Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1039 - Humanity’s Origins

Chapter 1039 - Humanity’s Origins

Chapter 1039: Humanity’s Origins





Chapter 1039 – Humanity’s Origins

s.h.i.+ Feng’s reaction astonished Phoenix Rain.

The Savage Wildland was a ma.s.sive, mysterious island discovered by one of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s old monsters while he had been working on an Epic Quest.

The Pavilion had investigated the island in depth, and they only uncovered part of the island’s secrets after much difficulty.

She hadn’t expected s.h.i.+ Feng to react as if he knew the Savage Wildland’s secrets when she had sent him the location.

“Do you know about the Savage Wildland?” Phoenix Rain asked curiously.

Only after browsing the library in the Apocalypse Empire’s imperial capital had the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion found some information about the Savage Wildland. However, the information was very vague. The only thing it mentioned was that the Savage Wildland was the birthplace of humans, which is why the town on that ma.s.sive island had been named the Town of Beginnings.

Even the weakest monsters on the island were Level 40. Moreover, the monsters exhibited considerably high combat standards. Even Guild elite players could not solo the area’s Elite monsters of the same level. They needed to form groups of three to take one down. Furthermore, it was very easy to come across Special Elite and Chieftain ranked monsters. These monsters mostly moved in groups, making it considerably difficult to level up. This also made it difficult to attract players to the Town of Beginnings.

Yet, the Town of Beginnings was too important to her.

To utilize the town’s true function, it needed to be promoted to a medium-sized town. She had been incredibly worried about this.

Now that she had the Magic Tower, though, attracting players would be much easier.

“Yes, I’ve read about it in a book. I have heard it’s humanity’s birthplace.” s.h.i.+ Feng nodded, though he did not reveal the frightening secret the Savage Wildland hid.

In the past, when the Savage Wildland had first appeared, it had not attracted any attention whatsoever.

First, it was simply too difficult to level up there. Rather than relying on the monsters, one would be better off grinding the useless monsters in low-resource areas. Moreover, the Savage Wildland’s monsters were quite stingy.

How stingy?

Even after killing over a hundred monsters, they wouldn’t drop garbage or a single material item. One could only obtain a handful of Copper Coins or cheap materials by killing Chieftain ranked monsters or above. As for obtaining weapons and equipment, that was a pipe dream.

Yet, n.o.body had imagined that this stingy island was actually a transit point connecting to Otherworlds. In the island’s deeper regions, one sometimes came across spatial cracks that allowed players to explore Otherworlds. These spatial cracks were like random Dungeons. However, one had to be lucky to find one.

Meanwhile, these spatial cracks were only one of the Savage Wildland’s benefits.

The true value of the Savage Wildland was the Otherworld transfer gate in the heart of the island. Players were only required to pay some Magic Crystals to utilize this gate. Unfortunately, players could only use the gate once per week.

Due to this, a large number of players had swarmed the Savage Wildland in the past. However, back then, the Savage Wildland had already fallen under the Super Guild Pantheon’s control. Anyone who wished to utilize the transfer gate had been required to pay an exorbitant fee. Despite the many other Super Guilds’ complaints, none of them had been able to do anything about it as the Pantheon ruled over the Town of Beginnings. The other Super Guilds could only watch as Pantheon regulated the area and collected ma.s.sive amounts of money.

Hence, the fact that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had taken the Town of Beginnings had truly surprised s.h.i.+ Feng.

Initially, s.h.i.+ Feng had thought of searching for the Savage Wildland in this life. However, activating the island had many conditions. He also did not know which conditions he would need to trigger. Hence, he had no choice but to leave the island alone for now.

He had never expected this opportunity to present itself.

An Otherworld could effectively train players and help them improve their techniques. Clearing an Otherworld also granted bountiful rewards. This was the reason why transfer tools to Otherworlds were so precious and expensive. If he could take control of the transfer gate to an Otherworld, it would undoubtedly provide a special training location for Zero Wing’s members.

“Guild Leader Black Flame is quite knowledgeable. The Pavilion has searched high and low for this information. If I had known earlier, I could’ve just asked you,” Phoenix Rain could not help but sigh.

She had mobilized all of the Guild’s power to learn about the Savage Wildland. Only after a two-day search had they found anything.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, you think too highly of me. I just like to read books about G.o.d’s Domain’s history in my free time,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, laughing.

“It seems I’ll have to read about G.o.d’s Domain’s history more often, then,” Phoenix Rain replied, smiling. She felt that s.h.i.+ Feng’s habit of reading books was a wise one, particularly books related to G.o.d’s Domain’s history. If she did so as well, she might learn something that could come in handy in the future.

Following which, Phoenix Rain said her goodbyes and returned to gather the funds she owed.

As for s.h.i.+ Feng, he immediately notified Gentle Snow about purchasing Ouroboros’s training center, having her make the necessary arrangements.

After s.h.i.+ Feng finished a.s.signing the necessary tasks, he secretly traveled to the Teleportation Hall, intending to make a trip to the Savage Wildland.

The Savage Wildland wasn’t currently valuable because the Town of Beginnings wasn’t yet a medium-sized town. It couldn’t yet activate its repellent magic array.

The Savage Wildland’s monsters were extremely concentrated. It was very difficult to reach the heart of the island. However, once the repellent magic array was active, the area’s monsters would spread out.

Generally, monsters in the wildland’s outer region ranged between Level 40 and Level 70, while the inner region had monsters ranging between Level 70 and Level 100. As for the island’s core, monsters around Level 100 to Level 120 called it home. Moreover, due to the high concentration of monsters, players could only reach the island’s heart after clearing the monsters in their way.

However, once the repellent magic array activated, as long as players were careful, there could enter the island’s inner region without trouble. There, players could randomly encounter spatial cracks that allowed them to enter Otherworlds to build their strength. Hence, once the Town of Beginnings became a medium-sized town, the town’s popularity would experience a qualitative change.

Despite the closest NPC town in the Apocalypse Empire being nearly twenty hours away from the Town of Beginnings, countless players still made the journey. Stone Forest Town was nothing in comparison.

Now that s.h.i.+ Feng knew that the Savage Wildland was active, he couldn’t let this opportunity get away.

Others might not be able to reach the Savage Wildland’s core, but he could. He had the Seven Luminaries Ring. He could use s.p.a.ce Movement to travel directly there. Only, if he accidentally came across monsters over Level 100 in the core region, it was highly likely that he would die. However, s.h.i.+ Feng was willing to take the risk.

As long as he could set coordinates for a Teleportation Magic Array in the core region, Zero Wing’s members could just teleport there in the future, easily entering an Otherworld to improve their strength.

With one Otherworld transfer gate serving as Zero Wing’s training grounds, in addition to the special training in the training center, what Guild could possibly compete with Zero Wing’s development speed?