Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1085 - Full Power

Chapter 1085 - Full Power

Chapter 1085: Full Power





Chapter 1085 – Full Power

Groups of Blackwater members charged at Stone Forest Town’s three Magic Towers.

Although Blackwater couldn’t destroy the towers, once they killed the players manipulating the defensive buildings, the Magic Towers would be useless.

However, the Magic Towers were easily defensible and very difficult to a.s.sault.

But Blackwater’s elites couldn’t care less. They desperately tried to force their way into the Magic Towers.

The reason for their fervent att.i.tude was Abandoned Wave’s desperation; he had announced extraordinary rewards for the Magic Towers’ fall.

Anyone who took down the Magic Towers would be awarded a set of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment as well as a Bronze Mount.

Humans died in pursuit of wealth; birds died in pursuit of food.

The thought of such a reward had kindled a pa.s.sionate light in the eyes of Blackwater’s members.

Only Guilds’ apex experts could wear a full set of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment. As for the Bronze Mount, many Guild experts could only dream of obtaining their own.

Furthermore, Blackwater had the numerical advantage in this war. They had more than enough people to take down the Magic Towers.

Unfortunately, only three people would get to enjoy such a reward. Naturally, they had to fight with everything they had!

However, this situation gave Aqua Rose, who commanded the war from inside one of the Magic Towers, a colossal headache. They had already expended all of their Magic Scrolls and large-scale destruction Spells. However, like madmen, Blackwater’s members continued to charge at the Magic Towers with complete disregard for their lives. This rapidly whittled down the number of Zero Wing members defending the structures.

“Big Sis Aqua, what should we do now? We have less than 100 members near our tower. The other two Magic Towers’ situations aren’t looking too good, either. At this rate, the towers will fall,” Blackie asked while launching attacks at the Blackwater members that flooded the nearby streets. However, no matter how many players he killed, they couldn’t seem to put a dent in the flood of Blackwater’s players. On the contrary, as he fought, more players seemed to swarm the streets.

Aqua Rose frowned at Blackie’s report.

Their group was already occupied with fending off the Red Jade Legion. They had no time to worry about the other locations.

The difference between their numbers was too ma.s.sive. Even with the Attribute boost from the Magic Towers, which allowed each of Zero Wing’s elite members to take on three Blackwater elites at a time, it was not enough. Blackwater possessed an overwhelming number of experts. Even several of Zero Wing’s elite members were no match for one expert player.


“Guild Leader, I’ve gathered 10,000 people to attack Zero Wing’s Residence. We can charge in at any time,” Laughing Drunkard reported when he arrived beside Abandoned Wave. “In addition, Heaven’s Burial has dispatched an army of 50,000 elites to support us. It will take them roughly ten minutes to reach Stone Forest Town. If we camp outside their Resurrection Temple, even if the Zero Wing members in Stone Forest Town revive, they’ll only be able to watch as we secure the town.”

“Very good. Go and destroy Zero Wing’s Residence,” Abandoned Wave commanded. Sitting atop his warhorse, he was incredibly satisfied with the sight of the army surrounding Zero Wing’s Residence. “Isn’t Black Flame an excellent fighter? Once you destroy the Residence, use the Gnome Cannons to bombard the secret underground room.”

He could not help but acknowledge that Black Flame was indeed powerful. The man had managed to defend the hallway to the secret room by himself, and both his subordinates and Pantheon’s experts were helpless against him.

Although they could kill him if they continued to throw players at him, Abandoned Wave was done waiting.

The defending army’s greatest advantage in a siege war was the ability to resurrect near the battlefield. In a war, half an hour would pa.s.s in the blink of an eye. The longer they dragged this war out, the more advantageous Zero Wing’s position would be. Hence, he didn’t want to waste any more time.

It was not impossible to destroy a Guild Residence’s secret underground room. Only, it would be very difficult for players to do so by themselves. However, the Gnome Cannons could complete the task easily.

Without the narrow hallway acting as a barrier, even if s.h.i.+ Feng were more powerful, he couldn’t create endless duplicates of himself. They would only need 100 players to defeat him.

Under Abandoned Wave’s command, the 10,000 players surrounding Zero Wing’s Residence began to bombard the Residence with attacks.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Against a series of Spells and Arrows, the buildings inside Zero Wing’s Residence began to crumble, one after another.


“It seems that this war will end soon.”

“What a pity. It would be great if Zero Wing had more members present.”

“I know, right? Despite having just 20,000 members, they have lasted this long against Blackwater’s army of 200,000 monsters and 100,000-plus elites. They even managed to slaughter over half of Blackwater’s armies. If Zero Wing wins this war, it will qualify to be recorded within G.o.d’s Domain’s war history.”

“Even if Zero Wing loses, it’s still impressive. Have you ever seen any upstart Guild without backing stand against the joint forces of major existences like Blackwater, Heaven’s Burial, and Pantheon? Although Zero Wing has lost, it was a glorious defeat!”

“Indeed. It is unfortunate that Zero Wing’s luck is so poor. If not for Blackwater, it would have only been a matter of time before it united all of Star-Moon Kingdom.”

Players could not help but sigh as they discussed the topic.


“Jade, let’s return to White River City. There’s no point in watching the rest of this war. I just received a report stating that Heaven’s Burial’s vanguard has reached Stone Forest Town. It won’t be long before more reinforcements arrive as well. Even if all of the dead Zero Wing members in Stone Forest Town resurrect, they cannot win this,” Yuan Tiexin said as he looked at Purple Jade. “However, Black Flame is quite surprising. Despite his Weakened state, he defeated the Red Jade Legion’s vice commander, Red Rain. Pantheon’s upper echelons are discussing the matter heatedly.”

“Red Rain lost in a one-on-one?” Purple Jade could not help her shock. “That can’t be, right? I recall that Red Rain has already reached the Void Realm. She can also reach the Battle Tower’s fourth floor. Her b.l.o.o.d.y Mary is even more tyrannical than an Epic Weapon, having a powerful countering effect against both NPCs and players. Even experts in the Void Realm won’t fight her in a one-on-one if they can help it. How did Black Flame win against her?”

Purple Jade could not imagine how anyone with inferior Basic Attributes and weakened combat standards could defeat Red Rain.

“I am not sure how, either. Pantheon is keeping a tight lid on the battle videos. Our men can’t get their hands on any recordings of that battle,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head. He was also very curious about that fight. Moreover, there weren’t many battle videos that could elicit such a reaction from Pantheon.

“Uncle Yuan, look at Zero Wing’s Residence!” Purple Jade suddenly said. “A flood of Zero Wing members are emerging!”

“Are they attempting a final stand?” Yuan Tiexin could not help but s.h.i.+ft his gaze to the live stream.

Suddenly, several hundred players surged out of Zero Wing’s destroyed Residence. These people were all extraordinarily well-equipped. Moreover, they were all Level 40 and above, and their bodies brimmed with killing intent. The intensity of their auras could even rival the members of Pantheon’s Red Jade Legion.

“Wait! Those are Zero Wing’s main force members and Dark G.o.ds Legion members!” Upon sweeping a glance over the crowd, he immediately recognized many of Zero Wing’s experts.

The instant these people appeared, they all activated Power of Darkness. Combined with the buff from the Magic Towers, their Attributes could rival Lord ranked monsters. Without hesitation, these people dove into Blackwater’s elite army and began a ma.s.sacre.