Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1173 - Legacy of Ancient Gods

Chapter 1173 - Legacy of Ancient Gods

Chapter 1173: Legacy of Ancient G.o.ds





Chapter 1173 – Legacy of Ancient G.o.ds

Two hundred thousand Magic Crystals for a stone tablet. The players in the first-floor hall clamored when they heard this.

“Two hundred thousand?! I didn’t mishear, right?!”

“What is this stone tablet?”

“This is a joke, right?!”

The majority of the players in the first-floor hall were curious about the Secret Technique Tablet.

The most expensive item sold in the auction thus far was the Magic Knight Legacy. Even then, it still sold for less than the minimum price of the Secret Technique Tablet. Everyone just could not figure out what kind of G.o.dly purpose the tablet served.

However, none of the players occupying the second-floor rooms was surprised by this price at all.

The matter regarding the Secret Technique Tablet was something the various superpowers had kept a tight lid on all this time. Even the first-rate Guilds that knew about this secret were extremely few, not to mention other Guilds.

Following which, the auctioneer revealed the appearance of the Secret Technique Tablet to everyone.

This Secret Technique Tablet had a bronze color and was named the Secret Spellcasting Technique.

[Secret Spellcasting Technique]

The pattern engraved on this tablet is too vague and incomplete, and no information can be deciphered. However, some kind of divine power hides within this pattern. If one gathers all of the stone tablets, this vague and incomplete pattern can be restored.

Current tablet count (1/12)

“I knew the host wouldn’t be that generous. Sure enough, they’re just selling a Bronze Tablet,” Thousand Miles said contemptuously.

Based on current information, Secret Technique Tablets could be categorized into three ranks: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Among them, the Secret Techniques on Bronze Tablets were the weakest, while the Secret Techniques on Gold Tablets were the strongest.

“The fact that they’re even willing to sell one is already a miracle. After all, it is still a Secret Technique Tablet. Our Guild already has a tablet for the Secret Spellcasting Technique. If we obtain another piece, we’ll be able to learn a more completed version of the Spellcasting Technique.” Alice was elated at this situation.

At the end of the day, a Secret Technique Tablet was still a Secret Technique Tablet. Regardless of the tablet’s rank, the techniques stored inside would be of great help to magical cla.s.s players like herself.

Part of the reason why she succeeded in grasping the double speed-casting technique was the Secret Spellcasting Technique.

If they could gather two tablets for the Secret Spellcasting Technique, she might even be able to improve her technique.

Just thinking about this filled Alice with antic.i.p.ation.

“I guess you’re right. If not for them trying to popularize the Dark Auction, they really wouldn’t be willing to auction such an item,” Thousand Miles laughed. Regardless of the circ.u.mstances, he was going to obtain the Secret Spellcasting Technique no matter what.

“Big Sis Rain, look! That’s the Secret Spellcasting Technique! Our Guild doesn’t even have a tablet for it right now!” Blue Phoenix’s eyes glowed as she looked at the Bronze Tablet.

Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had obtained a few Secret Technique Tablets, they all catered to physical Not one of them suited magical Even so, she and Phoenix Rain had still managed to benefit a lot from them.

If Phoenix Rain could win the Secret Spellcasting Technique in this auction, both of them might be able to improve their combat standards. If that happened, they would have more cards to play on Thunder Island.

“We have to obtain the tablet this time.” At this moment, Phoenix Rain’s eyes also burned with pa.s.sion as she looked at the tablet on the stage.

“A Bronze Tablet?” Purple Jade could not help but sigh. “I knew they wouldn’t be that generous.”

She had personally experienced the wonders of the Secret Technique Tablets before and was aware of the enormous difference between Bronze and Silver Tablets. Even if one entered a Bronze Tablet two or three times, the harvest wouldn’t be comparable to a single trip into a Silver Tablet.

Rumor had it that a Golden Tablet had once appeared in Blackwing City. However, an NPC stole it.

“What a pity! It’s actually a tablet meant for magical” Yuan Tiexin was slightly disappointed when he looked at the tablet. “Never mind. Let’s bid for it first.”

Despite the Bronze Tablet’s introduction, the players in the first-floor hall were still confused, not understanding what was so good about this Secret Spellcasting Technique. As a result, their interest remained lackl.u.s.ter. Even a fool could tell that the host had no intention of selling the Secret Technique Tablet at all. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have put such a high price tag on it.

Even a Super Guild would be hard-pressed to pull out this many Magic Crystals at a time. Not to mention, this was only the starting price.

Just as the players on the first floor thought that the tablet would go unsold, someone from one of the second-floor rooms suddenly shouted out a bid.

“Two hundred and ten thousand crystals!” Nine Dragons Emperor stated calmly.

“This is insane! How rich is that guy?!”

“If he wants to buy it, then just do it. Is there a need to increase the price by an additional 10,000 crystals? Does he have too much money to waste?”

“As expected of a superpower. They really are wealthy.”

Nine Dragons Emperor’s bid shocked the players on the first floor. This amount of Magic Crystals was already more than three times what some first-rate Guilds possessed. Meanwhile, Nine Dragons Emperor was actually spending so many Magic Crystals just for one stone tablet.

Even Fragmented Legendary items wouldn’t cost so much.

However, even before the auctioneer could knock his gavel for the first count, the occupants of the other second-floor rooms began calling out bids one after another.

“Two hundred and twenty thousand crystals!”

“Two hundred and thirty thousand crystals!”

“Two hundred and forty thousand crystals!”

At this moment, it was as if Magic Crystals were no different from Copper Coins.

“Big Sis Endless, have these Guilds gone insane? Isn’t it just a stone tablet? Is there a need to spend so many Magic Crystals?” Cloud Yarn gaped in shock when she heard the bids.

In the past, she had considered the Midnight Tea Party plenty rich. After all, just the Magic Crystals they had stockpiled numbered over 20,000. Even if they splurged at the Divine Colosseum every day, they wouldn’t be able to exhaust their stockpile within a short period.

However, after arriving at this Dark Auction, she suddenly felt that the Midnight Tea Party actually seemed beggarly.

“They’re not stupid. This isn’t just any ordinary stone tablet. Legend has it that these stone tablets are legacies left behind by ancient G.o.ds. Even if you obtain just one complete set, you’ll have no problems establis.h.i.+ng an empire in G.o.d’s Domain,” Endless Scars explained as she looked at the Secret Technique Tablet on the stage.

The Secret Technique Tablet was also something mentioned in the ancient book the Tea Party had. Although the information recorded about the tablets was spa.r.s.e, it was enough to conclude that the tablets’ value was no less than that of Legendary items.

According to the information in the ancient book, the Fire Dragon Empire, one of G.o.d’s Domain’s Four Great Empires, had managed to rise to its position today precisely because the first ruler of the empire had managed to collect a complete set. One could see just how amazing Secret Technique Tablets were.

If possible, Endless Scars wanted to obtain a piece for herself as well. However, looking at its price, even if she mobilized the Blackwater Corporation’s power, it was unlikely she could get her hands on it. After all, the Blackwater Corporation’s roots in G.o.d’s Domain were still too shallow. It could not yet compete with the various superpowers of the virtual gaming world.

While Endless Scars was explaining the Secret Technique Tablet, the price of the Secret Spellcasting Technique had gone up to 296,000 Magic Crystals.

This was a price that even those occupying the second-floor rooms felt was a little excessive. As a result, instead of bidding in increments of 10,000 crystals, they now began raising their bids by 2,000.

“It seems the other Guilds haven’t prepared much at all.” Thousand Miles laughed disdainfully. “Three hundred and ten thousand crystals!”

The moment the bid of 310,000 Magic Crystals was placed, the entire auction hall fell silent. Even Phoenix Rain, who had earned quite a fortune from the compet.i.tion before, was helpless about this price.

“It seems that Miracle has prepared plenty this time. Fortunately, the Guild Leader had antic.i.p.ated this,” Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling. “Three hundred and thirty thousand crystals!”

If one were to say which Guild made the most money in the entire G.o.d’s Domain, then it would definitely have to be the Secret Pavilion.

When s.h.i.+ Feng heard the bids everyone was calling out, he could not help but fall speechless.

Previously, he thought that after earning more than 400,000 Magic Crystals, n.o.body present could compete with his wealth. Now, however, it would seem that he had still underestimated the foundations of these superpowers. Had he not contested for the Magic Knight Legacy before, he might’ve been able to contend for this Secret Technique Tablet. Unfortunately, that was no longer possible.

“Three hundred and forty thousand crystals!”

Just as the Secret Spellcasting Technique was about to become the Secret Pavilion’s possession, Hidden Soul, who was seated not far from s.h.i.+ Feng, suddenly placed a bid.

“Three hundred and fifty thousand crystals!” Thousand Miles shouted, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.

Hearing the various Guilds occupying the second-floor rooms calling out bids in rapid succession paralyzed the players in the first-floor hall.

Meanwhile, at this time, s.h.i.+ Feng suddenly contacted Phoenix Rain.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, can you lend me 200,000 Magic Crystals right now? I’ll return 300,000 crystals to you in five days,” s.h.i.+ Feng suggested as he looked at Phoenix Rain in the screen.