Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1008 - Different Playstyle

Chapter 1008 - Different Playstyle

Chapter 1008: Different Playstyle





Chapter 1008 – Different Playstyle

After leaving the Trial of G.o.d, s.h.i.+ Feng returned to Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City.

Originally, s.h.i.+ Feng had intended to pay Countess Katie Green another visit. However, after recalling what the Countess was capable of, he decided against it. He did not have the time or energy to risk getting sent into the Trial of G.o.d once more. In any case, if the Countess didn’t expect his return, she wouldn’t have a reason to flee.

Moreover, both Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial had declared war on Zero Wing. He needed to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Upon returning to the Guild Residence, however, s.h.i.+ Feng was greeted by a depressing atmosphere. The Residence’s main hall was far less lively than it had been. There were also fewer players around the Quest Boards. The former vigorous atmosphere that surrounded the Guild Residence was gone.

It was hard to imagine that Zero Wing had fallen so far in just a few short days. One could see how powerful the Blackwater Corporation’s foundations were.

Fortunately, White River City was Zero Wing’s territory. There were a large number of the Guild’s members here. It was not easy for Blackwater to deal with Zero Wing in the field. After all, Blackwater needed a lot of manpower to develop the many cities under its rule. The most it could afford was to send the Guild’s top experts.

In a war, both sides needed to spend plenty of Coins on rewards and remunerations. A Guild’s top experts were strong, so their chances of dying were much lower. They were also more capable of killing more enemy players.

This was one of the most common methods employed in wars among Guilds. In the end, each Guild’s resources would determine the outcome. Whoever lasted longer would be the winner.

In the past, this method had destroyed many small Guilds.

Large Guilds had more resources and funding. They also had more experts. Small Guilds could not afford such a taxing war.

“The Blackwater Corporation really is impressive. In just a few days, they have won over so many of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Dark Guilds.” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help but frown as he overheard various conversations as players loitered in the main hall. “It seems that I can’t let the Dark G.o.ds Legion continue its expedition in the Undead Gorge.”

“Are those Dark Guilds very strong?” Thoughtful Rain asked curiously.

The Dark G.o.ds Legion was Zero Wing’s strongest legion. If he recalled the Dark G.o.ds Legion, it would impact the legion’s development. Wars between Guilds generally lasted a very long time. Having the Dark G.o.ds Legion waste its time on skirmishes around White River City wasn’t a good idea.

“Mhm, they’re very strong. Unlike regular Guilds, Dark Guilds have an abundance of battle maniacs who love PvP and plundering weapons and equipment from other players. They are very familiar with field battles. Moreover, the Skills they learn, the weapons and equipment they wear, and the techniques they possess all focus on PvP. Most importantly, the conditions to join a Dark Guild are far stricter than regular Guilds.

“To join a regular Guild, you only need to pa.s.s the Guild’s test. However, Dark Guilds are different. Not only do you need to pa.s.s the Guild’s test, but you also need to complete the system’s test.”

“The system’s test?” Thoughtful Rain was even more confused now. This was her first time hearing about such a thing.

“The system’s test to join a Dark Guild isn’t exactly difficult. You are only required to kill 10 players who are no more than three Levels lower than you. However, remaining in a Dark Guild is far more difficult. The system will periodically task you with killing a certain number of players and NPCs; by doing so, you will gain a large amount of EXP and various weapons, equipment, and tools. If you fail, however, you will be expelled from the Dark Guild. Because of that, players who remain in the Dark Guilds are incredibly strong. In addition, unlike regular players, Dark Guilds’ members are very discreet. They are not easy to deal with. This is also why regular Guilds usually avoid provoking them,” s.h.i.+ Feng explained slowly.

In the past, many Guilds had been forced to disband because they had provoked powerful Dark Guilds.

Unlike regular players, Dark Guild players did not kill monsters to earn EXP, weapons, equipment, money, and other necessities. Instead, they earned EXP from the players they killed. They also earned Kill Points, which could be traded for weapons, equipment, various tools of slaughter, money, and such. Dark Guilds could easily afford prolonged wars between Guilds it was just another day at the office.

This was how these Guilds continued to exist in G.o.d’s Domain, despite so few Dark Guilds in the game and so few members.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng notified Aqua Rose and called for a war meeting.

As soon as s.h.i.+ Feng announced for the meeting, every Zero Wing member burst with excitement.

“Yes! Our Guild’s upper echelons are finally going to make a move!”

“I wonder what the Guild plans to do this time?”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. It would be awesome if the Guild Leader leads us into a decisive battle.”

“It won’t be easy to find a battle like that. Haven’t you seen that the other party has no intentions of starting a head-on fight? They’re trying to whittle us down, bit by bit. Moreover, thanks to those Dark Guilds, it is becoming more difficult to start a team battle in the fields.

Zero Wing’s members expressed their opinions as they discussed s.h.i.+ Feng’s call for action. Some were hopeful, while others worried.

In a Level 40 desert map near Star-Moon City, large groups of Level 20-plus players engaged in battle. Every one of these players wore the Blackwater Emblem.

Surrounding these Level 20-plus players was over a hundred Level 35-plus players.

Currently, roughly thirty Level 35-plus MTs stood side-to-side, blocking an advance of Demonic Ants and Great Demonic Ants. At the rear, groups of Elementalists, Cursemancers, and Summoners launched AOE attacks at the monsters. The scene was spectacular.

[Demonic Ant] (Common)

Level 45

HP 50,000/50,000

[Giant Demonic Ant] (Special Elite)

Level 46

HP 550,000/550,000

One Demonic Ant was not much of a threat. However, Demonic Ants never acted independently. They generally swarmed with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of their companions. Moreover, Demonic Ants didn’t offer much loot, and the EXP they gave was average at best. Ordinary teams usually avoided them rather than wasting their time.

However, Demonic Ants were one of the best monsters to grind for levels.

“The leveling speed here is not bad. Continue luring monsters. The more, the merrier,” Abandoned Wave commanded as he sat leisurely behind the wall of players, enjoying a gla.s.s of wine as he watched his experience bar rapidly rise.

A short moment later, the Level 20-plus players behind him leveled up again. Their leveling speed was so fast that it could render elite players speechless.

Suddenly, an indifferent man in a Black Cloak, with most of his face covered in black bandages, appeared beside Abandoned Wave. The few Level 40 experts guarding Abandoned Wave instantly tensed.

Glancing at the indifferent man, Abandoned Wave raised his hand and said, “No need to panic. He’s one of ours.”

Hearing this, the Level 40 experts relaxed slightly. However, fear filled their gazes as they looked at the indifferent player.

After all, none of them had sensed the man before he revealed himself. If he had come here with ill intent, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable.

“Why are you here?” Abandoned Wave asked the bandaged man curiously.

“My side’s preparations are almost complete. I’m here just to give you these items. When the time comes, your men won’t need to worry about friendly fire.”