Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1170 - Difference in Wealth

Chapter 1170 - Difference in Wealth

Chapter 1170: Difference in Wealth





Chapter 1170 – Difference in Wealth

“It’s really a Legacy item!”

“The host is simply too amazing! They’re actually auctioning such an item as well!”

“What wealth!”

The auction hall was suddenly in an uproar. Even the people in the second-floor rooms could not help but pay attention to the item that was brought out. Although they had long since known that a Legacy item was going to be put up for auction, the information they had regarding the item was very vague. As a result, they could only wait for the auction house to officially announce the specifics of the Legacy item.

Hidden were no longer a secret in G.o.d’s Domain. However, obtaining one was still extremely difficult—even more difficult than getting an Epic item. Moreover, unlike Epic items, where there would eventually come a time when they would be discarded, hidden could accompany players throughout their entire gaming career in G.o.d’s Domain.

Currently, any Guild that obtained a clue or item leading to a hidden cla.s.s would not even think of selling it.

Meanwhile, seeing as the first item revealed in the Dark Auction was already so impressive, it was certain that the subsequent items would be of roughly similar quality.

“I believe everyone has already seen this item for themselves. As for the item’s exact information, pardon us for not publicizing it. Consider this a security measure for the buyer. However, I can still share the basic details of this item with everyone. This is a Magic Knight’s Legacy s.h.i.+eld. According to the Legacy ranks, it is considered an Advanced Legacy. However, it is a defense-type hidden cla.s.s. I believe everyone should know full well that its value is no less than that of Peak Legacies.

“As this item is very special, the seller of this item is accepting only Magic Crystals. The starting bid is set at 20,000 crystals, and each increment should be no less than 1,000 crystals.

“Let us begin!”

The instant the auctioneer finished speaking, a furor broke out in the entire auction hall.

The starting bid was simply too high. Everyone could not help but be shocked by it.

The Dark Auction accepted payment in both Magic Crystals and Coins. However, compared to Magic Crystals, the various large Guilds preferred to pay using Coins, as Magic Crystals were truly difficult to obtain. Unlike Coins, the sources of Magic Crystals were only Dungeon Bosses or monsters in certain Regional Dungeons. There were no other reliable methods of obtaining Magic Crystals.

The only bright side was that the various large Guilds had always been saving up on Magic Crystals for unexpected situations. Meanwhile, in order to successfully purchase the items they were aiming for, they had naturally brought their entire stockpile just in case.

Nevertheless, just the starting bid was already 20,000 Magic Crystals—a price very few Guilds could afford. Even first-rate Guilds shuddered at this figure.

However, the hidden cla.s.s in question right now was a defensive-type hidden cla.s.s. The various large Guilds and famous adventurer teams still had to give it a try, even if they knew the price was ridiculously high. After all, an MT was the core of a team. A team with a powerful MT would have their overall strength elevated to a whole new level.

“Twenty-two thousand crystals!”

“Twenty-four thousand crystals!”

“Twenty-six thousand crystals!”

Immediately, people all over the auction hall began shouting out bids one after another. In the blink of an eye, the price of the Legacy s.h.i.+eld shot past 30,000 Magic Crystals.

If converted to Coins, that would be equivalent to 7,500 Gold, a considerable amount even for first-rate Guilds. Moreover, even if one had 7,500 Gold, they would not be able to purchase 30,000 Magic Crystals.

Magic Knight?

s.h.i.+ Feng was somewhat astonished as he looked at the ma.s.sive, tattered s.h.i.+eld displayed on the stage.

He had never thought that the Dark Auction House would be capable of obtaining the Legacy for the Magic Knight cla.s.s.

The Magic Knight cla.s.s had been a very famous hidden cla.s.s in the past. It significantly strengthened not only an MT’s attack capabilities but also their defensive capabilities. Most importantly, MTs that cla.s.s-changed to the Magic Knight cla.s.s received a ma.s.sive boost to their Magic Resistance. The cla.s.s was an extremely rare hidden cla.s.s.

If he could have one of the Guild’s MTs become a Magic Knight, he would have a much easier time raiding the Level 50 Regional Dungeon Tower of Time in the future.

In the past, the Tower of Time was a place contested by all nearby kingdoms and empires.

Not only did the Tower of Time produce Magic Crystals, but most importantly, it also produced Seven Luminaries Crystals. The Mind s.p.a.ce System had been activated a lot later in the past. Hence, by the time it was activated, mainstream players had long since exceeded the level limit of entering the Tower of Time. Even then, the battle for the Dungeon had never once stopped.

With the Mind s.p.a.ce System having been activated this soon, s.h.i.+ Feng could imagine how intense the compet.i.tion over the Tower of Time would be.

Meanwhile, practically all of the monsters inside the Dungeon dealt high magic damage. Needless to say, the Bosses inside were the same. Without sufficient Magic Resistance, entering the Dungeon would simply be suicide.

Currently, the main forces of the various Guilds in G.o.d’s Domain were only a short distance from reaching Level 50. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng needed to make some preparations in antic.i.p.ation.

Before s.h.i.+ Feng could even place a bid of his own, he suddenly heard Hidden Soul bidding.

“Fifty thousand crystals!”

Immediately, the entire auction hall fell silent, everyone turning to look at the room Hidden Soul was in.

If not for the second-floor rooms concealing the occupants’ ident.i.ties, most likely, the gazes from the first floor might have killed Hidden Soul several times already.

Meanwhile, Autumn Goose and Fallen Wind, who sat beside Hidden Soul, were looking at their companion in shock.

They never imagined that Hidden Soul could take out so many Magic Crystals.

The Wind G.o.d’s Spear could be considered an extremely famous adventurer team in the Dark Night Empire. However, even they would be hard-pressed to gather up 10,000 Magic Crystals at a moment’s notice. Yet, Hidden Soul, who did not belong to any Guild, had actually placed a bid of 50,000 Magic Crystals.

Moreover, players could not call out a bid if they did not possess the corresponding items.

After the first-floor hall fell into a momentary silence, many people promptly gave up on the Legacy s.h.i.+eld. Although they wished to obtain it, they simply did not have the ability to do so.

“Fifty-one thousand crystals!”

“Fifty-two thousand crystals!”

“Fifty-three thousand crystals!”

Suddenly, the number of first-rate Guild upper echelons calling out bids on the first floor decreased drastically. At this moment, any Guild on the first floor capable of bidding was using practically every Magic Crystal the Guild possessed, prepared to break the bank in order to get the Legacy s.h.i.+eld. As a result, the price of the Legacy s.h.i.+eld continued increasing by the thousands.

“Seventy thousand crystals!”

This was the bid of Thousand Miles, who likewise was in a second-floor room.

This price immediately silenced the first-rate Guild upper echelons on the first floor, who were still considering bidding.

That was 70,000 Magic Crystals they were talking about!

Converted to Coins, that would be 17,500 Gold. With that kind of money, they could even purchase a good plot of Land in the imperial capital of an empire.

“Eighty thousand crystals!”

At this time, a new bid came from another room. This time, the bid increased directly by 10,000 Magic Crystals.

This situation stupefied the players on the first floor.

Just taking out 50,000 Magic Crystals had already sunk the various first-rate Guilds present into a financial crisis. Yet, from the behavior of those in the second-floor rooms, they were just getting started.

The disparity in the economic strength of both sides was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Pavilion Master, if we spend 80,000 Magic Crystals to buy this Legacy, it’ll be somewhat risky when the bidding for those two items begin,” Martial Dragon reminded.

In their trip to the Dark Arena this time, watching the compet.i.tion was only secondary. Their true objective was two of the Dark Auction’s finale items.

“It doesn’t matter. Even if we really tried to compete, it is impossible for us to get both of those items. Rather than end up getting nothing at all, it is much better if we secure this Magic Knight Legacy first. Later on, we can simply settle for competing for just one of those items,” Nine Dragons Emperor replied calmly.

Before the revelation that the Legacy item was for the Magic Knight cla.s.s, he indeed had not been interested in it. However, a defensive-type hidden cla.s.s would be of significant help to him on Thunder Island. Moreover, if he had one of the Guild’s Guardian Knights start the cla.s.s-change process immediately after he returned, they could still make it to the contest in time.

However, as soon as Nine Dragons Emperor placed his bid, a new one appeared in the hall.

“One hundred thousand crystals!”

This was a price that made even the players in the various rooms on the second floor wince.

“Just what kind of background do those people in that room possess? Could they have lost their minds?”

“At that price, one can even buy a Fragmented Legendary item.”

Everyone could not help but turn to look at the room that placed this bid.

“Big Sis Soul?” Autumn Goose felt as if this was her first time meeting Hidden Soul.

The price of 100,000 Magic Crystals also gave the players in the second-floor rooms pause. They all felt that this price exceeded their initial expectations.

“One hundred thousand crystals going once!”

“One hundred thousand crystals going twice!”

Just as the gavel was about to land for the third time, a new bid appeared in the auction hall.

“One hundred and twenty thousand crystals!”