Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1138 - Two Weak Points

Chapter 1138 - Two Weak Points

Chapter 1138: Chapter 1138 – Two Weak Points





Chapter 1138 – Two Weak Points

“An Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest in the Forging Hall?” s.h.i.+ Feng’s heart began beating rapidly when he heard this.

In the past, he had never even seen an Epic Treasure Chest, only ever heard about it through rumors.

As for Inferior Legendary Treasure Chests, their existence in G.o.d’s Domain was only player speculation. n.o.body would say for certain that such Treasure Chests even existed in the game. After all, as long as one’s luck was not extremely bad, they could get a Fragmented Legendary item from an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest.

Without exaggeration, a single Fragmented Legendary item could change the fate of a player in G.o.d’s Domain.

In G.o.d’s Domain, the large Guilds were fully capable of obtaining Epic items—in relatively high quant.i.ties. However, not every large Guild possessed Fragmented Legendary items. Even ten years after G.o.d’s Domain’s launch, first-rate Guilds only had a handful of such items at most. Meanwhile, Guilds would definitely dispatch a lot of players to guard their experts wielding these Fragmented Legendary items.

The reason for this was very simple: fear of an ambush by other apex experts wielding Fragmented Legendary items. Although their own experts possessed extremely frightening strength, with appropriate counters, the enemy could still take them out. Hence, these Guilds would dispatch expert teams to prevent unexpected incidents from happening.

Even so, many such ambushes still occurred in G.o.d’s Domain every day.

One could see just how desperate the large Guilds were towards Fragmented Legendary items.

s.h.i.+ Feng never imagined that, shortly after entering the inner area of the Fallen Ark, he would actually come across such a harvest. The Fallen Ark was even more amazing than the rumors had made it out to be.

However, after giving the matter some thought, he found it reasonable.

Back then, some people had already entered the Fallen Ark prior to the public’s discovery of it and had definitely cleaned out the treasures inside. Moreover, the Super Guilds that had cleared out those ancient abyssal monsters must’ve looted the Ark as well. By the time other players were able to swarm into the Ark, the treasures remaining were extremely few—but still extraordinarily amazing.

Now that his team was the first to explore the Fallen Ark, it was not surprising that they came across an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, which he had never seen in the past.

When everyone heard Fire Dance say so, flames of pa.s.sion flared up in their eyes.

Even Epic items were exceedingly rare right now. If they could obtain a Fragmented Legendary item, it would truly be a game changer for Zero Wing.

Among those present, aside from Blackie, Aqua Rose, Gentle Snow, Fire Dance, and an extreme few who knew that Zero Wing possessed more than one Fragmented Legendary item, everyone else believed that the best weapons and equipment Zero Wing possessed were only of Epic rank.

“What’s the situation over there?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked softly after calming himself.

“There’s an extremely powerful trap set up around the Treasure Chest. Furthermore, there are two statues inside the Forging Hall, and both of them are giving off a very faint pressure. They could be the guardians protecting the Treasure Chest. I don’t dare approach them right now, so I still can’t determine whether I can disable the trap.”

Fire Dance then took a picture of the Forging Hall and shared it through the team chat.

Previously, s.h.i.+ Feng had warned her that aside from traps, certain parts of the Ark’s inner area had guardian monsters. Hence, she had taken notice of the two statues set up in the Forging Hall.

After scrutinizing the picture, s.h.i.+ Feng nodded and said, “Your judgment is correct. Those two statues are indeed guardians. Moreover, they’re not just any normal guardians. They’re Fossilized Tyrannosauruses, an Archaic Species.”

s.h.i.+ Feng had seen the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus in the past. Back then, a Super Guild had dispatched an army of ten thousand players, in addition to many apex experts, to kill one. In the end, although the Super Guild managed to finish off the Archaic Species, it had suffered a casualty rate of over 80%.

“An Archaic Species? Isn’t that similar to the monster we encountered in t.i.tan City’s entrance trial?” Aqua Rose asked in shock.

She had personally experienced the strength of an Archaic Species. If not for the powerful magic array suppressing the King of Corrosion back then, they would not have had any chance of defeating it at all. Yet, now, there were actually two such monsters in the Forging Hall.

In truth, even s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised upon seeing this.

According to the information he obtained, there should not be any other powerful monsters in the Fallen Ark’s inner area, aside from Special Lifeforms and those ancient abyssal monsters. The sudden appearance of two Archaic Species was completely outside of his expectations.

No wonder the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest was placed in such an eye-catching location.

s.h.i.+ Feng felt his head start aching.

Archaic Species were stronger than even Special Lifeforms.

A Tier 4 Archaic Species could definitely rival those Tier 4 abyssal monsters inside the Ark in strength. If two of such Archaic Species worked together to defend an area, they would be practically invincible at this stage of the game.

It might be possible to challenge them with a team of Tier 3 experts. Either that, or if they had another Water Boundary Magic Scroll to hold the two guardians back, they could use the opportunity to disable the trap and take the Treasure Chest away. Otherwise, they could only look at the Treasure Chest from the sides.

“Guild Leader, with our current standards, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to get that Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest. Why don’t we explore other locations first?” Gentle Snow suggested.

While she wanted to obtain the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest as well, the difficulty of doing so was simply too high. Rather than pointlessly throw away their lives, it would be much better if they first looked for whatever items they could get their hands on.

“Alright. Fire, send over the safe route to the Forging Hall first. Afterwards, explore some other locations and take as many items as you can.” After giving the matter some thought, s.h.i.+ Feng decided to first do whatever they could in the inner area before considering other courses of action.

“Understood.” Fire Dance nodded, then shared the route she took to reach the Forging Hall through the team chat.

s.h.i.+ Feng carefully led everyone towards the Forging Hall.

The inner area of the Fallen Ark was very complex. It was like a highly diversified maze, and one could easily lose their way in here. One might even encounter the same trap several or even dozens of times.

It was no wonder the players that actually managed to leave with any treasure numbered extremely few, despite players swarming the Fallen Ark.

After wending their way for over an hour, s.h.i.+ Feng and the others finally arrived at the Forging Hall.

The extremely s.p.a.cious Forging Hall was roughly the size of a sports stadium that could fit 50,000 people. There were all sorts of forging tools placed around the room as well as many books on display. However, due to the corrosion of time, none of these things seemed usable. Only the Treasure Chest and the statues placed in the center of the hall appeared in pristine condition.

“Flying, find a way to disable the traps protecting the forging tools and books. Everyone else, take whatever you can away from here. Leave nothing behind,” s.h.i.+ Feng instructed after glancing through the hall.

Since he had already arrived in the Fallen Ark’s inner area, he naturally could not let this trip go to waste.

Although the forging tools and books were severely damaged, with so many tools and books here, he refused to believe that not a single one of them was usable.


Everyone promptly spread out and went into action.

As for s.h.i.+ Feng himself, he was carefully observing the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest and the two ma.s.sive statues standing beside it.

Over two hours pa.s.sed very quickly. Aside from where the Treasure Chest sat, everyone had cleared out all the other areas in the hall.

Although everyone was relatively tired from all the looting they did, they managed to end up with a considerable harvest. The items they obtained included dozens of complete books as well as eight forging tools. Every forging tool was Secret-Silver rank, and if placed in the Candlelight Trading Firm, they would all be top-cla.s.s tools.

While everyone was quietly waiting for Fire Dance to return, Gentle Snow used the time to flip through some of the books they found in the Forging Hall.

Suddenly, Gentle Snow exclaimed with excitement, “Guild Leader, this book seems to have a relevant introduction to the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus!”

“An introduction? Let me see!” s.h.i.+ Feng demanded hurriedly.

The book Gentle Snow was reading was t.i.tled

Archaic Species Material a.n.a.lysis

. The book specifically introduced the various Archaic Species in existence as well as the materials that could be gained from their bodies. It also had a section on how those materials could be used to produce specific kinds of weapons, equipment, and other items.

Among the Archaic Species recorded, the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus had over a dozen pages dedicated to it.

Meanwhile, the information mentioned that the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus had two weak points.

The first one was the monster’s hydrophobia. Submersion in water would inhibit the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s reactions, and its Defense would decrease significantly.

The second weak point was its power core. There was a power core in the Fossilized Tyrannosaurus’s body. The destruction of this power core would significantly weaken the monster’s Strength Attribute.