Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1160 - Victory Declaration

Chapter 1160 - Victory Declaration

Chapter 1160: Victory Declaration





Chapter 1160 – Victory Declaration

The scene of the Flame Monarch’s body splitting in half burned itself into everyone’s minds. The audience shuddered.

“It died?”

“How can such a powerful Skill exist!?”

“He was telling the truth!”

Dimensional Fracture’s power far surpa.s.sed the spectator’s imaginations.

They finally realized that s.h.i.+ Feng hadn’t been bluffing.

Compared to Violet Cloud’s Dimensional Fracture, Alluring Summer’s was child’s play.

In G.o.d’s Domain, there were many Sure-kill Skills capable of instant-killing players of the same tier.

However, they couldn’t accept a Skill that could split a Grand Lord in half.

Countless players would despair against a Grand Lord’s high Defense. That s.h.i.+ Feng’s weapon had pierced the Flame Monarch so deeply had already been impressive.


“They won?” Phoenix Rain felt as if she were dreaming as she watched Alice’s bisected body gradually transform into particles of light and disappear.

That was the Witch of the West they were talking about. Moreover, Alice had controlled a Level 65 Grand Lord. No matter how she looked at it, Alice should’ve had an overwhelming advantage. None of the audience had believed that the Asura Battle Team could win this round. At most, they had expected s.h.i.+ Feng and Violet Cloud to struggle as long as they could for survival.


“Just how many secrets is Zero Wing hiding?” Yuan Tiexin’s eyes twitched uncontrollably when he saw the attack split the Flame Monarch in half

As one of the Secret Pavilion’s upper echelons, he knew much about G.o.d’s Domain.

In reality, Violet Cloud’s Dimensional Fracture had only dealt slightly over -100,000 damage. To the Grand Lord, this could barely put a dent in its 60,000,000 HP. However, splitting the Flame Monarch in half had injured it severely.

There were very few means current players could employ to injure a Grand Lord. Normally, one had to rely on powerful Tier 3 Magic Scrolls to do so, yet the Cleric had done so with her weapon’s Additional Skill…

As far as Yuan Tiexin knew, none of the various large Guilds possessed such a weapon or equipment.

In G.o.d’s Domain, it was also common knowledge that the more powerful a weapon or piece of equipment was, the more difficult it would be to obtain.

Still, an upstart Guild like Zero Wing had obtained such a powerful weapon. No matter how Yuan Tiexin looked at this matter, he found it simply inconceivable.


The Death’s Sigh in Violet Cloud’s hands had also astonished the Midnight Tea Party’s Endless Scars and Breeze Wine.

According to the ancient book they had found, Death’s Sigh, one of G.o.d’s Domain’s Twelve Great Legendary Staffs, had long since been destroyed; not even a Blacksmith G.o.d could repair it.

However, no matter how they looked at it, the Cleric’s Death’s Sigh looked more like the real article than a replica. When she had used Dimensional Fracture, she had even summoned forth Death’s Phantom.

The pressure Death’s Phantom emitted was no laughing matter. Without a doubt, that was definitely Divine Might.

Otherwise, there was no way an expert of Starstreak’s caliber would suddenly freeze up under such pressure.

No replica could reproduce Divine Might.

When Endless Scars and Breeze Wine thought about how Violet Cloud wielded the real Death’s Sigh, they were overcome with shock.

A Fragmented Legendary item!

Although this term was no longer foreign to experts like them, they hadn’t heard of any Guild obtaining a Fragmented Legendary item until now.

Fragmented Legendary items were G.o.dly items that experts constant strove to find.

Meanwhile, such a weapon had appeared before their very eyes. Why wouldn’t this fact shock them?

However, Endless Scars and Breeze Wine did not know that the Death’s Sigh Violet Cloud wielded was not, in fact, a Fragmented Legendary item. It was simply a replica.

Only, this replica was slightly special.


[Death’s Sigh (Replica)] (Two-handed Staff, Epic Rank)

Level 45 – Level 120 (Level 45)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 400, Intelligence 700

Attack Power +1,650

Strength +120, Agility +80, Endurance +105, Intelligence +142, Vitality +161

When staff is wielded:

Casting speed increased by 15%;

Cast range +10;

Magic damage increased by 20%;

All healing effects increased by 25%;

Spell critical rate increased by 10%;

Mana consumption decreased by 10%;

All Magical Skills +2 Levels;

Ignore Levels +10.

Durability 220/220

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill-

Death’s Harvest: Whenever a creature dies within 40 yards, wielder will regenerate 1% of their Mana. Simultaneously, wielder will receive a Death buff, reducing the death penalty by 1% when wielder dies. Buff can stack up to 30 times.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Dimensional Fracture: Deals absolute damage two tiers above wielder’s tier (up to a maximum of Tier 4) to an area of 20*60 yards. Attack ignores all defensive and invulnerability buffs. At the same time, the attack will inflict a Stun debuff to everyone within 40-yards of the wielder for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

(Non-Cleric can only use this Skill when their HP is below 50%. All effects are halved.)

Additional Active Skill 2-

Shadow Rage: Use Mana to form shadow blades. Every shadow blade costs 100 Mana. Each shadow blade’s Strength is equal to 150% of wielder’s Intelligence and inflicts an additional 20% shadow damage. Wielder can produce a maximum of 300 shadow blades.

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 3 hours

(Non-Cleric can only use this Skill when their HP is below 50%. All effects are halved.)

The Blacksmith G.o.d Soros crafted this replica using the fragments of the Legendary Staff Death’s Sigh. Replica can be upgraded by absorbing five G.o.d Crystals. Current crystals absorbed (0/5).


Although it was a replica, it contained fragments of the real article, making it far stronger than any ordinary Epic Weapon.

When s.h.i.+ Feng had appraised this weapon, he had been shocked.

As long as they gathered a sufficient number of G.o.d Crystals, Death’s Sigh could evolve into Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

Zero Wing really does possess a lot of secrets.

As Endless Scars stared at the weapon in Violet Cloud’s hands, she could not help but cover the appearing on her face, joy and pa.s.sion burning in her eyes. However, she quickly suppressed her emotions and returned to her usual calm and indifference.

It seems that I need to have a chat with Abandoned Wave.


Meanwhile, after Alice’s death, the summoned Flame Monarch began to disappear from the stage.

Fear filled the audience’s eyes as they stared at s.h.i.+ Feng and Violet Cloud in awe.

Currently, Starstreak was the only member of the Evil Dragon Battle Team remaining on the stage. Unfortunately, he had no hope of defeating both s.h.i.+ Feng and Violet Cloud. The match was as good as over.

A recently established Guild had contended with Miracle, which had existed in the virtual gaming world for many years. No one would believe this!

Although the compet.i.tion’s outcome had yet to be decided, the various Dark Arena battle teams would record the Asura Battle Team’s fame, listing it as a team to take note of.

After all, this compet.i.tion wasn’t like the Asura Battle Team’s matches against the Glorious Lions.

In the previous compet.i.tion, Battle Wolves had treated the Dark Arena’s compet.i.tions like a hobby. Hence, the Super Guild hadn’t sent its full force into the compet.i.tion. Meanwhile, it was obvious that Miracle took the compet.i.tion seriously. Otherwise, the super-first-rate Guild would not have dispatched the Witch of the West and Speed Star. Most importantly, it had instructed the Sword Freak, Miracle Dragon, to lead the team.

Indeed, as everyone had expected, Starstreak stood no chance against s.h.i.+ Feng, who had activated Twofold Berserk. After a few bouts, Starstreak had exhausted his means of protecting himself. Eventually, s.h.i.+ Feng killed him with Instant Strike, surprising the crowd once again.

Starstreak’s defeat ushered in the start of the third round. This upcoming fight would decide the outcome.

Naturally, for such an important battle, Miracle Dragon, the battle team’s leader, took to the stage himself. Miracle’s reputation was riding on this battle. They could not afford to lose this next match.

With each step Miracle Dragon took, his aura grew slightly stronger. By the time the man reached the stage’s center, the audience felt as if they were staring at death itself.

“It’ll be too boring to fight only one person. The rest of you just face together. I’ll end this battle in ten moves!” Miracle Dragon proudly proclaimed as he thrust his greatsword into the ground and looked towards s.h.i.+ Feng and the others.

The instant Miracle Dragon said so, the audience immediately broke into an uproar!