Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1182 - The Intimidating Zero Wing

Chapter 1182 - The Intimidating Zero Wing

Chapter 1182: The Intimidating Zero Wing





Chapter 1182 – The Intimidating Zero Wing

How did she reach such a high level?

Spring Echo was thoroughly shocked.

Level 48!

Aqua Rose could definitely rank number one on the Ranking List in any kingdom or empire in G.o.d’s Domain.

The current known highest leveled player in the Storm Empire was only Level 43.

In addition, Aqua Rose’s equipment was extraordinary.

Ordinary experts might not recognize the woman’s equipment, but as the Acting Guild Leader of Twilight Echo, Spring Echo knew full well what Aqua Rose was wearing right now.

The Tier 1 Set Equipment for Cursemancers, Evil Soul!

They had recently encountered Tier 1 Set Equipment as well. It had been recognized as only inferior to Epic Set Equipment below Level 50. While a Tier 1 Set Equipment’s Basic Attributes were only slightly superior to a Dark-Gold Set Equipment of the same level, the equipment’s true power lay in its high compatibility with players, allowing the wearers to exert higher combat power.

As a set equipment, its set effects were highly compatible with the cla.s.s it was meant for, further enhancing the cla.s.s’s strengths.

However, such a good set equipment was not that easy to obtain.

Even a veteran first-rate Guild like Twilight Echo had not managed to collect a complete set after investing a ton of manpower and resources.

Yet, now, Aqua Rose wore one…

“Uncle Spring, I’m sorry for the long wait. The Guild Leader has just returned. I’ll bring you to meet him now.” Aqua Rose simply smiled as she looked at everyone’s shocked expressions. She then led Spring Echo to the Guild Leader’s office.

While Aqua Rose led the way, the experts behind Spring Echo spoke in hushed tones.

“Brother Spring, your niece is simply amazing! I’m afraid that even Twilight Echo’s number one expert, Dark Wave, can’t match her now.”

“A Tier 1 Set Equipment! If those Elders knew about this, they’d die from envy. Despite investing all that effort into collecting Tier 1 Set Equipment, even now, we only have three pieces of our most complete set.”

Spring Echo could only smile bitterly in response to his subordinates’ discussion.

What else could he say?

Before coming to Zero Wing, he had prepared himself mentally. After all, Zero Wing’s battle records were incredible. This was especially true for the latest one. Not only had Zero Wing annihilated Blackwater, which had the Blackwater Corporation’s support, but it had also suppressed the Super Guild Pantheon. If Zero Wing did not have a certain background, how could it possibly defeat such powerful enemies?

Now, not only did Zero Wing control the gold mine that was Stone Forest Town, but it also had a 3-star Guild Residence. Although the Guild might not be a match for Twilight Echo when it came to the number of towns and cities it controlled, in terms of potential, Zero Wing was leaps and bounds above Twilight Echo.

Very quickly, under Aqua Rose’s lead, Spring Echo reached the Guild Leader’s office on the top floor.

s.h.i.+ Feng, Gentle Snow, and Fire Dance all waited in the office.

This… What kind of place is this?

When Spring Echo saw the room’s interior, he froze.

s.h.i.+ Feng was currently wearing a Black Cloak, so he could not see the Swordsman’s level. However, Gentle Snow and Fire Dance, who stood beside him, were not wearing their cloaks. He could clearly see that Gentle Snow was Level 47, while Fire Dance was Level 48.

As for the weapons and equipment the two women wore, although they had hidden the items’ glow effects, Spring Echo could tell that they were monster-like experts from the women’s frightening auras.

Moreover, from the information Twilight Echo had collected on Zero Wing, he knew that both Gentle Snow and Fire Dance had reached the rumored realm and become true peak experts.

Only now, upon meeting the women in person, did he realize how ma.s.sive the gap was between them.

Spring Echo felt as if he had just entered a monster’s nest and his life were no longer under his control.

If Gentle Snow and Fire Dance wanted to kill him and his subordinates right now, Spring Echo wouldn’t bother to resist. He knew full well that experts like himself and his subordinates could not even serve as a warm-up for these women.

“Please, sit.”

s.h.i.+ Feng gestured to the chair before his desk.

He was utterly satisfied with how effectively Gentle Snow and Fire Dance had shocked Spring Echo and his companions. This was an act to help Aqua Rose increase her bargaining chips and influence in her family.

“I heard that Twilight Echo has some business to discuss. May I know what that business is?”

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I’ll get straight to the point. Twilight Echo has discovered a mine in the Storm Empire. However, with only our Guild’s strength, I’m afraid we can’t secure that mine. Hence, Twilight Echo wishes to cooperate with Zero Wing and operate the mine together. As for the profits, we’ll split them fifty-fifty.”

Spring Echo understood that Twilight Echo could hold no secrets from s.h.i.+ Feng. After all, Aqua Rose was here. However, it was also precisely because of Aqua Rose that Twilight Echo had sought out Zero Wing to cooperate.

“This is interesting. There’s a mine that even you guys can’t handle?” s.h.i.+ Feng found the revelation somewhat surprising.

No matter what was said or done, Twilight Echo was a veteran first-rate Guild. The Storm Empire was already famed for its mineral production. There were plenty of mines throughout the empire, so much so that first-rate Guilds had no reason to compete with each other.

“What if I tell you that it produces Energy Ore?” Spring Echo asked, smiling.

“Are you sure?” The news stunned s.h.i.+ Feng.

Energy Ore!

That was an even higher ranked material than Raven’s Manat.i.te Ore.

While players had a certain chance of obtaining Magic Crystals when mining Manat.i.te Ore, there was an even greater chance to obtain Magic Crystals when mining Energy Ore. Moreover, Energy Ore was an extremely rare mineral that had many uses.

Currently, a stack of Energy Ore could sell for roughly two Gold. If sold in an area that where minerals were scarce, one could easily sell a stack for three Gold.

The high demand was due to Energy Ore’s two main purposes.

The first regarded forging, since it could increase forging success rate.

The second was in engineering, where it could be used to produce core components in engineering tools.

Hence, Energy Ore was expensive. Normally, players could only harvest some scattered ore. No one had found a mineral vein that produced it.

“I can a.s.sure of this,” Spring Echo responded seriously.

“I can agree to work with you. However, I want a thirty-seventy split; seventy to Zero Wing and thirty to you. Moreover, the nearby town must be placed under Zero Wing’s control.” s.h.i.+ Feng proposed his conditions after giving the matter some thought.

When everyone inside the room heard s.h.i.+ Feng’s conditions, they could not help but gasp.

Even Aqua Rose hadn’t expected s.h.i.+ Feng to be so demanding.

“Guild Leader Black Flame… Aren’t you going a little overboard?” Despite Spring Echo being a well-mannered person, even he could not help his growing anger.

He felt like s.h.i.+ Feng were trying to toy with him, rather than negotiate.