Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 2958 - 2958 Threaten

Chapter 2958 - 2958 Threaten

Chapter 2958 - 2958 Threaten

2958 Threaten

Leng Xiaoyao didnt look at Leng Yecheng, but faced Zhang Guanglin. You can leave, and Fengshang wont ask you to stay. You can take away your clients and your designs, but if you dare leak any projects from Fengshang to the company youre going to work for and cause Fengshang to suffer a loss, I promise you cant bear the result

Saying that, Leng Xiaoyao picked up a gla.s.s from the table, then clenched it and broke it to pieces. Do you hear me?

Everyone was shocked by her movement. Staring at the broken gla.s.s in her hand, they were scared, but how did she know what Zhang Guanglin was going to do after he quit?

Yaoyao, are you alright? Leng Changyuan immediately checked whether Leng Xiaoyao was injured.

Yaoyao, you Leng Yecheng also went to look at Leng Xiaoyaos hand.

Im fine, Leng Xiaoyao said, spreading out her palm. There was no wound.

Seeing that Leng Xiaoyaos hand was fine, Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng were relieved, but they were extremely surprised too and felt that Leng Xiaoyao seemed strange.

Chen Yuxi thought that Leng Xiaoyao was going to cause trouble, but he was amazed by her movement and felt her words were right. Zhang Guanglin was completely frightened.

In fact, Chen Yuxi never liked Zhang Guanglin.

He worked hard, but his abilities were limited, but he never admitted that he wasnt capable. Instead, he blamed other people for ignoring him.

At the same time, he changed his opinion of Leng Xiaoyao after she made such a bold decision.

How dare you threaten me? Zhang Guanglin felt humiliated after coming back to his senses. He was scared by a young girl, which was totally unacceptable in his eyes.

Leng Xiaoyao sneered, then said meaningfully, So what? Dont say that you dont have that intention. I wont believe it. If you want to quit, sure you can, but not now. You can leave after the project involving Fenglin Yuan is over. During this time, Ill arrange for someone to watch you. If you dare to leak any information about the project, youll end up like this ashtray

Saying that, Leng Xiaoyao started to show her strength again. She grabbed a crystal ashtray and broke it into halves with a hand.

It shocked everyone, and they all turned to look at her in shock once more. They couldnt believe their eyes!

Leng Xiaoyao easily cut the thick ashtray into halves with her hand.

If they wanted to do that, a knife might not even be enough.

In addition, how did Leng Xiaoyao know about the project involving Fenglin Yuan?

Actually, it wasnt a secret, because all the major designing companies were competing for the case. And Fengshang Design was in the final round. They were likely to win it, but it was still surprising that Leng Xiaoyao had heard of it.

And she even said that Zhang Guanglin might leak information about the project.

Suddenly, they felt Leng Xiaoyao was very strange.

She was unusually powerful now, and even they were not comparable to her.

However, when Zhang Guanglin heard Leng Xiaoyao bring up the project for Fenglin Yuan, he panicked, because that was what he was doing.

Yaoyao, why did you use your hand again? Leng Changyuan criticized and checked Leng Xiaoyaos hand. He was relieved after making sure she was fine.

Leng Xiaoyao continued. Im not just saying it. Although my uncle is the president of Fengshang Design, dont forget that this company was built by my mother. I have the duty to protect it. So, if you want to be safe, dont ever try to ruin our company, or I will twist and break your neck.

Hearing that, Zhang Guanglin subconsciously shrank his neck. After witnessing Leng Xiaoyaos abilities, he didnt dare to doubt her.

He didnt actually think that Leng Xiaoyao would dare to do that, because it was illegal, but Leng Xiaoyao looked extremely aggressive. She didnt seem to be joking. Moreover, despair could give courage even to a coward.

Leng Xiaoyao said this to threaten Zhang Guanglin, but Leng Yecheng and Chen Yuxi were also amazed by her power. Moreover, they felt more respect for her.

It was true that they were amazed by a girl who was nearly twelve years younger than them.

You Zhang Guanglin was mad and even shook a little in fright. He wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say.

Uncle, what else do you need to talk about with Mr. Zhang? Leng Xiaoyao asked Leng Yecheng. When she spoke to Leng Yecheng, she became a lot more gentle.

I bet he has already heard what you said. I have nothing else to talk to him about, Leng Yecheng replied. He agreed with Leng Xiaoyao on what she had just said.

If so, Mr. Zhang, you can go back to your office now. You dont need to do anything during this time. You will receive the same salary till the project for Fenglin Yuan is settled, then you can leave, Leng Xiaoyao announced.

Zhang Guanglin opened his mouth, but still said nothing, then he walked away in anger.

He didnt want to listen to Leng Xiaoyao, but Leng Xiaoyao was too aggressive to be ignored. After all, he didnt want to die.

Nevertheless, it was necessary for him to talk to his people about it.

Once Zhang Guanglin left, Leng Changyuan and the others turned to focus on Leng Xiaoyao. She appeared very strange in their eyes now.

Yaoyao, how did you know that Zhang Guanglin is going to leak our project for Fenglin Yuan after he quits? Leng Yecheng asked.

I ran into him talking with a man in a caf the other day. They talked about Fenglin Yuan, so I learned about his purpose. I forgot about it till you received the call earlier. As soon as I heard Zhang Guanglins name, I remembered it, so I asked you to bring us over, Leng Xiaoyao explained.