Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 113 - Blackwing City

Chapter 113 - Blackwing City

Chapter 113 - Blackwing City

Red Leaf Town, Slum Area.

Although it was still daytime, the Enchanted Bar was packed with Red Players that tread along the boundaries of darkness. However, amongst this crowd of players, there were several Green Players present in the Bar, seemingly highly out of place. These players were Ironsword Lion and his several subordinates.

“Absolute Heaven, I need you to kill a person for me. Name your price,” Ironsword Lion said to the man before him. The man who held a stern expression was currently drinking from a beer bottle.

The stern-looking male did not pay any heed to Ironsword Lion, one of his arms wrapped around an alluring, well-developed woman, while the other held onto a beer bottle. The man only minded his own business as he flirted with the woman, his lips curling into a wicked smile, giving others a chilling feeling.

Ironsword Lion’s expression immediately sank.

Beside him, Drifting Blood immediately slammed his hands on the table, cursing, “Hey, can’t you hear that our Boss is speaking to you? Stop trying to act deaf!”

Just after Drifting Blood finished speaking, a snow-bright dagger had slashed across his neck. The dagger then stabbed into his heart, finally being abruptly pulled downwards and slashed apart a deep wound. A stab, a pull, and a slash, all three moves were executed in a very natural manner. Before Drifting Blood could even cry out in pain, his body had already fallen to the ground.

“Absolute Heaven, what are you trying to do? I’m here to talk business. What is the meaning of you killing my subordinate?” watching Drifting Blood be instantly dealt with, Ironsword Lion bellowed. However, he did not dare attack the man before him, because he knew that if he were to take action, his end would only be similar to that of Drifting Blood.

“Because I like it. What? You have something to say about it?” Absolute Heaven laughed as he indifferently looked at Ironsword Lion. He casually brandished his dagger, creating an image of a flower.

“You…” Ironsword Lion was angered to madness, but he still dared not let out the curse through his mouth.

Absolute Heaven was an in real life... A famous one, to boot! He was also a top-tier expert within virtual reality games. However, there were very few people who knew of him. For those who did know him, they were usually ones who had been by him before. When Ironsword Lion used to play some other Wuxia game before, he had been by Absolute Heaven several times previously, which was how he got to know Absolute Heaven.

However, Absolute Heaven’s temper was extremely odd. Regarding the things he was uninterested in, no matter how much money he was offered, he would refuse to carry them out. He was only willing to carry out tasks that managed to pique his interests. Until today, he had yet to fail a single task that he had taken on.

If Absolute Heaven was threatened or compelled into doing something, then oftentimes, the customer that did so did not have a happy ending.

Ironsword Lion had once seen a customer wanting Absolute Heaven to kill a player back to Level 0 no matter what. However, Absolute Heaven refused to do so. That customer was similarly an ill-tempered person, declaring to take action against Absolute Heaven as well. As a result, that customer was personally killed by Absolute Heaven all the way back to Level 0, forced to delete his account in the end.

Seeing Ironsword Lion remaining silent, Absolute Heaven smiled. He then resumed hugging onto the beauty by his side and drinking his beer without a care in the world, acting as if everything before had never happened.

Drifting Blood being killed off in the Bar similarly did not attract the attention of any other players. That was because incidents like this occurred on a daily basis in this place. Everyone had long since gotten used to seeing it.

Meanwhile, Ironsword Lion could only inhale deeply several times, calming down the rage in his heart.

“Absolute Heaven, don’t be so quick to refuse. If I tell you the name of this person, you will definitely be interested,” Ironsword Lion said in a serious tone.

However, Absolute Heaven remained uncaring, as if Ironsword Lion was just empty air.

“This person is called Ye Feng. He is a top-tier expert. I only wish for you to kill him back to Level 0, or force him to delete his account and start all over again. As for the price, it is up to you to decide.” Ironsword Lion took out a recording, sending it to Absolute Heaven. The recording depicted the scene where Ironsword Lion himself was killed off by s.h.i.+ Feng. Two swords, four images; impossible to fend off. The final strike that killed off Ironsword Lion was also extremely swift and graceful, impossible for anyone to block.

After taking a look at the recording, Absolute Heaven’s interest was immediately piqued. He then said, “A million Credits, one-time payment.”

Ironsword Lion’s heart could not help but twitch after hearing this price. However, he had long since known of Absolute Heaven’s way of setting prices based on the target’s strength. Normally, killing a player would only cost around 100,000 Credits. Ironsword Lion did not imagine that s.h.i.+ Feng would be worth so much, actually requiring a million Credits.

“Fine. Give me your account; I’ll transfer it to you immediately. However, how much time would you require to get the job done?” Ironsword Lion was very determined. Even if he had to dig out all his resources, he still had to get rid of s.h.i.+ Feng in order to appease his anger.

“Five days,” Absolute Heaven looked at s.h.i.+ Feng inside the recording, excitedly saying so.

Hearing Absolute Heaven’s guarantee, Ironsword Lion could already picture the sight of s.h.i.+ Feng being killed back to Level 0. He then transferred the money to Absolute Heaven.

On the other side, the person in question had already arrived at Blackwing City.

Blackwing City was one of the most mysterious Cities in G.o.d’s Domain. It was much more flouris.h.i.+ng than Star-Moon Kingdom. Just by standing on the streets, one could see gorgeous-looking, European-styled, medieval-aged buildings. Even if it was nighttime, the city was still illuminated with glorious lights.

Moreover, the NPCs that walked the streets were all over Level 100. There were even quite a few NPCs who possessed Tier 2, and even Tier 3, Jobs. Rumor had it when the King of Star-Moon Kingdom met up with the City Lord of the Blackwing city; even the King was required to act respectfully in fear of offending the City Lord.

Within Blackwing City, there were plenty of interesting things to be found. If one were to tour around the City, it would take at least a few weeks to do so. Blackwing City also had plenty of Masters of various Lifestyle Jobs living here. The items made by these Masters would usually end up being sold in shops in the city. Moreover, players were also able to purchase the specialties of other Countries in Blackwing City. This was definitely a treatment not found in other, ordinary Cities.

With all these attractions, the most famous amongst them was the Auction House of Blackwing City. The Auction House here held an auction once every week. Moreover, the items auctioned were all rare ones sold by NPCs. Epic Rank items would even be sold in this weekly auction. Such an item was definitely impossible to purchase outside of Blackwing City. Hence, this was the reason why the upper echelons of all the major powers wished to come to Blackwing City.

On the other hand, even if the average player were to come here, at most, they would only be here to sightsee. It was because they were completely unable to afford the items sold by the NPCs here. Moreover, there were no wild monsters here in Blackwing City. There were also no Quests to be found here. It was a City purely meant for players to conduct trade within. Blackwing City was a heaven, loved by the tyc.o.o.ns of the game.

There are still two hours before the auction starts. I’ll go buy some local specialties first, then. s.h.i.+ Feng looked at the time, discovering that he was still early. He hailed for a horse carriage, bringing him to the Business District of Blackwing City.

Blackwing City was just too huge. If s.h.i.+ Feng were to walk on foot, he would need, at the very least, two to three hours to arrive at the Business District. Normally, players would spend money to hire horse carriages as a means of transportation. However, hiring a horse carriage did not come cheap. At the minimum, a horse carriage would cost 1 Silver Coin, and depending on the distance traveled, the price would similarly change. If an average player were to come to Blackwing City at this period of the game, they most likely would not even be able to afford a horse carriage…

After more than ten minutes had pa.s.sed, s.h.i.+ Feng alighted from the carriage, arriving at an Engineering Shop.

This Engineering Shop was not large. It was only a small building with two floors. There was an old-looking, wooden signboard hung at the entrance with the words, “Cruze’s Workshop” carved into the wood.

Although the shop seemed shabby at first sight, s.h.i.+ Feng knew that this shop was opened by the Engineering Grandmaster, Cruze Gaia. He was also the one and only Engineering Grandmaster in Blackwing City. As for the other Engineering Shops, those were all operated by Engineering Masters or Engineers. Although those shops appeared to be flouris.h.i.+ng, the items sold by them were all very expensive, yet of poor quality. Back in the early days, s.h.i.+ Feng had often been scammed by those shops.

s.h.i.+ Feng pushed open the door, entering Cruze’s Workshop.

The caretaker of the shop was called Luciola, a shy-looking girl who had her hair tied into two ponytails.

If one used Observing Eyes, they would quickly discover that this frail-looking girl was in actuality, a Professional Mage, a Job that advanced two tiers, from an Elementalist. Furthermore, she was even at Level 100.

A Level 100 Tier 2 Mage could easily extinguish a single Red Leaf Town. If a player dared to cause a scene in this shop, they would quickly turn into a pile of ash.