Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1065 - War Erupts

Chapter 1065 - War Erupts

Chapter 1065: War Erupts





Chapter 1065 – War Erupts

Ghost Shadow’s death was like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The moment he died, the other members of the Ghost Shadow Legion immediately fell into a panic, the momentum they had from before vanis.h.i.+ng completely.

The dozen or so melee players that originally were still rus.h.i.+ng forward stopped cold, their eyes filled with fear as they looked at Aqua Rose’s group of four.

The reason why their legion was named the Ghost Shadow Legion was all because of Ghost Shadow’s existence.

If even someone as strong as Ghost Shadow got killed, what could they possibly do now?

Looking at the current situation, Daybreak Fog gnashed her teeth as she reluctantly commanded, “Retreat!”

Although she was unwilling to acknowledge their defeat, if this fight continued, it would only end with their total annihilation. Rather than gift their enemies with more equipment, they would be better off withdrawing.

“Big Sis Aqua, they’re running away. Should we give chase?” Shadow Sword asked eagerly. He still had not had his fill of fighting.

The battle this time was truly exhilarating.

Or to put it in another way, he never had so much fun before. He felt as if he were in a dream right now.

None of the Ghost Shadow Legion members were weaklings. Through his battle with these people, he could tell that they possessed bountiful combat experience and extremely high combat standards. Unfortunately for them, his combat experience still surpa.s.sed theirs.

In the Secret Pavilion’s simulation training system, he had fought against all kinds of experts. Although the Refinement Realm experts there bullied him to no end, these fights allowed him to develop a penetrating insight. As a result, he could easily see through the weaknesses of attacks on the level of the Ghost Shadow Legion members. With that insight added to his huge advantage in Basic Attributes, killing the experts of Heaven’s Burial was as easy as chopping up vegetables.

Previously, he had been wondering whether or not he had improved at all. After all, no matter how many battles he fought in the simulation training system, they always ended with his defeat. Now, however, after tangling with these expert players, he finally realized just how much he had improved.

“No need. Heaven’s Burial’s members are everywhere. If we let them surround us, we’ll have to waste even more time. Our priority right now is to reach Stone Forest Town,” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head as she watched Daybreak Fog’s group remove the magic barrier and escape into the forest.

Following which, Shadow Sword and the others swiftly collected their loot before getting back on their Mounts and hurrying towards Stone Forest Town.

Shortly after Aqua Rose left, several appeared from the forest. These did not bear any Guild Emblems on their persons. They were all independent players who were planning on sneaking to Stone Forest Town to observe the upcoming war.

The first siege war in Star-Moon Kingdom—one which pitted Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial’s joint army of 300,000 elite players against Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild, Zero Wing—was a major event. If they did not personally witness this war, they would surely regret it for the rest of their lives.

Only, due to them coming across Aqua Rose’s party on their way to Stone Forest Town, they decided to follow after the party and take a look at what the party was up to.

However, they never imagined that they would actually encounter such an expert battle on their journey.

“Did you guys record everything?”

“Do you take me for a fool? Of course, I’ve recorded everything! What about your side?”

“Relax, I didn’t miss out any of the exciting moments!”

“Our luck is really good! I never thought that we would come across such a fight. Zero Wing’s members are too cool! Just five of them managed to go up against a team of 100 experts! I really wonder, just how strong are those five people? If I can become as strong as any one of them, I wouldn’t have wasted my time playing G.o.d’s Domain.”

“Alright, enough dreaming. Let’s hurry up and post these videos on the forums. This message will definitely shock everyone!”

Following which, these several posted their recorded videos on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums. Moreover, they even gave their post a very eye-catching t.i.tle.

Five Zero Wing experts shockingly ma.s.sacre Heaven’s Burial’s 100-man expert team!

Published along with this post were several video clips showing the fight between Zero Wing and the Ghost Shadow Legion from several different angles, the videos thoroughly reproducing the entire battle from before.

As soon as the post was published, it immediately created a commotion in Star-Moon Kingdom.

n.o.body would’ve ever thought that a measly five people would be able to turn the tables on an encirclement of 100 experts. Moreover, they had even done so in such an overwhelming manner. Whether it was the weapons, equipment, Skills, or coordination of these five Zero Wing members, all were aspects that inspired everyone’s admiration.

Particularly, Alluring Summer’s large-scale destruction Spell made the blood of all the viewers boil with pa.s.sion.

In addition, there was Shadow Sword with his horrific Strength. The fight was truly an unforgettable one.

“This is simply inhuman! Over half a team of 100 experts were killed just like that! Who in Star-Moon Kingdom could possibly stop Zero Wing now?!”

“Hooray for Zero Wing!”

“It seems Blackwater will have trouble taking down Stone Forest Town this time!”

Due to the appearance of these videos, many players who initially did not have an optimistic view of Zero Wing’s prospects were stupefied. Meanwhile, the various large Guilds that were happily and eagerly antic.i.p.ating Zero Wing’s fall could not help but start reevaluating Zero Wing’s strength now.

However, the ones most affected by these videos would still have to be Zero Wing’s members.

Previously, they all thought that Stone Forest Town was finished. However, after seeing at the performance of Aqua Rose’s party of five, they finally understood the views that their Guild Leader, Black Flame, advocated.

Quality was much more important than quant.i.ty!

Due to this reason, Zero Wing had always walked the path of the elite.

Zero Wing might not be a match for Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial in terms of member count, but in terms of player quality, Zero Wing was definitely superior.

Was it amazing to have a lot of people?

Zero Wing only needed five people to trample over 100 experts!

While everyone was discussing this topic on the forums, Singular Burial had an extraordinarily chilling expression on his face.

“Kill them! I want them all killed! Notify the teams in hiding! Think of a way to stop them! Once their whereabouts are discovered, gather at their location right away!” Singular Burial commanded angrily.

Originally, he had dispatched the Ghost Shadow Legion and Daybreak Fog precisely because he was worried that the regular experts couldn’t take down Zero Wing’s members. Now, however, Heaven’s Burial had become the biggest laughingstock of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Those were 100 experts!

The team even had apex experts such as Daybreak Fog and Ghost Shadow leading it. He found it truly hard to accept that Daybreak Fog and the others would lose so miserably.

However, from the battle video, Singular Burial was able to clearly identify two of the five players. One was naturally Violet Cloud, whom Ghost Shadow had also identified, while the other one was Aqua Rose. If the Cursemancer leading the party wasn’t her, then Singular Burial truly could not figure out which Cursemancer in Zero Wing had the qualifications to command Violet Cloud.

As long as they managed to hold back Aqua Rose, not only would they be able to repay the humiliation they suffered, but taking down Stone Forest Town would also be a piece of cake.

Nevertheless, after watching the battle video, Singular Burial felt a deep chill crawling down his spine.

Zero Wing’s experts were improving much too quickly.

The rapidity of their improvement was to the point of being staggering.

Only after paying a huge price did Heaven’s Burial manage to nurture a batch of experts. However, compared to Zero Wing’s experts, those experts Heaven’s Burial nurtured were practically garbage!

If so many apex experts had already appeared in the current Zero Wing, if they really gave Zero Wing a little more time, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Unfortunately for Heaven’s Burial, its pursuit and interception mattered very little to Aqua Rose and the others. Their speed when riding Mounts was unmatchable by players running on foot. Moreover, the Mount Aqua Rose rode was a Secret-Silver Mount. In the end, the party of five managed to arrive at Stone Forest Town safely, and they promptly began commanding Zero Wing’s members in Stone Forest Town to take the appropriate defensive measures.

As time went by, the atmosphere in Stone Forest Town also grew increasingly more oppressive. The usual liveliness in the streets was no longer present. To avoid getting dragged into the war, many players had chosen to leave Stone Forest Town and observe the battle from a distance. Only some daring players remained in town.

“Big Sis Aqua, the Magic Tower has just sensed a large number of creatures approaching Stone Forest Town! By the looks of it, they should be those monsters!” Violet Cloud reported, her complexion slightly pale.

The map displayed by the Magic Tower showed a swarm of creatures heading towards Stone Forest Town, the exact number incalculable.

“So they’ve finally arrived.”

Aqua Rose, who stood atop the town’s defensive walls, turned to look into the distance. She knew plenty regarding this upcoming war. Rather than the player armies of Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial, their true enemies were the endless number of monsters.

“Immediately notify the Guild Leader!”


Inside the distant White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm, s.h.i.+ Feng was still desperately making the magic array scrolls for the Double Protection Magic Array and Divine Beast’s Descent.

“They’ve arrived already?”

After receiving the message, s.h.i.+ Feng had to stop his actions, a slight frown appearing on his face. Blackwater’s monster army had arrived much sooner than he expected. He immediately used a Return Scroll to teleport to the city’s Teleportation Hall, then took a teleportation array to Saimu Town.