Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1050 - Town’s Frightening Transformation

Chapter 1050 - Town’s Frightening Transformation

Chapter 1050: Town’s Frightening Transformation





Chapter 1050 – Town’s Frightening Transformation

Stone Forest Town, Blue Moon High-cla.s.s Bar:

As the only high-cla.s.s bar in Stone Forest Town, the Blue Moon High-cla.s.s Bar hardly had any ordinary players patronizing it for entertainment as the prices here were extremely high. Generally, only wealthy elite players would come here occasionally.

Now that Stone Forest Town’s player population had skyrocketed, even the high-cla.s.s bar was not spared from the traffic increase. However, compared to the ordinary bars in town, the Blue Moon was still a quiet establishment with few customers.

Just as the elite players inside the Blue Moon were excitedly discussing the newly opened Battle Arena in Stone Forest Town, two people, a man and a woman, suddenly entered the high-cla.s.s bar.

The instant these two people appeared, the entire building fell silent; everyone’s eyes focused on this pair.

Of the two, the man was Level 41. The equipment he wore actually gave off the glowing effect unique to Epic items—a dazzling sight to elite players.

However, the more eye-catching one between these two people would still have to be the heavenly beauty standing beside the man. Although the woman wore blood-red armor, the armor itself failed to conceal her perfect and enchanting curves. Just looking at her body could cause one to fall into a reverie. She had a delicate, oval face and beautiful eyes. Every one of her movements also exuded a natural elegance. In addition, she carried a longsword that radiated a golden glow on her back. No one in the room could pull their gaze away from her.

“Who is that beauty?”

“Why don’t we go get acquainted with her?”

“Shh! Speak softer! To think that you guys actually dare have designs on her! Are you all tired of living?”

“We’re just going to make her acquaintance. Is there a need to be so careful?”

“Do you know her?”

“Who is she?”

“Do you not see the Guild Emblem she is wearing? That’s the Secret Pavilion’s emblem! Her name is Purple Jade. She is one of the Pavilion’s top experts and has been named a peerless genius by the Pavilion. I heard that she managed to defeat Sacred Temple’s Sword Meister, Ruthless Sky, a few days ago. Apparently, her next challenge is Miracle’s Sword Freak, Miracle Dragon!”

“Why is a genius like her here?”

“Who knows? Maybe she’s here to experience the Battle Arena.”

The players in the hall began discussing Purple Jade, who had suddenly appeared. As for Yuan Tiexin, who stood beside her, he got ignored by everyone. After all, the feat of defeating the Sword Meister Ruthless Sky was simply too amazing.

The Sacred Temple was a Super Guild. Meanwhile, Ruthless Sky was an expert who had been famous for many years now. Practically n.o.body in the virtual gaming world was unaware of him. Nevertheless, this young and peerless beauty actually defeated such an expert. This news was far more shocking than if Ruthless Sky had lost to some random n.o.body.

After taking a look around the room, Yuan Tiexin could not help but shake his head and chuckle as he said, “There are too many people here. Let’s go upstairs.”

Purple Jade simply gave a silent nod in response. As for the gazes everyone inside the bar was directing at her, she paid no attention to them whatsoever. Or to put it in another way, she had long since learned to treat these players as air. After all, she had become the Secret Pavilion’s most dazzling star the moment she joined the Pavilion. Normally, there was not a single moment when she was not under close observation. She had grown used to receiving such gazes long ago.

“Stone Forest Town really is becoming increasingly amazing. I never thought that even a genius from the Secret Pavilion would come here.”

“I know, right? Just awhile ago, I saw several well-known experts of Star-Moon Kingdom inside the Battle Arena. I’m betting that it won’t be long before Stone Forest Town becomes the gathering place of expert players!”

“I’ve decided! From now on, Stone Forest Town will be my main base of operations! I wonder when Stone Forest Town will sell personal houses? Even if I have to bankrupt myself, I must buy one!”

“Stop dreaming. If Stone Forest Town really starts selling houses right now, those experts would buy them up in an instant.”

“I heard that if you want to obtain a personal house in Stone Forest Town, there is currently only one way to do so, and that is by partic.i.p.ating in the Battle Arena’s tournament. As long as you rank within the top five of the fourth-floor tournament, you’ll get to enter the fifth floor and receive a personal room. Also, I heard that if you rank within the top ten on the fifth floor, you’ll even receive a personal advance combat room.”

“You don’t need to tell me that. I’ve long since signed up for that tournament. Only, the registration fee is somewhat steep. It actually cost me half a Magic Crystal. If I can’t survive three rounds, I won’t even get to earn back my registration fee.”

“Hehe. I’m not aiming high. I’ll be happy as long as I can survive five rounds and earn some money. As for reaching the top five, I don’t even dare think about it. Most likely, only those famous experts in the kingdom will be able to fight for those positions. Players like us have no chance at all.”

While everyone was raving about the Battle Arena, Yuan Tiexin, who walked by them, could not help but sigh inwardly when he overheard their conversation, a somber expression on his face.

Compared to ordinary players, he was much more informed about Stone Forest Town’s situation.

Currently, even ordinary players were optimistic about Stone Forest Town’s prospects. One could just imagine how much development potential the town had.

Some time ago, Stone Forest Town’s value was nothing to the Secret Pavilion. However, due to the construction of the Magic Tower as well as the increasingly popular Battle Arena, the town now had an immeasurable future; even Yuan Tiexin had to admit that.

Hence, he and Purple Jade had also come to Stone Forest Town.

Despite their having been gone for only a few days, Stone Forest Town had undergone an earthshaking transformation. Even he had received a fright when he arrived in town just now.

Practically all the players roaming the streets were at the standard of elite players. Among them were many Level 38 and Level 39 experts. At this stage of the game, this was a scene that could only be found in the imperial capitals of empires, yet such a scene had now appeared in a player-owned town. Yuan Tiexin found this situation utterly inconceivable.

Yuan Tiexin could already tell that a lot of experts would definitely be gathering at Stone Forest Town in the future.

He had to admit that Zero Wing was truly wise to construct the Battle Arena. Not only could the Guild earn Magic Crystals this way, but this method also allowed the Guild to recruit expert players more easily. In addition, the Battle Arena had attracted many elite players to join Zero Wing.

This was practically killing three birds with one stone. Right now, even the Secret Pavilion was incapable of such a feat.

“Uncle Yuan, do you think Zero Wing will really agree to the Guild Leader’s conditions?” Purple Jade asked curiously as she looked at Yuan Tiexin.

“Relax. Since the Guild Leader has already said so, he naturally is confident,” Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling. “Moreover, I don’t think Zero Wing will refuse the offer, either. It is indeed true that Zero Wing has grown a lot stronger. However, its foundations are still too poor. Not to mention, the Blackwater Corporation is fully intent on getting a share of G.o.d’s Domain. It is simply impossible for Zero Wing to continue developing in Star-Moon Kingdom.”

“But there are also quite a number of experts in Zero Wing. Previously, I watched Zero Wing’s members training at the Battle Tower. Those people have very good potential and strength. As long as they are given some time, it won’t be impossible for Zero Wing to make a comeback,” Purple Jade said. She could not help but recall Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and the other members of Zero Wing who had trained in the Secret Pavilion’s simulation training system.

The speed of their improvement had shocked even someone like herself. In addition, Zero Wing’s members possessed extraordinary equipment in G.o.d’s Domain. It still wasn’t guaranteed that the Blackwater Guild could do anything to Zero Wing.

“You’re entertaining such thoughts because you still don’t know how fearsome the Blackwater Corporation actually is. There is a reason why the corporation can boast its current achievements in the fighting industry. Not to mention, Zero Wing no longer has much time left,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head. He could not help pitying Zero Wing.

Zero Wing could only blame itself for its bad luck. Of all the countries in G.o.d’s Domain, the Blackwater Corporation just had to choose Star-Moon Kingdom to be its staging point. Zero Wing simply had no chance of surviving this predicament.

Just as Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade were conversing, a knock came from the doors of the VIP room.

Yuan Tiexin then released the lock on the doors.

As the doors opened slowly, a figure that was not particularly tall appeared before Yuan Tiexin’s and Purple Jade’s eyes.

“How can this be possible?!” Yuan Tiexin’s eyes widened in shock upon seeing this figure, his expression turning very grim.

This figure belonged to none other than s.h.i.+ Feng, whom Yuan Tiexin was familiar with. Only, right now, s.h.i.+ Feng was actually Level 44!