Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1115 - Violent Team

Chapter 1115 - Violent Team

Chapter 1115: Violent Team





Chapter 1115 – Violent Team

As soon as s.h.i.+ Feng finished speaking, Fire Dance and Gentle Snow exploded into action.

Fire Dance immediately used Shadow Steps to appear behind one of the Petrified Trolls, which was over 20 yards away. With a 360-degree spin, she thrust Thousand Transformation’s through the Petrified Troll’s armor, penetrating the Lord’s back.


A damage of -9,216 appeared above the Petrified Troll’s head, and it screamed in agony. The Troll spat a mouthful of fresh blood. Although the Petrified Troll tried to retaliate, Fire Dance quickly followed up with a light slash at its back, the sharp Thousand Transformations easily cutting through the Petrified Troll’s body like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter.

Not only did Fire Dance’s Bisect inflict a 30-second Bleeding debuff, but the Lord was also Paralyzed, unable to fight for a short time.

Following which, Fire Dance executed Absolute Strike, transforming into a streak of black light that lanced through the Petrified Troll. The instant she reformed on the other side of the Troll, she thrust Thousand Transformations at the Lord’s heart.

Five-star Eviscerate!

Immediately, the impact sent the Petrified Troll falling backward, two damages over -10,000 appearing above the Lord’s head. The Petrified Troll had no defense against Fire Dance’s a.s.sault whatsoever.

The team was momentarily stunned by this scene.

That was a Level 62 Lord!

Yet, Fire Dance had rendered it helpless. Moreover, she dealt such awe-inspiring damages to the Lord.

Initially, the team had a.s.sumed that s.h.i.+ Feng was pus.h.i.+ng his luck when he had only sent Fire Dance and Gentle Snow to deal with the Petrified Troll. Now, however, it would seem that Fire Dance alone was more than enough for the job.


As the heavily injured Petrified Troll got to its feet, it bellowed with rage. It swept its silver spear horizontally, covering a range of 10 yards. The powerful Strength of its attack ripped apart the air, causing an explosion of force.

In response, Gentle Snow executed Charge and appeared before the Petrified Troll, protecting Fire Dance. Although the Petrified Troll was immune to her Charge’s Fainted effect, the Skill increased her Attack Speed and Movement Speed. She followed up by meeting the Troll’s spear with a Cross Slash.


As an explosion shook the air, Gentle Snow was forced to take three steps back, a damage of over -2,000 appearing above her head, but she had driven back the Petrified Troll’s spear.

“She blocked it?”

Everyone was stunned.

“She blocked it?! No matter how I look at it, that monster’s Strength should be as high as a High Lord’s of the same level, yet a single Berserker blocked its attack and received so little damage in return?” One of the Midnight Tea Party’s muscular Berserkers stared at Gentle Snow in shock.

He was one of the top Berserkers in the Midnight Tea Party, and even he did not think he could endure the Petrified Troll’s attack as easily as Gentle Snow had. He even wore the complete Violent Will Set, a Level 45 Dark-Gold Set Equipment for Berserkers.

“What’s so surprising? Rather, look at how powerful that is. Although her attacks seemed ordinary, she achieved a 90% or higher Completion Rate with every skilled she used. Her Bisect and Eviscerate’s Completion Rates should be nearly 95%,” Netherworld Wave said. Although Gentle Snow’s ability to withstand the Petrified Troll’s attack had surprised him as well, as an, he understood exactly how powerful Fire Dance was.

“Big Sis Endless, who do you think these people are? They’re all as strong as monsters,” the female Cleric Cloud Yarn asked Endless Scars curiously.

Among their team members, Endless Scars had the most powerful information network.

“They’re all wearing Black Cloaks. With their information hidden, even I have no way of determining their ident.i.ties. However, there are not many experts at this level in G.o.d’s Domain. Although I know of a few, none of their actions or behavior match these people,” Endless Scars said, shaking her head.

However, what the members of the Midnight Tea Party did not know was that while Level 62 Lords might be difficult to deal with for other experts, Fire Dance and Gentle Snow were not among them.

After all, one of them wielded the Fragmented Legendary ranked Thousand Transformations, while the other wore the Fragmented Legendary ranked Seven Luminaries Battle Armor. With these G.o.dly items, how could they not be capable of injuring a Level 62 Lord?

As the Midnight Tea Party conversed quietly, s.h.i.+ Feng launched his own a.s.sault. He activated Dragon’s Authority, inflicting the Fear debuff on all enemies within a 50-yard radius and reducing their Attack Power, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed by 40% for 1 minute.

Although the Skill couldn’t reduce the Petrified Trolls’ Movement Speed, it could slightly reduce their Attack Power and Attack Speed. Moreover, the Skill affected all nearby Trolls, making it much easier for his other team members to fight these monsters.

s.h.i.+ Feng then activated the Aura of Wind, increasing his Movement Speed and Attack Speed significantly. He executed Wind Blade and appeared before the two Petrified Trolls before executing Sword’s...o...b..t, blue starlight wrapping around his body.

As the starlight bloomed, not only did he force the two Petrified Trolls back, but a b.l.o.o.d.y gash also appeared across their bodies as a frightening damage appeared above both of their heads.



s.h.i.+ Feng didn’t receive any damage.

Angry Tyrant’s effects sure are frightening. As expected from excellent Epic Equipment.

s.h.i.+ Feng was quite satisfied as he looked at the delicate bracers around his wrists. Dark red runes faintly shown on the bracers.

The Angry Tyrant’s Strength bonus was above average even among Epic items. When its Pa.s.sive Skill, Angry Blow, took effect, it pushed his combat power to a whole new level.

If not for these Epic bracers, he would not have decided to confront the two Lords directly, opting for a safer approach instead.

Although the Petrified Trolls possessed high Defense and Strength, they were slower than ordinary Lords of the same level. Even a Tier 2, Level 50 could easily outmaneuver a Petrified Troll, not to mention s.h.i.+ Feng, an expert with five Epic items and a Fragmented Legendary item.

Infuriated, the two Petrified Trolls howled. A blood-red haze then appeared around their spears. This move was none other than the Petrified Troll’s Tier 2 Skill, Blood Sacrificial Spear. It was a weapon-enhancing Skill that doubled their weapons’ Attack Power for 10 seconds and increased their Attack Speed by 30%.

As numerous streaks of red light stabbed at s.h.i.+ Feng, the latter activated Flame Burst. The Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray both released blinding lights, illuminating the gloomy forest.


Boom… Boom… Boom…

A series of clangs rang out. Pained screams followed.

The three-meter-tall Petrified Trolls transformed into two ma.s.sive fireb.a.l.l.s as the attack sent them flying; they crashed through numerous trees before they finally fell to the ground. Everyone involuntarily s.h.i.+vered when they saw the two monsters’ bodies. Meanwhile, the two Lord’s HP bars shrank by a small chunk.



The two horrific damages stupefied everyone on the team.

If not for Fire Dance and Gentle Snow still struggling with the other Petrified Troll, they would have doubted that the two monsters on the ground were actually Petrified Trolls.

“Prioritize killing the other Petrified Troll! Blackie, Aqua, Summer, prepare your large-scale destruction Spells!” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded immediately after throwing his two opponents.

Now that no more Trolls had joined the battle, they no longer needed to hold back. After clearing out the Elite ranked Trolls, they could deal with the Petrified Trolls more quickly.

Blackie and the others nodded and began chanting their Spells’ incantations.

Time flew by. When the three of them finished chanting…

“Gather the monsters around the Troll Chieftain! Blackie, use Guardian of Light on Cola!”

Under s.h.i.+ Feng’s command, the team gathered around the Troll Chieftain. Cola activated Dragonscale Body, increasing his Defense by 200%, HP by 300%, and recovery by 500% for 30 seconds. With Guardian of Light’s effects, it was practically impossible for the Trolls to kill him.

“Seal!” When s.h.i.+ Feng saw that most of the monsters had been herded, he activated Skywheel Sword and limited the monsters’ movement. “Attack!”

Immediately, three large-scale destruction Spells descended on the Trolls. As for s.h.i.+ Feng, he switched the Aura of Wind for the Aura of Fire and activated Firestorm.

Thunder and fire bombarded the monsters. By the time the Spells ended, all Elite ranked Trolls were dead. Even the Chieftain ranked Troll Shamans had less than half their HPs remaining…