Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1194 - Demons Appear

Chapter 1194 - Demons Appear

Chapter 1194: Demons Appear





Chapter 1194 – Demons Appear

The Dragon Cannon’s attack had pulled a gasp from the Flower of Seven Sins’ remaining members.

The previous few cannon attacks had only dented the ice, yet the Dragon Cannon had obliterated it. Moreover, its Attack Speed was at least double that of the previous cannons. Its attack range was even more impressive.

Even without the high Attack Speed, with such a long range, it was extremely difficult to dodge the Dragon Cannon’s attacks.

What is that speedboat’s rank?

The leading, black-clothed Ranger’s expression twisted.

He had seen a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat’s cannons in action many times, so he was fully aware that a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat didn’t have such fast and powerful attacks.

Facing the Dragon Cannon at such a close range would be extremely dangerous.

He had a.s.sumed that this fight would be nothing more than a game to kill time. He hadn’t expected an actual opponent.

Meanwhile, Pa.s.sing Monarch and the other members of the Freedom Alliance celebrated the cannon’s success.

“Hahaha! A Secret-Silver Speedboat is truly astounding! Just a single shot is enough to stun those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!

“I want to see if they still dare to fight us now!”


The Freedom Alliance members could not help but laugh at the frozen Flower of Seven Sins members.

This Ye Feng really is amazing!

Pa.s.sing Monarch sighed ruefully as he looked at the ma.s.sive hole in the ice.

He had to admit that s.h.i.+ Feng was a skilled strategist. While the Flower of Seven Sins members had been over 200 yards away, they had been spread out. Even if s.h.i.+ Feng had used the Dragon Cannon, he would have been lucky to kill even one player. However, as these players came within 100 yards, they cl.u.s.tered. Since such a short distance left them little room to react, s.h.i.+ Feng able to kill six players in one hit.

After such an attack, their enemy should be more cautious. The other players might even give up the fight.

However, as Pa.s.sing Monarch pondered these a.s.sumptions, the Flower of Seven Sins members revealed excited grins.

“Brother Chen, our opponent seems to be a tough one. With this, we can finally use that move, right?” a Level 42 asked, chuckling as he looked at the black-clothed Ranger. He felt nothing in particular in regard to his fallen companions.

“Alright.” The Ranger nodded helplessly when he saw the eager light in his companions’ eyes. “Don’t let any of them get away. The same goes for their souls.”

“Brother Chen, relax. We won’t let their souls go to waste,” the other members a.s.sured their leader as they licked their lips, eyeing Pa.s.sing Monarch and the others.

The Freedom Alliance members shuddered involuntarily.

These players didn’t look at them like enemies, but food…

With the Ranger’s consent, the Flower of Seven Sins members wailed painfully, dark fog swallowing their bodies. In just a short moment, they transformed.

Although their weapons and equipment remained the same, their skin was now pitch-black, and they had blood-red eyes. Two curved horns grew from their heads, while a pair of pitch-black, bat wings and a tail grew from each of their backs. They didn’t look human at all.

“What are these people?” Pa.s.sing Monarch’s expression froze as he watched these players transform.

The rest of the Freedom Alliance members were similarly stunned.

There were players who could actually transform!

This was definitely the first time they had seen something like this in G.o.d’s Domain.

Not only had the Flower of Seven Sins’ members transformed physically, but they also emitted a terrifyingly oppressive aura.

If these players had looked like a group of ferocious beasts, brandis.h.i.+ng their fangs and claws, they now looked like monsters that no ordinary human had any hope of defeating. They all felt like humanoid Lords. Among them, the Ranger in the lead gave off the strongest aura. The Freedom Alliance members felt as if a higher being looked down upon them when the Ranger turned his gaze towards their s.h.i.+ps.

Unlike the other Flower of Seven Sins members that transformed, this black-clothed Ranger had two sets of wings growing from his back. Rather than a Lord, he felt like a Great Lord.

“Go! Leave none alive!” the Ranger shouted as he pointed towards s.h.i.+ Feng and the others.

The Flower of Seven Sins members fluttered their wings, lifting off from the ground. However, they weren’t actually flying, only hovering above the ground. Even so, they moved much faster than players on foot. Even the Dragon Cannon would have a hard time hitting them with such speed.

“Are they really players?” Blue Joy began to feel frightened.

She discovered that these players’ HPs had also undergone a ma.s.sive transformation, increasing from their original 20,000-plus to above 100,000. Among them, the Ranger’s HP had even reached 170,000…

No wonder why they were bold enough to attack other players on sight. So, they’ve already become Demons.

s.h.i.+ Feng frowned at the approaching Flower of Seven Sins members.

G.o.d’s Domain had more playable races beyond human. Players could turn into Demons. Only, doing so was the equivalent of turning their backs on the human race.

Once a player became a Demon, they would grow stronger. The increase was roughly the equivalent of half a tier. With the exception of the Endurance Attribute, players’ Basic Attributes increased by around 15% depending on their Demon players would also receive a huge boost to their HPs. Frankly, the increase couldn’t compare to a real Berserk Skill. The only reason it was referred to as a half-tier improvement was because Demon players’ Life Ratings rose, improving their physiques by roughly 15% as well.

However, although the improvement was incredible, becoming a Demon also had a corresponding price.

First, Demon players were humanity’s enemy, whether it be players or NPCs. If NPCs caught a Demon player, the consequences would be unimaginable. If players captured a Demon player and handed said player over to NPCs, they would receive an abundant reward.

Second, Demon players needed to hunt for player souls regularly. Otherwise, they would grow weaker as time pa.s.sed. Conversely, the more souls a Demon player harvested, the stronger they would become.

Take the leading Ranger for example. Due to devouring so many souls, he had been promoted from a Low Demon to a High Demon. Hence, he obtained far more power when he transformed.

It was obvious that the Flower of Seven Sins members already had the physiques of Tier 2 players.

Meanwhile, any player that lost their soul to a Demon player was barred from the game for at least one day. Moreover, they would lose a minimum of three levels…

Third, Demon players had a far more difficult time raising their tiers as Demons’ tier-promotion mechanics were different from humans.

Normally, Guilds forbade their members from becoming Demons; it was detrimental to a Guild’s development, after all. Only a non-Guild organization like the Flower of Seven Sins were bold enough to do something like this.

As for the fourth and most fatal aspect, Demon players suffered far more severe death penalties. If a Demon player were killed, not only would they lose at least three levels, but they would also be barred from the game for two or three days. Their Demon rank would also fall by one, and recovering the lost rank would take quite some time.

As a result, most players opted against becoming Demons.

“Anyone capable of using Berserk Skills, use them now! If not, use Tier 2 Magic Scrolls!” At this point, only s.h.i.+ Feng had maintained his composure.

“A pointless struggle! Just give up and let us devour you!” the Ranger demanded disdainfully as he snarled at s.h.i.+ Feng and the Freedom Alliance members preparing for a fight.

In a short moment, the Flower of Seven Sins members boarded the Freedom Alliance’s Bronze Speedboats.

Members of the Flower of Seven Sins already had very high combat standards. Now that their Attributes and physique had grown so much stronger, the Freedom Alliance lost over a dozen players in just a few exchanges. In contrast, the Flower of Seven Sins suffered no casualties whatsoever.

Meanwhile, aboard the Swift Dragon Speedboat, a Level 42 Berserker charged at s.h.i.+ Feng, his battle axe descending towards the Swordsman.


As the clang of metal echoed, this transformed Level 42 Berserker shot backward like a bullet, flying over a dozen yards away…