Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1247 - Receiving the Holy Land

Chapter 1247 - Receiving the Holy Land

Chapter 1247: Receiving the Holy Land





Chapter 1247 – Receiving the Holy Land

After Scorpion left, the middle-aged man called Uncle Li s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards the Ranger beside him.

The Ranger carried a gray, double-string bow on his back. Although the Ranger hid his appearance under a Black Cloak, his large stature made it difficult for others to miss him. If not for the ancient bow, most would a.s.sume that he was a s.h.i.+eld Warrior or Guardian Knight.

“Ghost, when the time comes, you’ll strike first. Remember to use all of your Black Arrows,” Uncle Li said in a deep tone. “I know you’re normally very stingy, but we cannot afford to be careless this time.”

“Uncle Li, I still have four Black Arrows on me. Are we really going to use all four on that kid?” the Ranger, Hungry Ghost, asked reluctantly.

The Black Arrows were not your ordinary arrows. They had been pa.s.sed down from ancient times, and each possessed the power to rival Tier 4 Skills. Current players and NPCs had no way of reproducing them, so each arrow used depleted the finite number in G.o.d’s Domain. One could only obtain more Black Arrows by raiding ancient ruins.

“Yes. We’ll need at least that many to take him down,” Uncle Li said as he glanced at s.h.i.+ Feng, who sat quietly across the room. Smiling, he continued, “Although he has yet to achieve a Domain as Hundred Leaves said, he is not far from it, either. With his frightening Basic Attributes and powerful Skills, killing him will be slightly more difficult than killing actual Domain Realm experts.”

“No wonder why Hundred Leaves requested a.s.sistance from the Guild Leader. I guess I can use him as a guinea pig.” Hungry Ghost’s interest grew upon hearing Uncle Li’s explanation.

“He clearly hasn’t reached the Domain Realm, yet, he’s even more difficult to kill than Domain Realm experts?” a pet.i.te female Elementalist beside Uncle Li muttered as she followed his gaze to s.h.i.+ Feng. Licking her lips, she continued, “In that case, he should have quite a few Epic Weapons and Equipment on him. We should be able to make a fortune.”

“Uncle Li, seeing as you’ve appraised him so generously, are you thinking of making a move personally this time?” a s.h.i.+eld Warrior asked excitedly.

Every time Uncle Li made a move, they learned a lot from him. Unfortunately, very few required Uncle Li’s involvement. The other members of the team were usually enough for the job. If Uncle Li really joined the fight, their long trip here would be worth it.

“Mhm. Although you have a high chance of killing him if you all work together, this mission is very important. To make sure we complete the mission, I will have to take action as well.” Uncle Li nodded.

Hearing that Uncle Li intended to join the fight, the team members turned to s.h.i.+ Feng, pity in their eyes.

If only they, Uncle Li’s subordinates, struck, s.h.i.+ Feng would have some chance of surviving. However, if Uncle Li took action, then s.h.i.+ Feng had no hope whatsoever.

While Uncle Li’s team chatted amongst themselves, more players joined the gathering in the hall; some arrived from the Sea Dragon’s Secret Land, while others came from elsewhere. By the time the Sea Dragon’s Secret Land closed, the hall was packed with players.

As expected of one of Sea’s End’s overlords. Its foundation is incredible.

s.h.i.+ Feng was a little surprised as he surveyed the room.

Among the players present, the lowest was Level 42. As for the weapons and equipment they wore, the most inferior was Level 40 Fine-Gold rank. There were over 2,500 such players. Even a first-rate Guild didn’t have these bragging rights.

It was not hard to imagine how the Freedom Alliance had become one of the naval overlords in s.h.i.+ Feng’s previous life.

G.o.d’s Domain was still in its early stages, yet already the Freedom Alliance was so strong. With the a.s.sistance of the three major NPC cities the Freedom Alliance controlled, first-rate Guilds couldn’t compare to its income or number of players it could recruit.

As s.h.i.+ Feng silently observed his surroundings, the clamor quieted. In the next moment, Silent Entropy, the First Fleet’s commander, slowly walked up the stage in the center of the hall.

“Now that everyone is here, let us begin.” Loudly, Silent Entropy continued, “According to the rules, we will reorganize the leveling maps for each fleet based on their performances and losses in the secret land. I’ll announce the results now.”

The present Freedom Alliance members were tense.

Although the Alliance’s leveling areas were all high-resource maps, there were also huge differences between them.

“I’m sure everyone already knows this, but the fleet with the best performance this time is our Third Fleet. Hence, from today on, Third Fleet will take over Stormwind Shelter and Silent Lumberyard.”

“Placing in second is the Eighth Fleet. It will take over the Silent Canyon and Reef Sea.”

“First Fleet came in third. It will occupy the Black Altar and Locke’s Cemetery.”

As Silent Entropy announced the various fleets’ ranks, silence reigned over the hall. n.o.body could’ve imagined such a ma.s.sive transformation.

While everyone already knew that the Third Fleet had placed first this time, the fact that the Eighth Fleet had placed second came as a big surprise.

Meanwhile, the Third Fleet’s members were ecstatic.

s.h.i.+ Feng released a sigh of relief as well. With this, his plans could come to fruition.

In the past, Stormwind Shelter had become a miniature holy land due to the Sea G.o.d’s Temple in Stormwind Town.

Like the War G.o.d’s Temples on land, the Sea G.o.d’s Temples offered various quests. At the same time, players could acc.u.mulate points with the Sea G.o.d’s Temple and trade them for items. However, the Sea G.o.d’s Temple in Stormwind Town was slightly special.

Not only could players trade their points for rare items, but they could also trade for Laboratories.

To combat players, the Laboratory wasn’t worth anything. To Lifestyle players, however, it was a treasure that allowed them to improve rapidly. Although the Sea G.o.d’s Temple’s Laboratories could not compare to t.i.tan City’s Research Rooms, they were superior to the Basic Meditation Rooms in a 3-star Shop.

Although Laboratories contained dense Mana, players could also research information about the various Lifestyle Although the information available was basic, it saved Lifestyle players time as they didn’t have to rely on trial and error. They could rapidly familiarize themselves with the various materials and production methods available in G.o.d’s Domain. They could then create new products more easily and become Master Lifestyle players.

In the past, it was precisely because of these Laboratories that the ranks of Sea’s End’s Lifestyle players had skyrocketed, eventually catching up with Lifestyle players on land.

However, although the Laboratories offered many benefits, they were not easy to enter. Players needed to spend Sea G.o.d’s Temple Points to gain access. Moreover, the price was fraudulent.

One day inside a Laboratory cost 100 points.

Sea G.o.d’s Temple Points were harder to obtain than Coins. Normally, one could only obtain them by completing the Sea G.o.d’s Temple’s quests. Players also had the option of trading in rare items such as the Runic Crystals, with each worth 10 points. Unfortunately, Runic Crystals’ drop rate was extremely low. Normally, only Boss-grade sea monsters had a reliable chance of dropping them.

Yet, renting a Laboratory for a day cost ten Runic Crystals. Hence, very few Lifestyle players could afford to use them. Of course, as players’ level increased and the supply of Runic Crystals became more abundant, more Lifestyle players could gain access. However, that wouldn’t happen for quite some time.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng possessed the Philosopher’s Stone. As long as he collected enough Runic Fragments, he could easily synthesize Runic Crystals.

Moreover, if he had the Stormwind Emblem, it would grant him advanced authority in Stormwind Town. With that, he would receive a 20% discount when trading for items or services in the town’s Sea G.o.d’s Temple. Most importantly, he could purchase Stormwind Town’s Land. With all of these factors in hand, growing the Candlelight Trading Firm would be easy.

“Commander, now that Pa.s.sing Monarch has taken over Stormwind Shelter, this will impact our ability to contest for the first seat. Should we cause some trouble for Pa.s.sing Monarch?” a cloaked Oracle asked Silent Entropy quietly.

“No need. Even without our involvement, Pa.s.sing Monarch will face plenty of challenges from Stormwind Shelter. With the strength of Pa.s.sing Monarch’s fleet, just holding the area will be difficult. We don’t need to waste our manpower on this. Locating other leveling spots right now takes priority,” Silent Entropy said, chuckling as he glanced at Pa.s.sing Monarch and s.h.i.+ Feng.

Although the Stormwind Shelter was the best leveling spot the Freedom Alliance currently possessed, various other powers fought over the map. Keeping these other powers at bay would require a lot of manpower and resources.

In his opinion, handing over Stormwind Shelter to Pa.s.sing Monarch wouldn’t strengthen the Third Fleet, but weaken it.

“Commander, should we still give the Stormwind Emblems to Pa.s.sing Monarch, then?”