Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1060 - Action

Chapter 1060 - Action

Chapter 1060: Action





Chapter 1060 – Action

s.h.i.+ Feng’s expression darkened upon hearing Aqua Rose’s report.

“The Guild Transfer Scrolls can’t be used?” s.h.i.+ Feng pondered the situation. “Could they have used a sealing magic array?”

The various large Guilds had commonly used sealing magic arrays to raid towns and cities in the past.

However, such magic arrays were extremely rare. Generally, players only had a chance of coming across one in Level 60 and above secret locations. With the Guilds current strength, it was impossible to obtain one.

“Guild Leader, should I lead some experts to take charge of the situation? Afterward, you can lead the Guild’s army to support us. I believe that, with Stone Forest Town’s defensive advantage, we should be able to hold out until the army arrives!” Aqua Rose suggested.

Blackwater and Pantheon had acted too quickly. Although they had begun to prepare, they had never expected Blackwater to pull such a card.

Without the advantage of the Guild Transfer Scrolls, it would take a considerable amount of time for Zero Wing to reach Stone Forest Town. By the time the army arrived, the siege would be underway. However, there were very few Zero Wing upper echelons in Stone Forest Town right now. Without anyone taking charge of such a large-scale Guild war, the town could easily fall.

Hence, they quickly needed to dispatch experts capable of leading the defense.

“Alright. Lead the members who have Mounts and start on the town’s fortifications. However, be careful of ambushes from Blackwater. Since they have gone to the trouble of sealing the entire map, they definitely have plans to prevent anyone from reaching the town,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, nodding.

Currently, Mounts were still far from being common in G.o.d’s Domain. Even in Super Guilds, only very few experts had obtained a Mount.

Aqua Rose’s group only needed to break through Blackwater’s defensive line, and they could reach Stone Forest Town without trouble. Players without Mounts had no hope of catching up to them at all.

Moreover, due to a fortuitous encounter, Aqua Rose had obtained and completed a quest that had awarded her with a Secret-Silver ranked Flame Horse. With the speed of a Secret-Silver Mount, even Super Guilds’ players with Mounts would not catch up to her. After all, Secret-Silver Mounts were very rare.

After s.h.i.+ Feng finished a.s.signing Aqua Rose’s tasks, he entered the Candlelight Trading Firm’s Basic Meditation Room and activated G.o.d’s Blessing. Using the materials that Melancholic Smile had prepared for him, he began to produce one magic array scroll after another.

Even if Blackwater’s army traveled towards Stone Forest Town from the nearest teleportation point, they would have to run for over ten hours. Moreover, after such a long run, they would have to rest before joining the battle. Otherwise, ordering an army that had nearly exhausted its Stamina to raid a town would be the epitome of foolishness.

Meanwhile, if s.h.i.+ Feng hurried towards Stone Forest Town, he could arrive far more quickly.

The sealing magic array created Mana fluctuations in the affected area and prevented Teleportation Magic Arrays from functioning properly. However, s.h.i.+ Feng had the Seven Luminaries Ring. s.p.a.ce Movement was different from teleportation. Even if there were Mana fluctuations in an area, the Skill would not be affected. Hence, he could simply teleport to the nearest town and continue towards Stone Forest Town. In terms of speed, even someone riding a Dark-Gold Mount would be no match for him.

He now had over ten hours to prepare for war.

Right now, his priority was to make as many magic array scrolls as he could. Everything else was secondary. As for organizing an army to reinforce Stone Forest Town, he had no intentions of doing so.

If it came down to a direct confrontation, even if Zero Wing were ten times stronger, it would be no match for Blackwater as the latter controlled those one-horned humanoid monsters. Sending players against those monsters was the equivalent of sending them to their graves. Furthermore, how could Zero Wing outmatch Pantheon’s expert count?

Zero Wing’s only hope relied on magic array scrolls and the town’s defenses.


Shortly after Blackwater sealed off the map surrounding the Stoneclaw Mountains, many players noticed the scent of gunpowder in the air.

As Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial’s elite armies began pouring into the town nearest to Stone Forest Town, the various large Guilds around Star-moon Kingdom realized that Blackwater intended to steal Stone Forest Town.

Meanwhile, a commotion shook Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums.

“What? They’re starting to fight already?”

“I wonder who will win this war?”

“Do you even need to ask? It will definitely be Blackwater. Didn’t you see how many players the Guild has gathered? Moreover, I heard that even Pantheon is getting involved.”

“How could Stone Forest Town be that easy to raid? Don’t forget that Zero Wing has stationed many NPC guards in Stone Forest Town. In addition, the town has the normal guards that belong to the Guild’s members as well as the Defensive Turrets. Even if Blackwater has the advantage in numbers, it will still be very difficult to capture Stone Forest Town. Moreover, Zero Wing has the home-ground advantage. Even after its members die, they can resurrect in the town. Blackwater’s members, however, will have to travel for over ten hours to return to the battlefield.”

“You’re right!”


For a time, Star-Moon Kingdom’s forms were cluttered with conversations about the Guild war. Many players had even eagerly rushed towards Stone Forest Town after receiving news, wis.h.i.+ng to witness this war with their own eyes.

In reality, it wasn’t just players who were eager to watch this war. Every Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom paid close attention to Stone Forest Town as well.

After all, this could be considered Star-Moon Kingdom’s first siege war. This war’s outcome was significantly important.

If Zero Wing failed to defend Stone Forest Town, after losing this goldmine of a town, the Guild would most likely be reduced to a second-rate Guild. Blackwater might gradually devour the Guild until the name “Zero Wing” no longer existed in Star-Moon Kingdom. On the other hand, if Zero Wing repelled Blackwater’s a.s.sault, after this war, Zero Wing’s influence in Star-Moon Kingdom would reach unprecedented levels. Within a short time, Zero Wing’s strength would undoubtedly climb by leaps and bounds.

Many players in Star-Moon Kingdom had felt that the Blackwater Guild, which had the support of the Blackwater Corporation, had ma.s.sive potential and thought that it was guaranteed to become Star-Moon Kingdom’s ruler. Hence, many players and companies paid close attention to this war. If Zero Wing came out victorious, it would be impossible for Blackwater to organize further effective a.s.saults in a short time. For a long time to come, Zero Wing would remain as Star-Moon Kingdom’s ruler.

Meanwhile, inside the second-floor VIP room of a high-cla.s.s bar in Saimu Town, the town closest to Stone Forest Town…

“Pantheon has lost its mind! It would’ve been fine if it had just dispatched its core legions to deal with Zero Wing, yet it dispatched one of its four trump card legions, the Red Jade Legion, as well! It seems that Zero Wing has seriously offended Pantheon this time!” Yuan Tiexin lightly clicked his tongue as he looked out the window at the 1,000-man legion marching through the street.

Every member of this 1,000-man legion was Level 40 or above. Moreover, they all wore exquisite, white robes with an embroidered, blood-red eagle. This blood-red eagle was none other than the Red Jade Legion’s symbol.

These players unified clothing, in addition to their levels, frightened the onlooking independent players.

Pantheon had many core legions, but the most famous were the four trump card legions.

Most of the experts in these legions were experts Pantheon had nurtured internally. Outsiders who wished to join these legions had to pa.s.s multiple tests. These trump card legions generally dealt with Super Guilds or super-first-rate Guilds. Until now, Pantheon had never once used these legions to deal with smaller Guilds.