Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1142 - Power to Annihilate Mythics

Chapter 1142 - Power to Annihilate Mythics

Chapter 1142: Power to Annihilate Mythics





Chapter 1142 – Power to Annihilate Mythics

By the time the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s Breath ended, the Forging Hall was unrecognizable.

“How is there such a powerful monster?!”

The Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s breath attack had stupefied every player on the team.

Everything in front of the Inferior Dragon was gone. Only a bare wall and floor remained. Over half of the accessories around the Forging Hall had disintegrated.

It was not hard to realize that the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus hadn’t been taking them seriously. Had the two Inferior Dragons taken them as seriously as they had the Valkyrie, they would have obliterated the entire team.

“This single blow shouldn’t have defeated the Valkyrie, right?” Aqua Rose muttered worriedly as she watched the spatial tear gradually disappear.

Without a doubt, this breath attack was definitely a Tier 4 Skill. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have created a spatial tear.

The Valkyrie was only a temporarily-summoned puppet. She only possessed one-twentieth of the HP ordinary summoned creatures had. It wouldn’t be surprising in the least if this terrifying breath attack had devoured her entire HP bar.

If the Valkyrie were really gone, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Against the enraged Fossilized Tyrannosauruses, even with their Berserk and Lifesaving Skills active, Cola and Turtledove would die instantly, much less the rest of Zero Wing’s team.

As these thoughts swam through Aqua Rose’s mind, the smoke finally started to dissipate.

“She’s unharmed?! How is this possible?!” Aqua Rose stared at the divine Angel flapping her wings in amazement.

Not only was the Valkyrie unharmed, but not even a speck of dust tainted her body.

Even the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus, which possessed some intellect, was stunned, fear surfacing in its ma.s.sive, golden eyes as it gazed at the Valkyrie before it.

Suddenly, s.h.i.+ Feng shouted, “Attack its right arm!”

Although the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s Breath was incredibly powerful, Anna’s Valkyrie was no pushover, either. Even if the Valkyrie were not at her peak due to lacking sufficient intellect, she possessed all of the Skills a Tier 4 Valkyrie should.

The Valkyrie had used the Tier 4 Skill Divine Protection to defend against the Inferior Dragon’s Breath, the Skill allowing her to negate all attacks below Tier 6 for three seconds. Afterward, all of the damage she should’ve received would be converted into HP.

In the past, Divine Protection had been a super rare Lifesaving Skill that many Tier 4 Guardian Knights dreamed of obtaining. Any Guardian Knights that learned it had been highly sought after even by Super Guilds.

As soon as s.h.i.+ Feng gave the command, Anna once more controlled the Valkyrie to attack the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus.


The Fossilized Tyrannosaurus was now on full alert, its claws releasing a faint, gray glow. The Inferior Dragon then slashed at the approaching Valkyrie as if it were swatting a fly.


Faster than the naked eye could perceive, the claws struck the Valkyrie. The players in the Forging Hall nearly lost their balance as the resulting shockwave swept over them. However, when the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s claws landed, the attack stopped as if it had collided with an immovable wall. Not only did it fail to damage the Valkyrie, but its claws had also been forced to a halt.

Taking advantage of the Inferior Dragon’s brief pause, the Valkyrie threw her silver spear.

The spear transformed into a streak of light that pierced the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s right arm, leaving behind a b.l.o.o.d.y hole.

Good! With this, we shouldn’t have any issues!

s.h.i.+ Feng released a sigh of relief when he saw the red dot on the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s body fade.

The Valkyrie could only remain in existence for a short period. If they could not exterminate the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses’ power cores within that time, they would never last five minutes.

Now that the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses had lost their power cores, they were like beasts that had lost their fangs and claws. Their threat levels decreased significantly.

Even when Cola and Turtledove received an attack, they only lost around 18,000 HP. The Inferior Dragons had lost at least half of their Strength. With this, even without Protection Blessing, neither of the two Guardian Knights would die instantly. They could last a long time with the aid of Power of Darkness.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng had no intentions of wasting the Valkyrie’s power. Immediately, he had the Valkyrie attack the two Fossilized Tyrannosauruses frantically, using this opportunity to weaken the two Bosses further and reduce the burden on Cola and Turtledove.

Unfortunately, ten seconds was too little time. Despite the Valkyrie doing her best, she was only able to deal some light damage to the two ma.s.sive Bosses, which slowed the monsters’ attacks slightly. Unfortunately, the attacks weren’t so slow that Cola and Turtledove could evade the Bosses’ normal attacks easily.

When the two Bosses used Skills, however, the brief activation time gave the MTs enough time to evade.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. While Fire Dance desperately tried to disable the trap, the pressure on the rest of the team grew.

Their fear also grew as they continued to fight.

The Fossilized Tyrannosauruses had 320,000,000 HP. They could regenerate 3,200,000 HP every five seconds. Even if they stood there, not defending themselves, they wouldn’t die. In contrast, due to the high damages Cola and Turtledove received, Zero Wing’s healers were struggling, their Mana depleting rapidly.

It was impossible to make up for the consumed Mana with Mana Recovery Potions. It was only a matter of time before the healers ran out.

Fortunately, the team’s goal wasn’t to exterminate the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses. Instead, they were simply buying time.

However, both Cola and Turtledove suddenly felt that something was amiss.

“Guild Leader, I’m sensing that the Boss’s Strength is growing!” Cola hurriedly reported.

Initially, after Protection Blessing had ended, he had received around -36,000 damage from each of the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s normal attacks. However, with the aid of Protection and Truth s.h.i.+eld, he received less than -30,000. With his current 57,000 HP and the healer’s help, he could receive two hits without dying.

Yet, even with the Oracles and Clerics’ buffs, he was now receiving


than -30,000 damage from the Boss’s normal attacks. If the damage continued to rise, he would die in two hits if the healers failed to restore his HP in time…

“I discovered something strange as well! It seems this the Boss’s Defense is weakening!” Gentle Snow, who was a.s.sisting Turtledove from the sides, announced.

Hearing Cola and Gentle Snow’s words, s.h.i.+ Feng fell into deep thought.

Could they be weakening their physical bodies to generate new power cores?

Although extremely few monsters had cores as weak points in G.o.d’s Domain, s.h.i.+ Feng had encountered a few. A few of these monsters were capable of regenerating their destroyed cores after a certain period. The Fossilized Tyrannosauruses were an Archaic Species. It would not be surprising if they could do so. In fact, s.h.i.+ Feng had already considered this possibility.

However, less than two minutes had pa.s.sed since the Inferior Dragons’ power cores had been destroyed. This regeneration speed surpa.s.sed s.h.i.+ Feng’s initial estimates. He had a.s.sumed that the Bosses would need at least five minutes before they could regenerate their power cores. This coincided with how much time Fire Dance needed to disable the trap. Once the trap was disabled, they could simply take the Treasure Chest and leave. They shouldn’t have needed to worry about the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses regenerating their power cores.

It seems we have no choice but to fight.

After considering various options, s.h.i.+ Feng had only come up with one method that would buy them the necessary time. Clenching his teeth, he said, “Cola, Turtledove, lure the Bosses together! Everyone, throw Basic Mana Pulse Bombs at the Bosses! Don’t hold back and use everything you have!”

Now that the Bosses’ Defense had weakened, the Mana Pulse Bombs would deal more damage. Before this, it might’ve been impossible to annihilate the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses with the bombs, but things had changed. Even if they failed to kill the Inferior Dragons or injure them heavily, they could slow down the recovery speed of the Bosses’ power cores.

“Guild Leader, are we really going to waste the bombs here?” Aqua Rose hadn’t expected such a crazy move from s.h.i.+ Feng.

They were talking about over 1,000 Basic Mana Pulse Bombs. That was equivalent to 1,000-plus Magic Scrolls that contained Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells!

“Just waste them! Buying time is more important right now!” s.h.i.+ Feng growled determinedly.

While the Basic Mana Pulse Bombs was indeed extraordinarily valuable, the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest was far more important towards the Guild’s development.

Seeing the determined look on s.h.i.+ Feng’s face, everyone helplessly retrieved the Basic Mana Pulse Bombs s.h.i.+ Feng had previously distributed and threw the bombs at the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Immediately, black and white Mana flooded the Forging Hall.

Just as s.h.i.+ Feng had expected, not only were the Basic Mana Pulse Bombs now dealing around -450,000 damage each, but the bombs had also stopped the recovery of the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses’ power cores. In fact, the Inferior Dragons were even growing weaker as they received more attacks.

It took several minutes for Zero Wing’s members to finish tossing all of their bombs. Even Archaic Species could not withstand the might of over 1,000 Basic Mana Pulse Bombs as both Fossilized Tyrannosauruses collapsed to the ground, their HPs falling to zero.

“We won?” Aqua Rose muttered as she watched the smoke in the hall gradually dissipate. “They’re not playing dead, right?”

Before anyone could answer, the system replied.

Suddenly, one golden flash after another enveloped each team member, illuminating the Forging Hall.