Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1148 - Toy Around

Chapter 1148 - Toy Around

Chapter 1148: Toy Around





Chapter 1148 – Toy Around

In Flame Dragon City’s Underground Arena, a large number of advanced carriages and high-ranking Mounts crowded together outside the establishment.

The hundreds of black-armored security members were currently confirming the players’ invitations.

“Isn’t that person the Guild Leader of the first-rate Guild, Silver Knights?”

“What is that Mount? It’s so huge!”

“c.r.a.p! It’s the Epic rank glow effect!”

“Which battle teams are partic.i.p.ating in the Dark Arena this time? They have actually attracted so many amazing people!”


Both the independent players that had come to tour the imperial capital and the Guild players that wanted to take part in the Dark Arena were stunned by the scene in front of the Underground Arena.

Normally, it was rare to see players atop high-ranked Mounts in Flame Dragon City, yet warhorses, cheetahs, tigers, lions, giant wolves, and various other powerful Mounts now packed the street. It was a dazzling sight to behold.

Aside from high-ranking Mounts, players also saw various upper echelons from many of the large Guilds.

However, the most popular topic among these independent and Guild players was the upper echelons’ weapons and equipment.

In G.o.d’s Domain, ordinary players even considered Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment G.o.dly items. However, in this gathering of Guild upper echelons, such items were a dime a dozen. It was the Epic items that attracted attention.

The true reason for the upper echelons’ visit was the Dark Arena’s first-ever auction. Even the usually uninterested large Guilds had shown up, curious about what items the auction had to offer. After all, the Dark Arena’s host had organized the auction. The host certainly wouldn’t offer inferior goods as it would soil their reputation.

Moreover, the Dark Arena’s host had already announced that the auction would include an Epic item.

Even first-rate Guilds had a few Epic items at most, with some only having one or two. These Guilds treasured every one of their Epic items and used them to attract new and independent players.

Aside from Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds, the majority that had been invited were first-rate Guilds. There were also a select few second-rate Guilds, famous adventurer teams, and famous independent apex experts.

Those who received an invitation card could also bring a few companions.

In fact, many of the large Guilds’ upper echelons, who had not received an invitation themselves, had tagged along with first-rate Guild upper echelons.

Hence, so many large Guilds had come to visit the Dark Arena. The Guilds without their own Epic items were eager to purchase the Epic item in the auction.

Among this gathering of experts, a party of six suddenly appeared. This party was particularly eye-catching as they stood in the crowd.

“Wow! Which Guild do they belong to? They are all wearing Epic items! They’re even more impressive than the Guild Leaders from first-rate Guilds!”

“Wait, they aren’t from a Guild. Look; none of them are wearing Guild emblems.”

The players were stunned as they gazed at this party of six. Even the many upper echelons grew curious about these players’ ident.i.ties.

Not only did every member of the party possess Epic Equipment, but their levels were also astonis.h.i.+ng high.

All six of them were Level 43!

In the Fire Dragon Empire, these people could definitely rank within the top ten on the empire’s Ranking List. Currently, only the first- and second-ranked players were Level 43. Even if one counted those who had chosen not to display their names on the Ranking List, the empire didn’t have more than five players who had reached Level 43.

“Big Sis Endless, so many people are staring at us. Should we use our Black Cloaks?” Cloud Yarn asked. She felt that they were attracting too much attention. At this rate, they might be noticed by those with ill will.

“No need. We’re here to build the Midnight Tea Party’s fame. With this, we can find more people to conduct business with.” Paying no attention to the gazes sent her way, Endless Scars led her companions into the Dark Arena.

Today, she had three goals for her visit. The first was to watch the match between Zero Wing and Miracle, the second was to take part in the auction, and the third was to find qualified superpowers to discuss business.

Obviously, the Guild players crowding the Underground Arena’s entrance didn’t meet her requirements.

There were simply too many people entering the Dark Arena. Hence, the host had created two paths to enter the venue. One was a VIP path for the various superpowers, while the other had been prepared for the various large Guilds.

Very few representatives from the various superpowers would visit the Dark Arena, so there was no need for these people to wait in line to enter the venue. Meanwhile, the normal path for large Guilds saw a lot of traffic, so people using that path had to line up.

In Endless Scars’s opinion, none of the large Guilds in line qualified to discuss business opportunities with her. Most importantly, none of them were strong enough. Naturally, she would not waste her time on these Guilds. Instead, she led the few Midnight Tea Party members that had joined her to the VIP path.

Seeing the path Endless Scars’s group took, the various large Guild upper echelons, who had wanted to introduce themselves to the party, revealed bitter smiles. They also dismissed their thoughts of targeting these players’ Epic items.

Those capable of entering via the VIP path had to be closely related to G.o.d’s Domain’s Super Guilds, regardless of if they were independent players or not. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have received a VIP invitation card.


Meanwhile, inside a VIP room on the Underground Arena’s third floor, Abandoned Wave sat by a window. As he quietly observed the bet displayed above the arena outside, he could not help but grin.

“Hahaha! Wonderful! As long as the Evil Dragon Battle Team achieves a complete victory, Blackwater will earn back all of its previous losses with interest!” Abandoned Wave said before he began to laugh.

Although some people had learned that Miracle backed the Evil Dragons Battle Team, which decreased the payout rates from one-to-three to one-to-one-point-five, the payout rate for a complete victory remained one-to-eight.

Suddenly, Laughing Drunkard entered the room and reported, “Guild Leader, Miss Jingxuan has arrived. Should we greet her?”

“Go, greet her for me. If possible, borrow some precious materials from her. Tell her that I’ll pay her back by three-fold later,” Abandoned Wave instructed after considering the matter.

He did not particularly value Ling Jingxuan. After all, she didn’t possess any authority in the Blackwater Corporation. There was no need to fawn over her. However, as Ling Jingxuan was still a person of considerably high status, he had to show some respect.

“Understood,” Laughing Drunkard replied, bowing before taking his leave.


Inside another VIP room in the Underground Arena, Phoenix Rain frowned when she saw s.h.i.+ Feng’s group take their seats below the compet.i.tion stage.

They really only sent five people?!

Phoenix Rain couldn’t believe her eyes.

Just what is Zero Wing planning?

She simply could not figure out what s.h.i.+ Feng was trying to do.

Was the man trying to provoke the Evil Dragon Battle Team?

Or was he trying to conserve his team’s strength?

Although other battle teams had pulled off such a stunt before, those battle teams were extremely powerful. Those battle teams were absolutely confident in defeating their opponents. Hence, they felt that there was no need to expose the ident.i.ties of their other members. However, the Evil Dragon Battle Team was no ordinary team. It had the full support of Miracle. Its overall strength was much higher than the Glorious Lions Battle Team.

However, it was too late for Phoenix Rain to do anything.

Both teams’ rosters had already been submitted. It was impossible to make any changes now. Moreover, the first match was about to begin. Most laughably, the Asura Battle Team had decided to send Alluring Summer into the first match, someone whom Phoenix Rain had met only once before. Phoenix Rain had no information about the woman.


“This Phoenix Rain really is interesting. Has she finally realized the gap between our teams?” Thousand Miles sneered as he watched the Asura Battle Team’s five members. “Unfortunately, it is too late now. March, go ahead and join the others. Also, tell Miracle Dragon and the others to toy around with the Asura Battle Team properly. Teach them how wide the gap is between our teams’ strengths.”

“Understood!” Silent March replied, a hint of excitement flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes.