Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 108 - Shaking the Four Corners

Chapter 108 - Shaking the Four Corners

Chapter 108 - Shaking the Four Corners

Outside the Dark Moon Graveyard…

“This Dungeon is just impossible! Without an average level of 10, who would be able to clear it?!” Flaming Tiger who had just revived out of the Dungeon cursed.

In all three times he had entered the Dark Moon Graveyard, not once had he even found the location of the Dungeon’s Boss before his entire team dropped dead. This Dungeon was just toying with them. Everywhere inside the Dungeon was filled with Elite monsters. Even if they killed some, there was still an endless stream of monsters to slowly grind them to death. It was absolutely frustrating.

Zhang Luowei raised his thick brows, his complexion gloomy as he looked back toward the Teleportation Gate of the Dark Moon Graveyard in the distance. With such lack of progress, it had long since pa.s.sed the point of just making a loss. If this situation continued, it would be detrimental to the team’s future development.

“Everyone rest up for awhile. We can’t continue wasting our time here. I’m guessing that the progress of the other Guilds isn’t that good either. They should have died several times as well, already. Let's take this chance when the other Guilds are focusing on the Dark Moon Graveyard to raid the Level 5 Party Dungeon, and Lava Cavern, in separate groups. In any case, they won’t be able to conquer this Team Dungeon. We can also use this time to increase our levels quickly,” Zhang Luowei said, choosing to give up on the Dark Moon Graveyard.

Although leaving their names on the Glory List would be a quick way to raise the fame and influence of their Guild, it was an entirely different matter if everyone was similarly unable to conquer the Dungeon. The only other thing they could compete in were in terms of average level and equipment of the Guild’s elite members, and also, in terms of who could set foot into White River City the earliest.

In fact, it wasn’t just the members of Shadow that were faced with such a situation. All the Guilds in the entire White River City were currently trapped in this suffering known as Team Dungeons.

n.o.body had thought that the Team Dungeon’s difficulty would be so high, leaving them utterly helpless. The virtual reality games in the past usually had less monsters than players inside of Dungeons. In G.o.d’s Domain, however, the number of monsters inside the Dungeons greatly outnumbered that of the players. It was a number that was simply impossible to cope with. Even if they increased the number of MTs and healers they brought with, it would still be a useless endeavor.

After some time had pa.s.sed, the second rate Guild,’s Alliance, had also died out from the Dungeon with dejection covering their faces.

“What’s gotten into all of you? It’s just a few deaths. Don’t forget, for each time we die, we will gain significant progress. We will be able to clear the Dungeon sooner or later, so stop feeling dejected. Right now, we should try to think up a method to get through the fog. After some rest, we will try to raid the Dungeon one more time today,” Stabbing Heart said inside the team chat.

Being encouraged by Stabbing Heart like this, the team members regained quite a lot of their confidence. They all started voicing out their ideas and suggestions, intending to conquer the Dark Moon Graveyard at all costs.

White River City Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Ouroboros for becoming the first team to conquer the h.e.l.l Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard. All players within the team will be rewarded with 10 Reputation Points in White River City.

Red Leaf Town Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Ouroboros for becoming the first team to conquer the h.e.l.l Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard. All players within the team will be rewarded with 30 Reputation Points in Red Leaf Town.

Just as the various Guilds were considering whether they should give up raiding the Dark Moon Graveyard, two consecutive System Announcements immediately attracted the attention of every Guild within White River City. Meanwhile, when the players of Red Leaf Town heard of this System Announcement, they were first filled with shock, but they were soon cheering and shouting in wors.h.i.+p.

“Ouroboros is just too awesome! They’re practically inhuman!”

“I heard that the Snow G.o.ddess was the one who led the Dungeon raiding team. My G.o.ddess is just too powerful! The other Guilds haven’t even cleared the Normal Mode, but the G.o.ddess has already cleared h.e.l.l Mode!”

“This won’t do; I want to join Ouroboros! I would be satisfied even if I could become the G.o.ddess’ servant!”

The players in Red Leaf Town had all started conversing about Ouroboros and the Snow G.o.ddess. Aside from wors.h.i.+p, they were also filled with awe.

Simultaneously, the entire region of White River City was sent into a cacophony of noise.

“What kind of joke is this? We can’t even manage to find the Boss of the Normal Mode, so just how did Ouroboros manage to even clear the h.e.l.l Mode?” the Guild Leader of Emerald Dragon Gate slammed on the desk as he cursed.

“Could the Team Dungeon in Red Leaf Town possibly be easier? Then Stabbing Heart should have, at the very least, cleared the Normal Mode already,” the Guild Leader of the’s Alliance entered deep thought after looking at the System Announcement.

While all the large Guilds were still having headaches over obtaining a Town Region Announcement for themselves, as if trying to take their lives, a City Region Announcement had appeared.

The upper echelons of the various Guilds suddenly felt an immense pressure weighing on them, pus.h.i.+ng them to accelerate their raiding progress quickly. However, such a pressure did not come from the fact that the Snow G.o.ddess had managed to clear the h.e.l.l Mode of a Team Dungeon. Instead, it came from the fact that the influence of the System Announcement was simply too huge. In merely a moment, the System Announcement had placed Ouroboros at the summit of White River City. Players who were new to G.o.d’s Domain did not possess extensive knowledge about the strengths of the various Guilds in existence. However, what they did know was that Ouroboros was definitely the best Guild in White River City.

They couldn’t help but admit that the Snow G.o.ddess’ performance was just too dazzling. Compared to the Guild Leader of Ouroboros himself, who had a large number of experts under him in Star-Moon City, the Snow G.o.ddess was much more formidable.

A short moment after the appearance of this System Announcement, all the upper echelons of the Guilds within Star-Moon Kingdom discovered that they had underestimated the Snow G.o.ddess’ ability. Fortunately, the Snow G.o.ddess was not tasked around the area of Star-Moon City. Otherwise, the consequences for them would be unimaginable.

Meanwhile, Gentle Snow herself remained unaware of what was currently happening in the various regions of G.o.d’s Domain. She was still busy looking at the Glory List together with s.h.i.+ Feng and the others.

The Glory List, which was made up of obsidian stone, was three meters in height and two meters in width. On it, the names of Gentle Snow and the other team members were already carved.

Moreover, their names were carved at an extraordinarily eye-catching location, at the very top of the Glory List. On the first line of the Glory List, the word “Ouroboros” was carved in big, scarlet characters. Meanwhile, below “Ouroboros,” the names of every team member were recorded in smaller sized, silvery-white characters.

“Brother Feng, look! We’re on the list! We’re on the list!” Blackie was close to shedding tears of excitement after seeing his own name up on the Glory List. After playing games for so many years, not once had he ever enjoyed such an honor.

However, it wasn’t just Blackie who behaved in such a way. The other members of s.h.i.+ Feng’s party were similarly excited. They all rejoiced at being able to follow after s.h.i.+ Feng, becoming official members of Zero Wing Workshop.

Meanwhile, the various Guilds standing in the distance all looked towards the Glory List with eyes full of envy.

For as long as future players arrived at the Dark Moon Graveyard, they would inevitably see these names, giving their admiration and wors.h.i.+p.

On the other hand, the upper echelons of the various Guilds present had instead looked towards the icy cold, Gentle Snow, expressions of respect and helplessness appearing on their faces.

Everyone was clear about the difficulty of the Dark Moon Graveyard. Absolutely none of them would think that the h.e.l.l Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard was easier than the Normal Mode. At the very least, the difficulty in h.e.l.l Mode would be several times higher. However, despite all odds, the team led by Gentle Snow had succeeded in raiding it. Moreover, she had even brought along a few independent players instead of bringing along the strongest team in her Guild. The Snow G.o.ddess had clearly surpa.s.sed them in terms of leaders.h.i.+p and personal strength by leaps and bounds. They were on two completely different levels.

Up to this point, these upper echelons had all begun to think that their luck was just too poor. Being tasked in the same Town as the Snow G.o.ddess had sealed their fates at becoming merely the gra.s.s that sets off the color of her flower.

“We will need to wait three more days before being able to enter the Dark Moon Graveyard again. During this time, would you be interested in joining us in raiding the Goblin Factory?” Gentle Snow earnestly invited s.h.i.+ Feng.

Although Gentle Snow’s voice was not loud, the outside of the Dark Moon Graveyard was extremely quiet. Even from a distance, her voice could very clearly be heard.

The upper echelons of the various Guilds were all dumbfounded. Just who was this s.h.i.+ Feng exactly? The Snow G.o.ddess was actually inviting him from one Dungeon raid to another. Could the Snow G.o.ddess have possibly fallen for him?

However, why would the highly haughty Snow G.o.ddess fall for such an unattractive brat? Moreover, the person did not possess even the slightest hint of an expert.

Meanwhile, standing at a distance, Flaming Tiger’s eyes had nearly popped out of his sockets, going crazy from envy. Not only was s.h.i.+ Feng able to be in the same team as the Snow G.o.ddess, he was even able to leave his name on the Glory List. Flaming Tiger’s hatred for s.h.i.+ Feng immediately increased by hundreds of folds.

Just as everyone was shocked at such a scene, hundreds of players suddenly appeared and surrounded s.h.i.+ Feng and his team, each and every one of them filled with a murderous intent.

“Brat, we meet again,” Ironsword Lion slowly walked out from the tide of players, sending s.h.i.+ Feng a cold glare as he sneered.