+ps, but the various large Guilds present understood them very clearly.

If an item like the Magic Whale Skin were used to strengthen a Bronze Speedboat, it could improve the speedboat’s performance significantly. Meanwhile, a speedboat could be enhanced to a total of five times. If one fully enhanced a Bronze Speedboat with Magic Whale Skins, the speedboat’s performance might even exceed Mysterious-Iron Speedboats.

However, strengthening a Bronze Speedboat with a Magic Whale Skin would be the epitome of luxury. At the very least, only Mysterious-Iron s.h.i.+ps would qualify for such a powerful strengthening item.

“Black Flame is quite generous. He has decided to use such a valuable item to open the auction.” Yuan Tiexin was slightly astonished when he saw the Magic Whale Skin.

The various major powers had spared no effort to get ahead of others at sea, yet Zero Wing was giving such a wondrous item away.

In another VIP room, Nine Dragons Emperor’s eyes shone as he stared at the Magic Whale Skin.

There were still a few days until the contest on Thunder Island began. If he could purchase the Magic Whale Skin, he could upgrade one of his Bronze Speedboats. With this, he would have an easier time killing Boss-grade sea monsters and obtaining Thunder

When Melancholic Smile saw the crowd’s excitement, she quietly released a sigh of relief.

“Now that everyone has seen the Magic Whale Skin’s Attributes, let us proceed to the bidding. We will sell three sheets at a time. The starting price is 10,000 Magic Crystals, and each increment must not be lower than 500. Let us begin!”

As soon as Melancholic Smile announced the starting price, many players gasped.

According to the current market price, 10,000 Magic Crystals was the equivalent of 2,500 Gold. With that amount of money, one could purchase a relatively good plot of Land in an NPC city.

Moreover, Magic Crystals were far more precious than Coins as they were more difficult to obtain.

However, the high price wasn’t the only reason these players were shocked. What surprised them more was Candlelight’s ability to offer three Magic Whale Skin sheets at a time.

After all, a single sheet could not qualitatively transform a s.h.i.+p. However, three sheets could.

“What a ruthless price.” Sirius chuckled as he shook his head. “It seems Candlelight is going to take our money today.”

The compet.i.tion at sea grew more intense with each pa.s.sing day. If his Guild could increase a high-ranking s.h.i.+p’s performance by a rank, it would raise the Guild’s naval strength to new heights.

While Sirius sighed, the price of the Magic Whale Skins rose rapidly.

“Ten thousand five hundred crystals!”

“Eleven thousand crystals!”

“Twelve thousand crystals!”

In just ten seconds, the price had soared to 15,000 Magic Crystals. One could purchase Epic Equipment with that kind of money.

“Big Sis Rain, what should we do? We have already lent our Magic Crystals to Zero Wing. We have less than 5,000 crystals on hand,” Blue Phoenix asked anxiously as she watched the price of the Magic Whale Skin continuously increase.

She also felt that Zero Wing was too insincere.

Rather than offering such a valuable item to them, Zero Wing had chosen to auction it.

Phoenix Rain could only reveal a bitter smile in response.

She had been wracking her mind to figure out a way to increase her fleet’s strength. She had even led a team of experts to the Deathwhisper Fortress personally to obtain s.h.i.+p-strengthening items. Only after many sacrifices had she gotten her hands on a Mysterious-Iron strengthening item. On the other hand, without anybody noticing, Zero Wing had Dark-Gold strengthening items.

Immediately, Phoenix Rain called up her Friends List and contacted s.h.i.+ Feng.

“Team Leader Ye Feng, I wish to use the Magic Crystals I lent you to purchase the Magic Whale Skins that are currently on auction. Will that be possible?” Phoenix Rain asked.

“Of course! That won’t be a problem. I’ll notify the auctioneer right away. However, your maximum limit will be the 250,000 Magic Crystals you lent our Guild. I can’t make the decision if the price is higher than that,” s.h.i.+ Feng said earnestly.

One of the reasons that he had generously offered the Magic Whale Skins for auction was to show everyone Zero Wing’s foundations. In any case, he had eight sheets in total. He only needed five to strengthen the Hurricane Sailboat. Using the remaining three on speedboats or Common Small Sailboats would be a waste. It would be more beneficial to sell them.

The second reason was to pay back his debt. After all, he had yet to return the 250,000 Magic Crystals he had borrowed from Phoenix Rain. If he tried to offer her the top-tier Dark-Gold Weapons or Equipment that he had obtained from the Dark Arena, it was unlikely that Phoenix Rain would be interested. Only something like the Magic Whale Skin, which could increase one’s naval strength, would garner Phoenix Rain’s attention.

Hearing s.h.i.+ Feng saying so, Phoenix Rain relaxed.

There were still five days until the debt was due. Zero Wing could easily reject her request.

“Twenty thousand crystals!” Phoenix Rain instantly placed a frightening bid.

“As expected of the players in the VIP rooms. They can afford to place such insane bids casually.” Both independent players and Guilds in the first-floor hall were astonished by Phoenix Rain’s bid.

Even first-rate Guilds were fortunate if they had a stockpile of 60,000 Magic Crystals. After all, there were too few sources. Moreover, their daily consumption was considerably high. It was impossible to stockpile so many.

Spending 20,000 Magic Crystals just to strengthen a single s.h.i.+p was simply too much of a luxury.

Only super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds were capable of such a thing.

“Twenty-one thousand crystals!” Nine Dragons Emperor frowned as he placed a new bid.

The Holy City slots were his main goal. Hence, he hadn’t prepared many Magic Crystals. He currently had 24,000 crystals on hand. After all, a small Guild like Zero Wing should not be capable of offering anything worth his while.

Now, however, it was too late for him to send his subordinates to collect more Magic Crystals.

“Hahaha! It seems the other powers haven’t come prepared.” Yuan Tiexin chuckled. Following which, he shouted, “Thirty thousand crystals!”

The Secret Pavilion had prepared plenty of Coins and Magic Crystals for the Candlelight Auction. After all, the Secret Pavilion had done business with Zero Wing many times before, so they knew that Zero Wing possessed strong foundations and had many items that could even tempt the Secret Pavilion. However, Yuan Tiexin had never expected to find such an opportunity.

“Thirty-one thousand crystals!” Phoenix Rain placed a new bid, but she didn’t raise it by much.

While the Magic Whale Skin was valuable, its price was already high. Any higher and one could afford a Bronze Speedboat.

“Thirty-five thousand crystals!” Yuan Tiexin said without hesitation.

“Thirty-six thousand crystals!” Phoenix Rain frowned as she glanced at Yuan Tiexin’s room a short distance away. This was the highest she was willing to go. Although she had plenty of Magic Crystals, she could not waste them.

The other audience members were stupefied.

The cost of three Magic Whale Skins could already rival half of a first-rate Guild’s Magic Crystals.

“It seems that they have reached their limit.” Yuan Tiexin smiled. “Forty thousand crystals!”

They other superpowers might only want the Magic Whale Skin to fortify a Bronze Speedboat. However, the Secret Pavilion was in possession of a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat. Three Magic Whale Skins could almost put their s.h.i.+p on par with a Secret-Silver Speedboat.

A Secret-Silver Speedboat!

He wouldn’t even blink at spending 100,000 Magic Crystals on such a s.h.i.+p, much less 40,000.

The instant he placed his 40,000 crystal bid, the venue fell silent. After Melancholic Smile knocked the gavel three times and confirmed the sale, a gasp echoed throughout the auction house.

The major powers that had scolded the Candlelight Trading Firm for fraud had run out of comments.

The first auction item had sold for 40,000 Magic Crystals. They had to admit that the Candlelight Auction was high-quality. Only, they still thought that the processing fees for the bartering session were somewhat expensive.

However, not long after these major powers had such thoughts, the second auction item was revealed above the stage. Every one of these major powers stared in silence. Even the various superpowers were no exception.

The reason for such a reaction was that the second item was none other than the Thunder Pa.s.s!