Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1162 - Madness vs Madness

Chapter 1162 - Madness vs Madness

Chapter 1162: Madness vs Madness





Chapter 1162 – Madness versus Madness

When the partic.i.p.ants for the third round had been decided, the arena’s audience began to grow restless.

Part of the reason was that s.h.i.+ Feng had accepted Miracle Dragon’s challenge, while another was the antic.i.p.ation for the compet.i.tion’s outcome.

If the Asura Battle Team won this match, they would secure a complete victory!

Seated in a VIP room on the third floor, Thousand Miles watched s.h.i.+ Feng, who stood beneath the stage, with burning rage.

“Phoenix Rain has truly done it this time! She even kept our intelligence department in the dark!”

Due to the Evil Dragon Battle Team having lost two matches in a row, they had no choice but to expose the strength Miracle Dragon had kept hidden to restore some of the Guild’s reputation.

Not only did this disrupt his plans, but it also lost him a lot of resources.

This mess’s culprit was none other than the Guild Phoenix Rain secretly supported—Zero Wing!

Zero Wing was simply a recently established Guild in a small kingdom. If not for Phoenix Rain’s support, how could Zero Wing possibly obtain such a powerful weapon that could instantly kill two of Miracle’s generals?

“Maple, investigate Zero Wing thoroughly. Find someone to tail every member of the Asura Battle Team as well,” Thousand Miles instructed Cleansed Maple.

“Understood!” Cleansed Maple promptly bowed before taking his leave.

At this point, Miracle was completely helpless against the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. After all, both were super-first-rate Guilds, and neither feared the other.

If their Guilds started an all-out war against each other, only other Guilds would benefit.

However, Zero Wing was different. It was only a subordinate Guild Phoenix Rain controlled. It would be simple to cause trouble for the upstart Guild, especially now that the Asura Battle Team had revealed that it possessed so many dazzling weapons and equipment.

“Phoenix Rain, I’ll let you enjoy this situation for now.” Thousand Miles could not help but s.h.i.+ft his gaze towards Death’s Sigh in Violet Cloud’s hands, greed flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

The Evil Dragon Battle Team had only dared to expose their Epic items because they didn’t fear becoming targets. However, the Asura Battle Team didn’t have that luxury.

Revealing such items was akin to placing a fresh piece of meat before a pack of hungry wolves.

Not only would the Asura Battle Team lose this compet.i.tion, but they would also lose their weapons and equipment.


As the third match’s rules changed abruptly, the Dark Arena’s host adjusted the team’s payout rate. The Asura Battle Team’s payout rate for a complete victory, in particular, had risen to one-to-nine, breaking the Dark Arena’s record.

“The host is quite bold!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? This is the final match. In any case, we know that the Asura Battle Team has no chance of winning. Moreover, the host has earned a fortune this time. Before the compet.i.tion had even begun, many had bet on the Evil Dragon Battle Team’s complete victory. This time, the host must be trying to lure even more idiots away from their money. It’s a pity that not many people here are fools. Rather than bet on the Asura Battle Team, it would be safer to bet on the Evil Dragon Battle Team. Although the returns are low, it’s better than nothing.”


Everyone among the audience was sorely tempted as they looked at the new payout rates. However, practically no one would bet on the Asura Battle Team’s complete victory. Instead, they all bet on the Evil Dragon Battle Team.

Some of the players that had previously been reluctant to gamble had even placed bets on the Evil Dragon.

Miracle had existed in the virtual gaming world for many years now. The Sword Freak Miracle Dragon was even famed for never acting without confidence.

If he lost this next match, the Asura Battle Team would secure a complete victory.

Yet, despite such a huge burden, Miracle Dragon still dared to do so. This could only mean that he was confident of succeeding.


Meanwhile, inside another VIP room on the third floor, although four people occupied the room, an extraordinarily chill atmosphere dominated the s.p.a.ce.

“Nine Dragons, why are you here?” Phoenix Rain glanced at Nine Dragons Emperor and Martial Dragon with disinterest.

When she had previously rejected Thousand Miles’s proposal, Nine Dragons Emperor had already spoken ill of her in front of Ku Rong, the Great Pavilion Master. He had even advised the Guild Elders to reduce her authority within the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

However, the Asura Battle Team’s performance thus far had been astonis.h.i.+ng. As a result, those who had schemed against her within the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had no choice but to remain silent for now.

“Rain, must you be so cold? At the end of the day, we are from the same Guild.” Nine Dragons Emperor frowned. Very quickly, however, a kind smile formed on his face as he said, “Moreover, I am here to thank you. If not for your determination to support the Asura Battle Team, I wouldn’t have been able to cooperate with Miracle and gain the support of many of their Guild Elders.”

“If you’re trying to flaunt your relations.h.i.+p with Miracle, then let me congratulate you. Only, do you think the Great Pavilion Master will be pleased to see you work so closely with the Guild’s long-time rival?” Phoenix Rain giggled.

“You…” Nine Dragons Emperor was momentarily speechless.

After joining G.o.d’s Domain, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had frequently b.u.t.ted heads with Miracle. Recently, their Guilds had caused a huge scene due to the situation on Thunder Island. In the end, they had exposed Thunder Island, and many other superpowers had begun to intervene. Due to this, Ku Rong’s hatred for Miracle had grown more intense.

“So what?” Nine Dragons Emperor said after recollecting his thoughts. Proudly, he proclaimed, “As long as I gain sufficient authority on Thunder Island, it won’t matter if the Great Pavilion Master disapproves of my methods. After all, he wants a beautiful future for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion more than anything. You, on the other hand, are in a far more pitiful state. Now that you’ve invested so much money and resources into a useless, upstart Guild, you don’t even have the resources to hire help. How do you intend to compete on Thunder Island now?

“However, I can point you to a brighter path. Bet everything you have on the Evil Dragon Battle Team. This way, you can, more or less, earn what you need. At the very least, you’ll be able to hire one player. Otherwise, you will only bring shame to our Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.”

Standing by the side, although Blue Phoenix wanted to say something, she was not in a good position to do so.

Sarcasm tainted Nine Dragons Emperor’s words. While he seemed to be offering advice, secretly, he was sealing off their path of retreat.

They had already rejected Thousand Miles’s proposal. How could they bet on the Evil Dragon Battle Team now? If news of this matter spread, Phoenix Rain’s position in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would certainly be awkward.

“Thank you for your kind suggestion.” Smiling, Phoenix Rain turned to Blue Phoenix and said, “Blue, take this Epic mage robe and these items and bet them on the Asura Battle Team.”

“Big Sis Rain…” Blue Phoenix was stunned when she saw the items Phoenix Rain traded to her.

Wasn’t this wager a little too drastic?

Phoenix Rain had pa.s.sed her the items they had prepared for the campaign on Thunder Island. If they lost these items now, they would suffer for it on Thunder Island.

“Amazing! In the Guild, others often call me ruthless. However, it would seem that I am no match for you, Rain! Although I’ve bet plenty of resources and items on the Evil Dragon Battle Team, they are of little importance. You, on the other hand, actually bet the Epic mage robes the Guild obtained on the Asura Battle Team. I really must hand it to you.” Nine Dragons Emperor praised the calm, composed Phoenix Rain. Inwardly, though, his heart fluttered in joy when he saw the items Phoenix Rain intended to gamble.

The host was no fool if they were willing to offer a one-to-nine payout rate.

If one bet a piece of Epic Equipment, they could get nine pieces if the Asura Battle Team won. Although the host wouldn’t actually hand out nine pieces of Epic Equipment, they would still offer items of equal value. However, could such an ideal situation happen?

While Phoenix Rain and Nine Dragons Emperor had been talking, the timer above the stage had begun to count down. The arena fell silent as everyone focused on the three people on the stage.

The spectators couldn’t help but gasp when they saw the Asura Battle Team’s formation.

“What are they trying to do?”

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched Fire Dance walk to a corner of the stage while Gentle Snow stood within 20 yards of Miracle Dragon.

These women’s intentions couldn’t be more obvious.

The Asura Battle Team was trying to pick a one-on-one fight with Miracle Dragon!