Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1219 - Gathering of Warlords

Chapter 1219 - Gathering of Warlords

Chapter 1219: Gathering of Warlords





Chapter 1219 – Gathering of Warlords

Although s.h.i.+ Feng had such thoughts, he did not hurry to collect Runic Fragments.

The Runic Fragment was a common drop at sea; hence, purchasing a large amount from players would be straightforward. Besides, his primary objective in visiting the Sea’s End this time was not to collect Runic Crystals but the Legacy of the Sea.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng hurried towards the meeting place he had arranged with Pa.s.sing Monarch.


At this moment, hundreds of players geared in Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment stood guard in front of the most luxurious high-cla.s.s restaurant in Blue Jade City. These players were all at least Level 42, and just by standing there, they put extremely heavy pressure on others. The pa.s.sersby only sent a few glances at these players before scurrying away, n.o.body daring to enter this restaurant.

These players standing guard at the entrance were none other than the members of the Freedom Alliance, the absolute overlord of Blue Jade City. In this city, n.o.body dared oppose the members of the Freedom Alliance. After all, if they provoked the Freedom Alliance, they would no longer be able to stay in Blue Jade City.

Meanwhile, on the twenty-second floor, which was also the top floor, of Blue Jade Restaurant, every member of the Freedom Alliance’s upper echelon was present. Even the commanders of the Alliance’s eleven fleets were here today.

At this moment, a beautiful woman dressed in luxurious, red mage robes walked up to Pa.s.sing Monarch and said in a quiet tone, “Commander Monarch, our independent fleets will be depending on you this month. If we let those Guild-formed fleets surpa.s.s us, our fleets’ standings in the Alliance will definitely suffer.”

Although this woman’s appearance was not as flawless as Gentle Snow’s, she was the only female commander within the entire Freedom Alliance, Hundred Leaves.

In response, Pa.s.sing Monarch simply nodded silently.

In reality, he did not fully believe Hundred Leaves’s words.

Those capable of becoming the commander of a fleet within the Freedom Alliance definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. Not to mention, the rise of Hundred Leaves’s fleet had been rapid. Initially, she and her fleet had joined the Freedom Alliance as the Eleventh Fleet. Now, her fleet was already the Eighth Fleet. Her fleet’s improvement speed was simply staggering.

Most likely, her fleet would reach the rank of Fifth Fleet or even Fourth Fleet before long, perhaps even surpa.s.sing his Third Fleet one day.

However, Hundred Leaves’s words were also partially correct. If their fleets, which were formed by independent teams, did not perform well and failed to obtain any legacies, their standings in the Alliance would no doubt suffer tremendously.

The power structure of the Freedom Alliance was very complex. Although it was an alliance, it comprised eleven groups that fell into two main camps: the fleets formed by independent adventurer teams, and the fleets of small Guilds.

Normally, the two camps would compete for the resources obtained by the Freedom Alliance as a whole.

However, due to the small-Guild camp managing to acquire a legacy in their previous joint expedition while the independent camp failed to get any, the independent camp’s situation deteriorated significantly. If the independent fleets could not reduce the disparity during this expedition, their position would definitely worsen in the next distribution of profits.

“I heard that the Second Fleet and Fourth Fleet have joined forces and even managed to recruit the help of quite a few powerful experts. Once we enter the secret land, you’ll have to help out the Eighth Fleet, Commander Monarch,” Hundred Leaves said as she sent a glance at several people seated across her. These people were none other than the commanders of the Second and Fourth Fleet and the experts they had hired to a.s.sist them this time. However, as these experts were wearing Black Cloaks, she couldn’t determine their ident.i.ties.

“Commander Leaves, you jest. Once we enter the secret land, I’m afraid that it’ll be us who will be relying on you for help. I’ve heard that Commander Leaves has managed to employ the help of the Super Guild Sacred Temple this time. I expect that even if we united the strength of the entire Freedom Alliance, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the Sacred Temple,” Pa.s.sing Monarch said, his gaze s.h.i.+fting to the woman standing beside Hundred Leaves. Although the woman had hidden her ident.i.ty using a Black Cloak, the aura she exuded was no laughing matter.

He had only ever felt such an aura on Demon Island.

Moreover, his recent trip to the Sea of Death had enlightened him about many things—the fact that G.o.d’s Domain was ma.s.sive, and that the various superpowers of G.o.d’s Domain were extremely powerful. They were far more powerful than he had previously imagined them to be. He had realized this just by watching the battle on Demon Island. When he and his companions went up against the Flower of Seven Sins members, they had been utterly powerless to retaliate.

Yet, now, through some unknown means, Hundred Leaves had actually managed to get help from the Super Guild Sacred Temple. In the next fleet ranking, the fleet Hundred Leaves commanded would most likely rank second out of the eleven fleets in the Freedom Alliance.

As for getting first place, that was unlikely to happen.

The reason for this was the commander of the First Fleet, who was the man that personally formed the Freedom Alliance. The First Fleet was also the first one to obtain the Legacy of the Sea. Even now, Pa.s.sing Monarch had yet to uncover the ident.i.ty of the mysterious supporter backing the First Fleet.

Just as Pa.s.sing Monarch and Hundred Leaves were conversing with each other, the Second Fleet’s commander, Identical Summer, and the Fourth Fleet’s commander, Heavenly Spider, were likewise chatting together but with sneers on their faces.

“Hahaha! Monarch, that fool! He actually went to the Sea of Death and got all four of his Bronze Speedboats heavily damaged! Even now, the speedboats have yet to be fully repaired. With this, Third Fleet no longer poses a threat to us. The only problem left is First Fleet and Eighth Fleet,” Identical Summer laughed as he looked at Pa.s.sing Monarch.

“The Sacred Temple will be a troublesome foe. Not only is it a Super Guild, but unlike the other Super Guilds, the Sacred Temple also began developing its naval forces very early on. When it comes to the Guild’s naval strength, even our entire Freedom Alliance added together won’t be a match,” Heavenly Spider said, shaking his head.

In response, Identical Summer sent a glance at the woman seated beside Hundred Leaves and said dismissively, “What are you afraid of? Although Hundred Leaves has managed to recruit the help of the Sacred Temple, it is impossible for the Sacred Temple to lend her all of its strength. At most, she’ll get only a small portion. With the cards we have prepared, we’ll be able to deal with Eighth Fleet easily. Afterwards, our two fleets will definitely secure the position of First and Second Fleet and rule Heavenly Ocean City.”

The Freedom Alliance occupied a total of three major NPC cities in the Sea’s End: Blue Jade City, White Howl City, and Heavenly Ocean City. As for Sea Dragon City, it was not considered a major city, only a minor city located on a certain island. It was valuable merely because it provided access to a secret land that contained Legacies. In terms of overall value, Sea Dragon City was worth much less than the three major cities.

Moreover, every one of the three major cities had a player population of over eight million. Among them, Heavenly Ocean City’s population was the highest, with over twelve million players based there. It could already rival the capital of an ordinary empire.

If their two fleets could obtain Heavenly Ocean City, the wealth they could ama.s.s would greatly surpa.s.s that of the large Guilds occupying empires on land. After all, unlike the Guilds on land, which only got to live in NPC cities, naval players like them got to control their cities completely.