Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1106 - Advanced Transport Carriage

Chapter 1106 - Advanced Transport Carriage

Chapter 1106: Advanced Transport Carriage





Chapter 1106 – Advanced Transport Carriage

“An additional 20,000 Gold?” For a moment, Yuan Tiexin fell into deep thought. “Fine. However, once we make the payment, you need to begin the Magic Tower’s construction immediately.”

Although the minor cities’ twenty plots of Land and the 20,000 Gold was slightly more expensive than the five high-potential Lands in major cities, the latter’s value had far more s.p.a.ce to grow.

“That’s fine. When the deeds for those twenty plots of Land and the 20,000 Gold arrive, we will begin the tower’s construction.” s.h.i.+ Feng hadn’t expected Yuan Tiexin to agree to his demands so quickly.

Although obtaining those Lands was a simple task for a Super Guild, collecting the 20,000 Gold was not.

Yuan Tiexin’s ability to agree so readily showed that 20,000 Gold was nothing to the Secret Pavilion right now.

This caused s.h.i.+ Feng some regret. If he had known, he would’ve asked for 30,000 Gold.

After all, Super Guilds would undoubtedly invest more than 20,000 gold into a town’s defenses. A single Defense Turret already cost 7,000 Gold, roughly the same price of constructing a Magic Tower if it were built by a Master Lifestyle player. Meanwhile, a Guild would need at least four Defense Turrets to defend a town adequately. Unfortunately, four Defense Turrets weren’t as capable as a single Magic Tower.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng and Yuan Tiexin signed an agreement stating that the Secret Pavilion would complete its part of the deal within two days. At that point, Zero Wing would be required to construct a Magic Tower in Ice Crystal Town within two days.

s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised when he saw Ice Crystal Town’s name.

He had never imagined that the Secret Pavilion would capture the town.

Ice Crystal Town was a border town in the Fire Wing Empire’s southwestern region. The town had originally belonged to a dark force, and the majority of the town’s NPCs were Tier 2. There were even several Tier 3 NPCs in charge of the town. Even the Fire Wing Empire had to consider actions against the town carefully. However, this town was precisely the reason that the Fire Wing Empire had given up on evicting the dark forces in the area. One could just imagine how difficult it would be for players to raid the town.

Although Ice Crystal Town appeared ordinary, it was the closest town to the neutral map, Sunset Mountain Range.

As a neutral map, the Sunset Mountain Range did not fall under the influence of any kingdom or empire. The map was also roughly half the size of a kingdom. As no kingdom or empire had ever developed the map, it had far more resources than the various kingdoms and empires.

Moreover, many races lived in that map. Without the many restrictions that were usually found in kingdoms and empires, many dark forces often operated in the map. Players could also find items there that were not available in kingdoms and empires.

Sadly, players couldn’t teleport there. They could only travel to the map on their own power.

Ice Crystal Town’s popularity among players would undoubtedly surpa.s.s Stone Forest Town if someone could obtain it. Pioneering the Sunset Mountain Range would be considerably convenient for a Guild.

As expected of the Secret Pavilion. It actually managed to secure Ice Crystal Town so early in the game.

s.h.i.+ Feng was fairly envious.

The Fire Wing Empire’s player population exceeded Star-Moon Kingdom’s by many times. For players, Stone Forest Town’s sole attraction was the Stoneclaw Mountains. However, the Regional Dungeon had a Level 50 limit. Once mainstream players exceeded that limit, the town would lose its appeal.

On the other hand, the Sunset Mountain Range’s limit ranged between Level 50 and 120. Ice Crystal Town would be popular in the Fire Wing Empire for a long time. If a Magic Tower were built in the town, it could easily garner three to five times more players than Stone Forest Town.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng gave the matter little thought.

Zero Wing was only starting to get on the right track. How could it possibly compete with a well-established Guild like the Secret Pavilion?

Moreover, he had earned a fortune through this transaction. Only, he wouldn’t see the profits immediately. Once his s.h.i.+pyard officially opened for business, those twenty plots of Land would begin to show their true value.

The high-level maps near those minor cities had yet to be developed. No one had noticed the benefit of constructing boats with rare wood yet, either. Now was the perfect time to purchase Diamond Wood in bulk. Once he had trained enough Lifestyle players, he would’ve collected enough Diamond Wood to ma.s.s-produce boats.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng bade Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade farewell.


White River City’s Teleportation Hall:

A constant stream of independent players teleported into White River City. Among them, many immediately set out to inquire about Zero Wing’s Residence, all of them wis.h.i.+ng to join the popular Guild.

“Big Sis Rain, is this really White River City?” Blue Phoenix, who wore a Black Cloak, asked as she observed her surroundings.

Elite players wandered throughout the Teleportation Hall. There were also the members of many large Guilds. Among them, there was no lack of Level 39 and Level 40 experts. Meanwhile, outside the Teleportation Hall, many players hawked their goods, and their items were just as astonis.h.i.+ng.

“Selling a Level 35 Secret-Silver plate armor chest piece! Find me for a private chat if interested!”

“Selling a Level 40 Mysterious-Iron Weapon! Only Magic Crystals accepted as payment!”


Watching the players sell weapons and equipment on the street, Blue Phoenix wondered if they had teleported to the wrong place.

At this stage of the game, both Level 35 Secret-Silver Equipment and Level 40 Mysterious-Iron Weapons were considered high-quality items. Even in empires, very few players would willingly sell them, yet so many players did just that in White River City. It was simply inconceivable.

Meanwhile, the various adventurer teams present were the most shocking. Many adventurer teams recruited members to head to the Twin Towers Kingdom.

The minimum requirements to join these teams were to be Level 39 and a full set of Level 35 Secret-Silver Equipment. Applicants also had to be capable of reaching the Trial Tower’s fourth floor. Players who met these criteria would be considered experts in a large Guild.

Phoenix Rain was also somewhat surprised.

Even in Star-Moon City, she hadn’t encountered such a busy scene.

This was the first time she had heard or seen one of a kingdom’s major cities surpa.s.s the capital.

After leaving the Teleportation Hall, Phoenix Rain quickly noticed a large number of advanced carriages moving about the streets. Hailing a carriage wasn’t easy due to so many players fighting for their own.

“Why is Yuan Tiexin here?”

Just as Phoenix Rain was about to climb into an advanced carriage and head to the Candlelight Trading Firm, she discovered two players atop Mounts stopped before the Teleportation Hall’s entrance. Both the man and the woman wore Black Cloaks. Although the cloaks prevented others from seeing their IDs and levels, as the two did not hide their appearances, those who knew them could recognize them easily. This was especially true for Phoenix Rain.

When Phoenix Rain saw Yuan Tiexin enter the Teleportation Hall in such a hurry, her expression s.h.i.+fted.

Yuan Tiexin was one of the Secret Pavilion’s upper echelons. He was even one of the Guild Leader’s closest confidants. Very few matters warranted a personal visit from him.

The only reason she could think of that would demand Yuan Tiexin’s attention was Zero Wing.

How many secrets does Zero Wing have?

Phoenix Rain could not help but reveal a bitter smile.

Following which, Phoenix Rain dispelled the thought as she made her way to the Candlelight Trading Firm.


Shortly after Yuan Tiexin left, s.h.i.+ Feng called Melancholic Smile to meet him.

Of the two designs Lancelot had dropped, one was a Town Design, while the other was for a Transport Carriage Design.