Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1146 - Purgatory Knight

Chapter 1146 - Purgatory Knight

Chapter 1146: Purgatory Knight





Chapter 1146 – Purgatory Knight

Flame Dragon City’s Underground Arena:

A group of Level 40-plus players surrounded the entrance. These players all wore pitch-black armor with a white cape draped over their shoulders. They looked like well-trained soldiers. When other players noticed these black-armored players, they promptly distanced themselves.

“Who are these people? They’re blocking the Underground Arena and preventing others from entering! They’re being too unreasonable!”

“You’ve just arrived in the capital, so it’s expected that you don’t know.”

“Could a Super Guild have laid claim over this Underground Arena?”

“Far from that. Take a look at those players guarding the entrance. They’re the security teams


Super Guilds have formed. They are all equipped with the Soul of Darkness, a Level 40 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. They’re specifically tasked to guard this Underground Arena and prevent outsiders from entering.”

“As expected of Super Guilds. Even a casual security team is so impressive. I’ve just reached Level 40 after much difficulty, and I only have a few Level 40 weapons and pieces of equipment, yet those guys are actually wearing Level 40 Fine Gold Sets…”

The nearby independent players weren’t the only ones in awe. Even the members of the various large Guilds invited to the Dark Arena were shocked.

G.o.d’s Domain’s mainstream players were around Level 37 right now, whereas expert players were at Level 39 or Level 40. Even large Guilds’ experts were fortunate to obtain a full set of Level 40 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment upon reaching Level 40. As for a Level 40 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, that was simply a dream.

Yet, among the Super Guild security teams, every one of them wore complete Level 40 Fine-Gold Set Equipment.

In G.o.d’s Domain, it was far more difficult to gather a complete Fine-Gold Set Equipment than it was to gather a set of Dark-Gold Equipment.

Individual pieces of Fine-Gold Set Equipment might not be a match for Dark-Gold Equipment in terms of Basic Attributes, but certain set effects were more important than some additional Basic Attributes. Hence, many players still used the Level 30 Fine-Gold Set Equipment they had collected even after Level 40.

For example, the Level 40 Soul of Darkness Set Equipment’s effects were so good that players could continue using it even after Level 50.

As players admired the security teams’ equipment, two cloaked women approached the entrance, attracting everyone’s attention.

Although these female players had hidden their appearance under a Black Cloak, players could tell by their elegant bodies that they were definitely beautiful. Meanwhile, when the security teams, which oozed with killing intent, saw these women, they immediately bowed and stood to the side, treating the women like queens.

“Who are those women?”

“They’ve hidden their appearances and IDs with their Black Cloaks. Who could possibly recognize them? However, I believe that they are at least upper echelons from first-rate Guilds. Otherwise, there’s no way those security teams would treat them with so much respect.”

“First-rate Guild upper echelons? You sure are overestimating first-rate Guilds. We’re talking about the elite security teams that Super Guilds worked together to form. Those people wouldn’t even bat an eye if a first-rate Guild’s Guild Leader showed up. I’m guessing that they’re the upper echelons from either super-first-rate Guilds or Super Guilds.”

“I guess you’re right. If I could enter the Dark Arena and get those security teams to treat me that respectfully, how wonderful would it be?”

“Unless you manage to join a Super Guild and become one of the Guild’s apex experts, don’t even think about getting their respect.”


As the crowd conversed, the two female players entered the Underground Arena.

The instant these two players entered the establishment, an elegant beauty was there to greet them. This beauty wore a set of exquisite, gray mage robes and wielded a black, wooden staff. She also exuded a deathly aura.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that this beauty was a Level 42 Summoner.

“Greetings, Phoenix Pavilion Master. I am Silent March, the Vice Commander of Miracle’s Purgatory Legion,” the somewhat evil-looking Summoner said, smiling at Phoenix Rain. “Our Vice Guild Leader is already waiting in a VIP room on the third floor. Allow me to lead the way.”

Phoenix Rain nodded in response.

Following which, Silent March led Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix to the Underground Arena’s third floor.

“Big Sis Phoenix, that Summoner feels odd. The other Summoners I’ve met all exuded a lively aura, yet her aura feels like death,” Blue Phoenix whispered to her friend.

“While she is indeed a Summoner, she also possesses the hidden cla.s.s, Necromancer. She is one of the upstart geniuses Miracle has nurtured internally. Roughly over a year since her debut, she has already become the vice commander of one of Miracle’s three trump card legions. You should be careful when you encounter her in the future. She might even be partic.i.p.ating in the contest over Thunder Island,” Phoenix Rain explained as she watched the female Summoner before her.

Hidden were no longer a secret in G.o.d’s Domain. The various large Guilds already had a few experts that had hidden While most Guilds kept these experts secret, Silent March’s hidden cla.s.s was somewhat special, which made it practically impossible to keep hidden. Hence, the game’s various major powers quickly discovered that she wielded the Necromancer hidden cla.s.s.

Although Necromancers were somewhat similar to ordinary Summoners, whereby both utilized summoned creatures to battle, the Necromancer cla.s.s could summon far more monsters. As long as a Necromancer had enough Mana, even summoning 100 Undead would not be difficult. Although the Undead were not as powerful as ordinary Summoners’ creatures, this gap could be made up with numbers.

Necromancers were also stronger than ordinary Summoners when it came to individual combat power. In addition, Undead creatures had extremely high Magic Resistance. Aside from holy magical, Necromancers were magical’ natural enemy.

While Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix chatted quietly, Silent March led the two into a VIP room on the third floor.

A valiant man in dark-blue armor already sat in the room. Two other men stood behind him: an and an Elementalist. Both were Level 42 and exuded extremely dangerous auras.

Phoenix Rain blinked in surprise when she saw the and Elementalist.

These two were Miracle’s famous apex experts. The was Starstreak, while the Elementalist’s name was Cleansed Maple.

Both were generals in Miracle. When the Phoenix Pavilion had clashed with the Guild, many of the Pavilion’s experts had died at the hands of these two players. They even nearly killed Martial Dragon.

Based on the reports Phoenix Rain had received, these two were only a short distance away from reaching the Domain Realm.

The valiant man in the chair looked at Phoenix Rain and smiled as he welcomed her, “Phoenix Pavilion Master, long time no see.”

This valiant man had no aura whatsoever. On the contrary, he felt calm and harmless.

However, Phoenix Rain would not dare to underestimate this man.

This man was Thousand Miles, Miracle’s Second Vice Guild Leader. He was also the Purgatory Legion’s commander, t.i.tled Purgatory Knight.

“Spit it out. What business do you have with me?” Phoenix Rain felt nothing positive for Thousand Miles. After all, the two players had secretly clashed many times before. It was no exaggeration to say that they were mortal enemies.

“Must you be so angry? I simply want to cooperate today. Are you not interested in Thunder Island, Phoenix Pavilion Master?” Thousand Miles smiled, ignoring Phoenix Rain’s aggression.

Hearing the man mention Thunder Island, Phoenix Rain’s interest piqued.

“Cooperate in what way?”