Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1226 - Hidden Effect of the Bronze Small Sailboat

Chapter 1226 - Hidden Effect of the Bronze Small Sailboat

Chapter 1226: Hidden Effect of the Bronze Small Sailboat





Chapter 1226 – Hidden Effect of the Bronze Small Sailboat

s.h.i.+ Feng’s commands confused Pa.s.sing Monarch and the others.

The One-horned Sailboat might possess frightening killing power, but when all was said and done, the Magic Whale was still a King-cla.s.s Sea Monster. It was still a terrifying foe.

Although Silent Entropy and the other Fleets relied on their Small Sailboats to tank the Magic Whale, they constantly had two or three Bronze Sailboats a.s.sisting from the side. The speedboats occasionally shared some of the Magic Whale’s damage, giving the Small Sailboats a break.

Furthermore, the One-horned Sailboat only had a 32-man crew on board. In terms of endurance, it was far weaker than Silent Entropy and the others’ Small Sailboats.

Without a doubt, sending the One-horned Sailboat to deal with the Magic Whale alone was mad.

If it were up to Pa.s.sing Monarch and the others, they would’ve refused the idea. After all, it was nothing more than gambling with a Small Sailboat.

A Small Sailboat’s value went without saying. One wouldn’t even necessarily trade such a s.h.i.+p for a Fragmented Legendary item.

However, it was too late for Pa.s.sing Monarch and the others to argue as s.h.i.+ Feng had steered the One-horned Sailboat directly towards the ma.s.sive Magic Whale. Meanwhile, the two Razorsharks had swum around to launch a pincer attack against the One-horned Sailboat from the sides.

“Commander, are we really not going to help him?” Blue Joy asked Pa.s.sing Monarch worriedly.

“He is the commander now. We’ll only stop him if it truly seems impossible.” Pa.s.sing Monarch could not help but sigh. He did not know what was going through s.h.i.+ Feng’s mind. Normally, anyone who obtained a Small Sailboat would treat it like a priceless treasure, avoiding anything reckless that might destroy it. s.h.i.+ Feng, however, pitted his Small Sailboat in a dogfight against a Grand Lord ranked King-cla.s.s Sea Monster. Looking at this situation, Pa.s.sing Monarch could not help but feel sorry for the One-horned Sailboat.

Following which, under Pa.s.sing Monarch’s command, all speedboats took action.

With the four Basic Mana Pulse Bombs s.h.i.+ Feng had provided them, they fired two bombs at each of the Razorsharks, each bomb dealing over -1,000,000 damage. Instantly, the Razorsharks’ aggro split between the One-horned Sailboat, the Swift Dragon Speedboat, and one Bronze Speedboat.

As the Razorsharks were about to reach the One-horned Sailboat, the MTs on board the Swift Dragon Speedboat and Bronze Speedboat used Crowd Mock, securing the Great Lords’ aggro. Immediately, the two speedboats split up and moved away from the Magic Whale, the Razorsharks following closely after them. The timing of Pa.s.sing Monarch’s commands was extremely accurate.

Meanwhile, the Magic Whale bellowed when it noticed the One-horned Sailboat approaching. Three Ice Meteors then appeared in the air.


“Hahaha! Now you’ve done it! I want to see how you intend to clean up this mess!” Identical Summer smirked when he saw the three Ice Meteors. When his and the other fleet’s Magic Whales used Ice Meteor, they only summoned two attacks.

Thunder Blast has surprised him; he was even somewhat jealous.

However, it was obvious that this frightening firepower had angered the Magic Whale. Even his fleet would suffer against three Ice Meteors at the once, not to mention the One-horned Sailboat, which faced the Magic Whale one-on-one.


“Leaves, look at the Small Sailboat in Pa.s.sing Monarch’s fleet!” the cloaked woman from the Sacred Temple called out in surprise and pointed at the One-horned Sailboat. “There are less than 50 people on board!”

“Less than 50?” Hundred Leaves, who commanded her own battle, turned to look at the One-horned Sailboat upon hearing this, her brows rising in surprise. “They actually did something like that?”

This was ludicrous!

She had a 100-man crew aboard her sailboat to deal with the Magic Whale’s attacks, yet her sailboat still lost a significant amount of durability. If the One-horned Sailboat had less than 50 players on board, its durability would fall several times faster. The sailboat would likely sink to the bottom of the ocean before the two Razorsharks were dealt with.


“Aaarrroooo!” the Magic Whale bellowed as it controlled the Ice Meteors, aiming for the One-horned Sailboat’s blind spots and making its attacks difficult to dodge. In terms of speed and angle of attack, this Magic Whale used faster and more accurate Ice Meteors than the others.

When the three Ice Meteors were less than 30 yards away from the One-horned Sailboat, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Mana Drive, increasing the sailboat’s speed by 30%. This allowed the sailboat to dart out of the Magic Whale’s attack trajectory in the nick of time.

After dodging the Ice Meteors, the One-horned Sailboat’s four Thunder Cannons rang out simultaneously.

Four golden beams struck the Magic Whale, tearing a pained cry from the Grand Lord’s throat as a series of damages appeared above its head.





The four cannons instantly devoured nearly 2,000,000 of the Magic Whale’s HP.

Sure enough, it won’t be possible to kill it with the One-horned Sailboat’s firepower alone.

s.h.i.+ Feng felt a headache brew as he looked at the Magic Whale’s HP.

It seems we’ll have to kill the Razorsharks first and then focus fire on the Magic Whale.

Although the One-horned Sailboat was quite powerful, the Magic Whale could recover 2,000,000 HP every five seconds. With the Thunder Cannons’ long Cooldown, it was impossible to kill the Magic Whale without help.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng readjusted the One-horned Sailboat’s course, circling the Magic Whale while waiting for the Thunder Cannons’ Cooldown to finish.

When the enraged Magic Whale saw that its first wave of attacks had failed to land, it used its AOE attack, Icicle Rain. Even with the One-horned Sailboat’s increased speed, it couldn’t avoid this attack.

“All members, prepare to block the icicles!” s.h.i.+ Feng shouted.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng had issued the command, he knew it was unrealistic to expect 32 people to block so many icicles.

As the icicles began to descend, s.h.i.+ Feng took a Tier 3 Summoning Scroll from his bag.

Immediately, a ma.s.sive Golden Gorilla appeared, joining the defense.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

Under s.h.i.+ Feng’s control, the Golden Gorilla executed Sword’s...o...b..t, using its arms in place of swords. This was another method of utilizing combat techniques. Only, doing so required considerably fine control and a great understanding of a combat technique.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng could not execute Sword’s...o...b..t through the Golden Gorilla as freely as with his own body, with the summoned creature’s ma.s.sive frame and wide attack range, it easily protected over half the One-horned Sailboat from the icicle attacks. The players blocked the majority of the icicles, protecting the remaining half. Overall, less than one-tenth of the icicles had actually struck the sailboat. This outcome was on par with Hundred Leaves and the others.


“How did he do that?”

The players watching from afar were flabbergasted.

Despite having similarly summoned Tier 3 summoned creatures, their summoned creatures could only block around one-third of the Magic Whale’s Icicle Rain. Their summoned creatures even lost over 1,500,000 HP with each wave of attacks, yet the Golden Gorilla had blocked half of the Icicle Rain, losing less than 500,000 HP. This was simply inconceivable.

It wasn’t just the Golden Gorilla that had received less damage than expected. Even the players on the One-horned Sailboat had only lost around 7,000 HP when struck, 3,000 less HP than their players. This allowed the One-horned Sailboat’s crew to endure many more attacks.

However, what everyone did not know was that Bronze Small Sailboats had a hidden effect. The runes lining the hull weren’t just for decoration. They possessed a damage mitigation ability. The runes could reduce an attack’s damage by 10% to 30% based on the attack’s might. Although the Icicle Rain was a powerful Skill, the individual icicles did not pack a lot of power. Hence, their damage was reduced by 30%.

In addition, a Bronze Small Sailboat’s Defense was superior to that of a Common Small Sailboat. Despite receiving roughly the same amount of attacks, the One-horned Sailboat had not lost a single point of durability after the last wave of attacks.

This was also the reason that s.h.i.+ Feng dared to challenge the Magic Whale with a crew of fewer than 50 people.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. While keeping the Magic Whale distracted, the One-horned Sailboat launched attacks at the distant Razorsharks. In less than 15 minutes, both Razorsharks were dead, fueling the team’s EXP bars. In contrast, each of the other fleets had only dealt with one Razorshark so far. The difference between them was obvious instantly.

Now that only the Magic Whale remained, s.h.i.+ Feng’s side had a much easier time. Although it took a long time just to reduce the Magic Whale’s HP by 1%, they slowly, but surely, depleted the Grand Lord’s HP.

When the Magic Whale’s HP fell to 10%, it spread its colossal jaws, and a frightening amount of Mana began to concentrate in its mouth.

“All speedboats, hide behind the sailboat!” s.h.i.+ Feng shouted hurriedly.

All King-cla.s.s Sea Monsters possessed powerful team-wipe moves. The Magic Whale was no exception. The King-cla.s.s Sea Monsters inside secret lands might not be as powerful as those elsewhere, which possessed second lives, but it still shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Aaaarrrrooooooo!” An evil glint appeared in the Magic Whale’s eyes.

The Magic Whale snapped its mouth shut. Its body then began to release dark blue beams of light that directly devoured s.h.i.+ Feng and the others.

As the light show ended, the sea around the One-horned Sailboat and the Magic Whale had transformed into a frosty world.

“This…” Everyone gasped at this sight.

The Magic Whale was simply too fierce. This last move could rival the power of a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell.

As a result of the Spell, the Magic Whale had lost 5% of its HP.

As the icy fog surrounding the One-horned Sailboat dissipated, it received significant damage as the blue barrier protecting the s.h.i.+p crumbled and disappeared.

This was none other than the One-horned Sailboat’s Lifesaving Skill, Magic s.h.i.+eld. When activated, it would create a barrier capable of absorbing up to 1,000,000 damage for five minutes. Although the barrier couldn’t mitigate all of the damage, at the very least, it had prevented many of the crew’s deaths. After sharing the damage, 19 people were still alive on the One-horned Sailboat.

As for the speedboats behind the One-horned Sailboat, only the Swift Dragon Speedboat and the Bronze Speedboat with a full crew had half their original crew members. The other Bronze Speedboats had lost their entire crews, leaving behind ghost s.h.i.+ps…

“The Magic Whale has entered a Weakened state! Throw everything you have at it!” s.h.i.+ Feng had less than half of his HP remaining. Although he had prepared for this, the move had shocked him. Even after activating Magic s.h.i.+eld, everyone on board had still received so much damage.

Although only the One-horned Sailboat, Swift Dragon Speedboat, and one Bronze Speedboat remained, the Magic Whale’s Defense was crippled. Moreover, it had lost its ability to recover in battle. It was nothing more than a living target for s.h.i.+ Feng and his crew now.





“Die!” s.h.i.+ Feng activated Divine Blessing and used Thunder Blast.

Countless arcs of golden lightning devoured the Magic Whale’s remaining HP. In the end, the Magic Whale released an agonized cry as its body disintegrated into particles of light. Immediately after, a large group of golden dots descended towards the water.