Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1265 - Town Manager

Chapter 1265 - Town Manager

Chapter 1265 – Town Manager

Promote Candlelight’s merchandise? Fire Dance’s sudden suggestion tempted even s.h.i.+ Feng. However, he quickly came to a decision and shook his head, saying, “It’s not time for that yet.”

“Why?” Fire Dance was confused. “The House of Seas can’t touch us in Stormwind Town for now. Even if we sell our merchandise here, all they can do is watch.”

“They might not be able to touch us, but that’s not the case for everyone,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he glanced out the window. He pointed at the large group of players wearing the House of Seas’ Guild Emblem that had appeared on the street below. “Speak of the devil.”

Fire Dance curiously followed his gaze.

Immediately, she noticed 100 House of Seas members outside the grocery store. These players had blocked off the Shop’s entrance, preventing anyone from getting close.

“From now on, anybody that enter this grocery store will be an enemy of the House of Seas! Anybody that ignores this warning will reap the consequences as soon as they leave the town! The House of Seas will also start purchasing Runic Fragments without limit for 5 Silver per stack!” the leading House of Seas member announced.

The representative instantly had the attention of every player in the business district.

They hadn’t expected the Guild to adopt the stick-and-carrot approach. Rather than provoking the House of Seas, they’d be safest to sell their fragments to the Guild.

Fire Dance also realized what s.h.i.+ Feng had meant.

The House of Seas might not be able to do attack them, but the Guild could easily deal with other players.

As Fire Dance considered the situation, several more groups appeared on the street. These players were all House of Seas members, and they were all Level 41 and above. They were decorated with excellent weapons and equipment, the most inferior of which was Level 40 Secret-Silver rank. After making their appearance, these players marched towards Stormwind Town’s entrance. It was obvious they intended to grind in Stormwind Shelter.

“The House of Seas sure moves quickly.” s.h.i.+ Feng smiled faintly as he watched the House of Seas elite teams leave town to grind. “It seems we need to hurry.”

“Guild Leader, leave this to me. Even if the House of Seas bars players from selling us their fragments in Stormwind Town, I can set up stalls in other towns and cities. I refuse to believe they can corner us completely,” Fire Dance said confidently.

She was an She was also incredibly strong. It would be very difficult for the House of Seas to keep track of and her.

Although it would be tiresome running about numerous towns and cities, and she could only carry so many Runic Fragments in her bag s.p.a.ce, they could still purchase quite a few Sea G.o.d’s Blessings with 4,000 fragment stacks.

The House of Seas was dreaming if it thought it could stop them from purchasing Runic Fragments.

“No. We’ll stop collecting Runic Fragments temporarily. Our priority is to secure owners.h.i.+p of Stormwind Town,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, chuckling.

“Secure owners.h.i.+p?” Fire Dance was surprised.

“That’s right. The towns in Sea’s End are slightly special. If we want to develop a Shop here, we need to manage the town,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, nodding. “The town managers wield powerful authority. Although they cannot banish players from the town, they can prevent players from setting up Shops. Players would have to sign a contract with the town manager before doing so. This is why there are so few shops in Sea’s End and why the business development here is so poor.

“Currently, Stormwind Town isn’t under any player’s control. If we want to establish a Shop, we need to take control of Stormwind Town quickly. If we let the House of Seas get there first, we’ll be doomed.”

This was also why the House of Seas had dispatched several elite teams to grind in Stormwind Shelter.

To become a town’s manager, one first needed to have the most Contribution points of any player in that town. They would then have to take the manager’s test and pa.s.s it. Only then could they become the town’s manager for a single month. Once the month ended, if the player still had the highest Contribution Points, they could continue to serve as the town’s manager. If not, they would be replaced. It was a brutal compet.i.tion.

In contrast, the player towns on land did not have time limits. As long as no else conquered the town, they could hold the position.

“Should I summon the Dark G.o.ds Legion to help?” Fire Dance asked.

If they wanted to obtain Contribution Points quickly, they needed more manpower.

Currently, the Dark G.o.ds Legion was only second to Zero Wing’s main force. Although the members were not as high-leveled as Sea’s End’s experts, when it came to combat standards, they could easily triumph.

If it came to a fight, the Dark G.o.ds Legion members would have no problems taking on three of the House of Seas’ experts.

“No need. We’re more than enough for this,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, waving his hand. While having the Dark G.o.ds Legion wasn’t a bad idea, this problem couldn’t be resolved with more manpower. After all, the requirement to become a town’s manager depended on an individual player’s Contribution Points, not the Contribution Points of a Guild or team.

Part of the reason that he had spent 10,000 Gold to purchase a Stormwind Emblem was to obtain Stormwind Town.

Only, the House of Seas had given him no choice but to accelerate his plans.

With the Stormwind Emblem, players were granted authority within Stormwind Town. With this authority, players could accept advanced town quests, which would allow them to gain Town Contribution Points far more quickly. After all, a large fraction of the TCPs players obtained came from quests. Moreover, the higher a quest’s rank, the more TCP’s it awarded.

This was why the various powers fought for town emblems.

“Synthesizing Runic Crystals is boring. Let’s pay a visit to the Sea G.o.d’s Temple,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he stood.

In the past, Stormwind Town had been a miniature holy land, which G.o.d’s Domain’s various superpowers had fought over. War had been common here, each conflict reaping easily over 500,000 lives.

To take control of the town, these powers first had to grind for Contribution Points.

Aside from the daily town quests, plenty of hidden advanced quests and rare quests were available. However, only players with the town emblem or a particular level of authority could accept these quests.

In the past, the Sacred Temple had obtained Stormwind Town in part due to a rare quest. Players could accept this quest repeatedly as long as they could pay the price. Every time players completed it, it awarded more Contribution Points.

Many players with authority had known about this quest. However, almost all of them had disregarded it as a waste of both time and manpower. To them, the Contribution Point reward wasn’t worth the price. For a while, no one had accepted it.

However, one player from the Sacred Temple had persevered and stubbornly completed the quest, again and again. After his ninth completion, he had more Contribution Points than any other player in Stormwind Town.

This was a shortcut to collecting Contribution Points. Although everyone eventually learned the truth about this quest, no one else had ever completed it nine times.

Stormwind Town’s Sea G.o.d’s Temple:

Shortly after s.h.i.+ Feng entered the main hall, he noticed quite a few players following him. The crowd even included a stealthed

Although none of these players wore a Guild Emblem, it was obvious that they were from the House of Seas.

They sure are diligent. Well, continue following, then. That is, if you can. s.h.i.+ Feng simply smiled as he noticed the House of Seas members. He walked up to an NPC receptionist and said, “h.e.l.lo. I wish to meet with Vice Temple Master Arnold.”

“Sir, please follow me.” Upon seeing the Stormwind Emblem on s.h.i.+ Feng’s chest, the NPC receptionist nodded before leading s.h.i.+ Feng to the second floor. Fire Dance waited for him in the first-floor hall.

As s.h.i.+ Feng saw to his business in the Sea G.o.d’s Temple, a sudden discovery shook the various empires on land.

Some Shops were actually selling the Sea G.o.d’s Blessing! Moreover, the potion only cost 1 Gold per bottle!