Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1082 - Missing Dark Blade

Chapter 1082 - Missing Dark Blade

Chapter 1082: Missing Dark Blade





Chapter 1082 – Missing Dark Blade

Outside Stone Forest Town, Abandoned Wave was currently commanding the siege on Zero Wing.

The numerical difference was simply too great. Even the Magic Towers could not make up for this enormous disparity. Not to mention, the firepower of the Magic Towers was currently concentrated on the monsters outside the town. The defensive structures had no time to pay attention to the players inside the town.

If not for the Magic Towers enhancing the Basic Attributes of Zero Wing’s members, making them stronger than Blackwater’s members, Zero Wing would’ve long since fallen.

“Guild Leader, our men are occupying Stone Forest Town’s outer area already, while Zero Wing’s members have all fallen back to defend only a few important locations. With a little more time, we’ll be able to wipe them out without any problems,” Qin Muyun reported.

“Good. Next up, send some men to meet Pantheon’s party. Have everyone else focus on pinning down Zero Wing’s members at their current locations. After two hours, the entire Stone Forest Town, including the three Magic Towers, will belong to us!” Abandoned Wave could not help but reveal an excited smile.

The operation this time had incurred immense losses for Blackwater. Currently, their elite army had less than 80,000 players remaining. Over half of the casualties were victims of the Magic Towers. As for the monster army, less than 100,000 monsters survived.

Abandoned Wave had even made plenty of promises to Pantheon and the bandaged man.

However, all of these were trivial losses compared to Stone Forest Town and the Magic Towers they would soon obtain.

Once Blackwater occupied Stone Forest Town, with the Magic Towers’ ability to attract players to the town, in addition to the Blackwater Guild’s abundant resources and powerful background, recruiting another large batch of elite and expert players into the Guild would be easy. Moreover, Blackwater would also gain a stable supply of Coins and Magic Crystals.

On the other hand, Zero Wing would have to withdraw from its position as ruler of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Turning to look at Peerless, who stood beside him, Abandoned Wave asked, “Brother Peerless, how are things going on your side?”

“It’s already in the bag. Although Black Flame managed to guess that we would go and steal the Town Token, we have already sealed him. I’m afraid that he will only be able to get out after the war is over,” Peerless laughed.

Back when Nine Kills requested the Magic Barrier Stones, Peerless had had strong opinions about his decision. He thought that Nine Kills was simply making a mountain out of a molehill. These things should be used against Tier 3 NPCs or Grand Lords, not a measly Tier 1 player.

However, now that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader had been sealed, this would be a tremendous blow to the Guild.

Just as Peerless thought that the mission was a wrap, a message suddenly came from a Dark Blade member.

“Black Flame has escaped from the seal! Requesting backup!”

When Peerless read this message, his expression immediately tensed.

Although it was only one short sentence, its significance was something only those who understood about the Magic Barrier Stones would know.

Escaped?! How is this possible?!

This was the first thought that came to Peerless’s mind when he read this message.

Without the Strength of a Tier 4 existence, breaking through the s.p.a.ce Sealing ability of the Magic Barrier Stones was impossible.

Peerless immediately tried contacting the Dark Blade member that messaged him, wanting to get an idea of what was going on.

However, the system notified him that said player was temporarily unavailable. This situation gave Peerless a bad feeling.

There were only three scenarios where a player was incommunicado. The first scenario was that the target player was offline, the second scenario was that the target player was dead, and the third scenario was that the target player had entered a special place. It was obviously impossible for the first and third scenarios to occur right now. Hence, the only possibility was the second scenario.

The second scenario meant that a disaster had occurred over at Dark Blade’s side.

All by himself? Is it really possible?

Peerless’s mind was filled with questions.

The members of Dark Blade were experts nurtured by Pantheon specifically for This time, as a precaution, Pantheon had dispatched a team of 100 Dark Blade members. The vice commander of Dark Blade, Nine Kills, even led the team.

Normally, only the upper echelons of Super Guilds or super-first-rate Guilds merited having such a force sent at them.

If not for the importance of the task this time—in addition to the fact that Zero Wing possessed some extraordinary experts—Pantheon wouldn’t have bothered mobilizing such a large team.

If these 100 experts worked together, even if the several apex experts of Zero Wing joined forces, they still wouldn’t be able to escape death.

Unable to settle his fears, Peerless hurriedly contacted the vice commander of the Red Jade Legion. “Red Rain[1], lead a team into Zero Wing’s Residence right away. Something might have happened at Dark Blade’s side.”

Red Rain was the person the Guild had sent to a.s.sist him this time.

In terms of combat standards, she was above even Nine Kills. Moreover, she was an extraordinarily talented genius. In just three short years since she joined Pantheon, she had managed to become the vice commander of one of the Super Guild’s trump card legions. The current commander of the Red Jade Legion even had a favorable opinion of her and was considering making her his successor.

Her future in the Guild was many times brighter than that of an old man like himself. Hence, he still had to be polite when speaking with her.

“Something happened with Dark Blade? That’s impossible, right?” A skeptical expression appeared on the face of the red-haired G.o.ddess in the screen. “Aren’t they being led by that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Nine Kills, this time?”

“I can’t make contact with any of them right now. The Town Token is too important to us. We must obtain it at all costs!” Peerless also refused to believe that something had happened to Nine Kills. However, with the facts before him, he had no choice but to send someone over to check.

“I understand.” Red Rain nodded before disconnecting the call. She then commanded, “Monkey, switch with me in dealing with this Tier 2 NPC. I need to leave this place for now.”

“Big Sis Red, leave it to me!” A thinly built Elementalist nodded hurriedly.

Following which, Red Rain led a team of 100 players and charged into Zero Wing’s Residence.

“Big Sis Aqua, that Red Rain has led a team into our Residence,” Shadow Sword, who was currently brandis.h.i.+ng Crimson Moon at four Red Jade Legion members, hurriedly informed Aqua Rose when he saw Red Rain bypa.s.sing him.

The members of the Red Jade Legion were not people ordinary Guild experts could go up against. Even with Shadow Sword’s Attributes greatly enhanced, they were able to suppress him with just four members.

If even he was already faring this badly, there was no need to mention everyone else.

Meanwhile, Red Rain of the Red Jade Legion was even more inhumanly strong. She had actually managed to kill a Level 65, Tier 2 NPC guard all by herself. When two of such NPCs worked together to deal with her, she still could hold her ground. The members of the Dark G.o.ds Legion that tried to approach her got slaughtered just like that.

When Aqua Rose received this report, she was stumped for a good solution. Currently, it was already taking everything she had to manage the defense of the town’s important locations. She did not have any energy to spare worrying about Red Rain.

Zero Wing’s Residence:

“n.o.body’s here?” Red Rain muttered as she scanned the entire Residence and failed to detect any Zero Wing members present.

However, when she arrived before the entrance to the Residence’s underground hall, she was stunned by the scene that met her eyes.

Mountains of corpses littered the hall. Weapons and equipment were also scattered beside these mounds. After a closer look, Red Rain discovered that these corpses all belonged to Blackwater’s members.


At this time, an explosion sounded from a short distance away. Like cannon b.a.l.l.s, several players went cras.h.i.+ng into the piles of corpses.

“Is there a Grand Lord inside?” Red Rain was filled with curiosity. “As expected of the number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom. To think Zero Wing would have such a trump card as well!”

These players that died were all Level 38 and above. There were even Level 40 experts among them. A rough count came to at least 30 experts among the corpses.

With so many people, they should not have suffered such a miserable defeat even if they were going up against a Great Lord. Hence, Red Rain concluded that there should be a Grand Lord in the hall.

“Big Sis Red, are we really going in?” a Level 40 s.h.i.+eld Warrior asked. He could not help but gulp when he saw this terrifying scene.

“Of course we’re entering. Isn’t it just a Grand Lord? It’s not like it’s our first time killing one,” Red Rain replied as she sent a glance at the s.h.i.+eld Warrior. She then took the lead to enter the hall.