Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1101 - Benefits after a Great War

Chapter 1101 - Benefits after a Great War

Chapter 1101: Benefits after a Great War





Chapter 1101 – Benefits after a Great War

The dissipation of the Evil Energy quickly attracted the attention of the independent players outside Stone Forest Town.

“What? Didn’t they say that Evil Energy won’t ever dissipate?”

“Based on the information I found, in order to remove Evil Energy, one needs to sever the source. Could Zero Wing have secretly dealt with the source already?”

“That’s not right. The Evil Energy this time should have originated from Black Ridge Town. However, Black Ridge Town is still the same right now.”

“How did Zero Wing do it, then?”

Everyone was discussing this development. Very quickly, word of this situation spread throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom.

Star-Moon City, Blackwater’s Residence:

“Impossible! How did they manage to remove the Evil Energy?!” Abandoned Wave practically screamed when he read the report he just received shortly after resurrecting. “Zero Wing must be faking this information! I can guarantee that the Evil Energy is impossible to remove!”

Unlike curses, Evil Energy could not be cleansed. It was a kind of chaotic energy. Like a contagious virus, it would automatically transform other forms of energy into Evil Energy. Without eliminating the source, removing the Evil Energy polluting Stone Forest Town was simply impossible. However, removing the source was easier said than done. Even he did not know the source’s exact location. If it was really located in Black Ridge Town, the monster-infested town was not a place current players could approach.

Moreover, Evil Energy was extremely harmful to players. If players immersed themselves in Evil Energy for long periods, they would get infected and fall into a Weakened state. Players exposed to Evil Energy for too long would even turn into monsters. If that happened, they would be barred from logging into G.o.d’s Domain for a considerable amount of time. Due to these dire consequences, cleaning out the monsters in Black Ridge Town was extremely difficult.

Hence, he firmly believed that Zero Wing could not remove the Evil Energy polluting Stone Forest Town.

The only possibility was that Zero Wing was releasing fake news.

After all, Zero Wing had previously registered plenty of members at the Battle Arena they constructed, collecting a hefty sum in members.h.i.+p fees. If the Battle Arena was gone, those members could seek compensation for their losses. Therefore, the intention behind the release of this fake news was undoubtedly the appeas.e.m.e.nt of those members.

“Guild Leader, it’s true. Our spies in Zero Wing have already confirmed this fact. The Evil Energy inside the town is indeed gradually dissipating. At this rate, it will take less than five days for all the Evil Energy in the town to disappear completely. By then, Stone Forest Town will be able to resume its operations,” Qin Muyun said, an ugly expression on her face as she took out another doc.u.ment.

Not only had the Blackwater Guild lost a considerable number of elite members, but the Guild’s prestige in Star-Moon Kingdom had also fallen to rock bottom. Members were withdrawing from the Guild every minute.

Most likely, they would have to recuperate for a long time in order to return to their previous state.

Originally, with Zero Wing having lost Stone Forest Town, Blackwater would’ve been able to leverage its funds and background to quickly surpa.s.s Zero Wing. However, now that Stone Forest Town was alright, whether Blackwater could even surpa.s.s Zero Wing’s development speed was in question.

This was not an outcome that the upper echelon of the Blackwater Corporation was willing to see.

“This won’t do! I cannot let Stone Forest Town continue existing in this world!” Although Abandoned Wave was unwilling to accept the truth of this matter, the facts were already before him. In that case, he needed to take action right away. “Notify that man immediately! Tell him I’ll try to provide him with the players he needs. However, I want him to have his monster army thoroughly obliterate Stone Forest Town within five days!”

Qin Muyun could not help but frown at these words.

She never imagined that Abandoned Wave had already lost his prudence to such a degree.

Nurturing all those monsters was not easy. Any players sacrificed to them would be unable to log into G.o.d’s Domain for several days. Blackwater’s elite and expert players had already lost a level from this war. If they were sacrificed again…

“What are you still standing there for?” Abandoned Wave glared at Qin Muyun. “Don’t forget that I am still the Guild Leader right now!”

Helpless to do anything about the situation, Qin Muyun had no choice but to contact the bandaged man.

“Black Flame! Just you wait! This time, I will definitely make you pay a heavy price!” Abandoned Wave laughed coldly as he looked out his window, his eyes staring in Stone Forest Town’s direction.

Inside Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing had also begun cleaning up the battlefield.

This war had been considerably intense. Over half of Stone Forest Town’s buildings lay in ruins. The Guild Residence was an irreparable mess. Even the Battle Arena had received significant damages and would take a considerable sum of money to repair.

However, their gains far exceeded their losses.

Although the army of 200,000 monsters had not dropped any weapons or equipment, they had dropped plenty of monster materials. The drops from Lord rank monsters were rare materials that could be used to make weapons and equipment. In addition, monsters at the Chieftain rank or above had a fixed chance of dropping a kind of gray crystal called the Evil Energy Crystal.

To ordinary players, this item would be garbage that they would sell to NPC merchants for spare change. However, s.h.i.+ Feng knew the real use of the Evil Energy Crystals.

This was something a Master Forger had discovered in the past.

If one added Evil Energy Crystals or Magic Crystals during the forging of weapons or equipment, there was a certain probability these crystals would give rise to magic patterns on the items produced. However, the enhancement effect was random. The enhancement might be to the item’s Basic Attributes, its Attack Power or Defense, or even its Hidden Attributes or Additional Skills. Hence, the Evil Energy Crystal was highly sought-after by forgers in the past.

In s.h.i.+ Feng’s previous life, there was even a case where a Dark-Gold Weapon produced using Evil Energy Crystals received Attributes nearly rivaling that of Epic Weapons.

Compared to Epic items, Dark-Gold items were much easier to produce.

Hence, in the past, a single Evil Energy Crystal could easily sell for 10 Gold Coins. Even at this price, obtaining one was extremely difficult because after reaching the mid-late stage of the game, many players no longer equipped the weapons and equipment they got from monsters. Instead, they would use items tailor-made for them by forgers. Players would naturally hope that the weapons and equipment produced would be strong. Consequently, players swarmed to whichever kingdom the Evil G.o.d’s Temple appeared in.

Meanwhile, among the 200,000 monsters that a.s.saulted Stone Forest Town, many were at Chieftain rank or above. As a result, Zero Wing raked in a hefty profit, gathering 2,428 Evil Energy Crystals in all. That was 24,280 Gold Coins at the very least. After including the other materials dropped by the monsters, they had earned more than enough money to repair Stone Forest Town.

Not to mention, even after taking into account the weapons and equipment Zero Wing’s members lost in the war, they had netted an additional 114,633 pieces of weapons and equipment from the combined army of Blackwater, Heaven’s Burial, and Pantheon. The most inferior items were Level 35 Bronze Equipment with even Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment in the mix.

Even after giving out spoils as compensation and rewards to Guild members, the amount left was still staggering.

After s.h.i.+ Feng read the statistics reports Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow gave him, he fell into a daze for a long time.

Although he had experienced plenty of large wars in the past, none of them had been as profitable as this one.

“Guild Leader, people from the Secret Pavilion are asking to meet you.”