Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1217 - Naval State

Chapter 1217 - Naval State

Chapter 1217: Naval State





Chapter 1217 – Naval State

Star-Moon City:

Due to the appearance of Evernight City, Star-Moon City had been undergoing transformations practically every day for the past few days. The capital had become so prosperous that one could easily spot Level 40-plus players roaming its main streets. Now, however, the city bustled even more than before.

Only, the players coming to Star-Moon City now were not here for Evernight City but for Stone Forest Town.

While excellent weapons and equipment were indeed tempting, the allure of combat techniques was much greater.

The G.o.d’s Domain Experts List had no lack of experts that possessed combat techniques. The list even had introductions on the combat techniques of certain experts. Hence, combat techniques were not foreign to independent players and were something many independent experts very much wished to learn.

However, combat techniques were different from system-made Skills, which were readily obtainable as quest rewards or monster drops. Players needed to learn the techniques by themselves. Moreover, combat techniques were not easily learned. Unless one was the core member of a large Guild that possessed the legacy of a combat technique, the Guild would not be willing to teach them at all.

Although one could also mimic the combat techniques of true experts from watching the latter’s combat videos, ultimately, it was just a poor imitation. Without understanding the true meaning of a combat technique’s movements, one would not be able to unlock the true potential of the said technique. And the more powerful a combat technique was, the more difficult it would be to understand it fully.

As for creating their own combat technique, that was easier said than done.

Even if a person had someone teaching them the legacy of a combat technique, learning it completely was not guaranteed. Meanwhile, creating an entirely new combat technique was something only geniuses among geniuses could accomplish.

Hence, now that Zero Wing had publicly announced that it was using the legacy of a combat technique as the reward for the Battle Arena’s tournament, how could independent players not be tempted?

Not to mention, one could also get their very own house, aside from the combat technique, through the tournament. As long as they set up a magic array in their own houses, they could easily teleport back to Stone Forest Town, forgoing many wasted hours traveling to the town. With this, even if they were leveling up in an entirely different country, their leveling speed would not be affected whatsoever. On the contrary, they could even improve their strength through the Battle Arena, killing two birds with one stone. With such excellent benefits, even players operating in another country would find it worthwhile to visit Stone Forest Town.

Meanwhile, at the second-floor bar of Star-Moon City’s Teleportation Hall, several cloaked players were currently observing the situation inside the establishment.

“Zero Wing sure is capable. They’ve even managed to come up with such a method, generously letting outsiders learn combat techniques. Leader, if we continue letting Zero Wing develop like this, we’ll be disobeying the commander’s orders. Should we take action now?” an elegant, cloaked female asked, smiling as she looked at the refined-looking male Elementalist before her.

If s.h.i.+ Feng were present, he would definitely find this Elementalist very familiar, as this Elementalist was none other than Cleansed Maple, one of Miracle’s peak experts.

“It is indeed about time for us to take action. Those useless Dark Players don’t pose any threat to Zero Wing whatsoever. Since we can’t locate Zero Wing’s upper echelon right now, let’s strike at their elite teams instead. However, Stone Forest Town is still a big problem for us, so let’s have the others disguise as Dark Players and hunt the players operating around the town. When the time comes, those hidden Zero Wing experts will have no choice but to reveal themselves,” Cleansed Maple said slowly.

“What about the Super Guilds that are paying attention to Zero Wing?” the female asked as she sent a glance at several cloaked players present in the first-floor hall.

Zero Wing’s performance at the Dark Arena had simply been too eye-catching. This was especially true for the weapons and equipment the Guild possessed. Hence, the superpowers targeting the items Zero Wing’s experts wore definitely weren’t limited to Miracle alone. So far, they had already discovered three superpowers, in addition to many first-rate Guilds, targeting Zero Wing. To Miracle, though, their only opponents were still the three superpowers, as first-rate Guilds were no different from ants to them.

“Don’t worry about them. The more, the merrier. When the time comes, leak some information to them. In any case, we aren’t aiming for weapons and equipment. We only want the disbandment of Zero Wing.” Cleansed Maple laughed nonchalantly.

Thousand Miles had already clearly stated that what he wanted were the talents of Zero Wing, not the items they wore. Of course, it would be good if they could obtain those as well.

“Understood. I’ll have the others take action right away.” The female nodded before activating Stealth and disappearing from the bar.

“What a pity. An upstart Guild that has managed to climb up to this point will have to disappear just like that. However, if you have to blame someone, blame yourselves for being too conspicuous.” A hint of pity flashed across Cleansed Maple’s eyes as he studied the reports on Zero Wing in his hands.

The various superpowers in G.o.d’s Domain never really had any interest in small Guilds. They rarely even paid attention to first-rate Guilds. After all, these Guilds were negligible existences to them. It was also nearly unheard-of for a superpower to use tactics to deal with such Guilds. Normally, they reserved such methods for other superpowers.

However, Zero Wing had truly angered Miracle this time.

Since Zero Wing had ignored their goodwill, they had no choice but to eliminate it from G.o.d’s Domain.

Just as the matter regarding Stone Forest Town was causing a commotion in Star-Moon Kingdom as well as its neighbors, s.h.i.+ Feng himself had stealthily arrived at the Sea’s End.

The Sea’s End was like an independent empire. It had very little contact with the kingdoms and empires on the main continent.

The first reason for this situation was the long distance separating them. Just teleporting from the mainland to the Sea’s End cost 5 Gold, 20 Silver per person. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised when he encountered the Freedom Alliance at the Sea of Death. Of course, there was another travel method that was cheaper, but more time-consuming, than teleportation, which was riding a Flying s.h.i.+p. One would pay only 5 Silver per person to get from the Sea’s End to the NPC island closest to the Sea of Death in a little over 30 hours. However, many people disliked wasting so much time on travel.

The second reason was the different att.i.tude each region had towards the various forces in G.o.d’s Domain. On land, the various kingdoms and empires were absolutely hostile towards the dark forces. The Sea’s End, on the other hand, maintained a neutral stance in this regard. Hence, Dark Players and ordinary players were treated equally in the NPC cities located in the Sea’s End. Red Players and Dark Players would not be barred entry into NPC cities or captured by NPCs—so long as they did not cause trouble within the cities. One could say that the Sea’s End was a paradise for Dark Players.

The third reason was the different lifestyles players adopted. Players that were born at the Sea’s End had fought naval battles ever since they started out in the game. If they were abruptly sent to fight land-based monsters, they would have great difficulty adapting. Likewise, the opposite was also true for land-based players. Hence, players of both sides rarely a.s.sociated with each other. Only after mainstream players reached Level 100 would interaction between these two sides of players begin to increase.

Meanwhile, the city s.h.i.+ Feng had teleported to this time was called Blue Jade City, one of the twelve major cities located within the Sea’s End. It was also one of the cities under the rule of the Freedom Alliance.

The management style at the Sea’s End was different from that of the main continent. There was no concept of a country here, or rather it leaned more towards city-states. Every city was its own kingdom, and every kingdom managed a large sea zone. Moreover, unlike on the main continent, where players could not take control of an NPC city, no matter how much effort they put in, players could take over an NPC city here at the Sea’s End.

In other words, players could become a city lord at the Sea’s End—far more convenient than on the mainland, where players had to establish their own towns and cities if they wished to become a lord.