Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 993 - 993 Give Them a Couple of Days To Get Over This

Chapter 993 - 993 Give Them a Couple of Days To Get Over This

Chapter 993 - 993 Give Them a Couple of Days To Get Over This

993 Give Them a Couple of Days To Get Over This

Team [Futuristic] clearly lost their cool when they saw Team Ds racing car almost catching up with them.

The team wanted to forcibly charge through the race cars boxing them in.

Zi Yi tutted and said on seeing this, They lost their cool. If they composed themselves, they would definitely win.

As she spoke, the sound of someone knocking on the door could be heard from behind.

When Zi Yi turned to look over, the door had already opened and Zhou s.h.i.+yu was standing there.

Boss, said Zhou s.h.i.+yu as he walked through the door.

Zi Yi nodded and asked, I thought you wanted to watch the race live. What brings you here?

Zhou s.h.i.+yu pushed his up his nose, looking at the large monitor behind Zi Yi. He said, I dont think Little Jin and the others can come in as champions for the race.

Huh? Zi Yi was a little surprised by his keen observation skills. She did not tell him what she thought about the race. Instead, she asked, Why do you think that way?

Based on observation, Country D has a very good racer among them. The guy is so good at this that no other racer can compare to him.

Zhou s.h.i.+yu paused and contemplated. He hesitated for over ten seconds before he explained. After working in [Futuristic Technology Group] for some time, I see things differently. I can tell one of Team Ds cars was modified as well. Also, the technology is as good as our cars.

You are right.

Zi Yi thought to herself. The car was modified by a national research establishment from Country D, so it could definitely outperform her casual modifications.

Zhou s.h.i.+yu went quiet on hearing this.

Zi Yi knew his concerns, so she said, Dont worry about Zhou s.h.i.+jin and the others. It doesnt matter what ranking they get. The important thing is experience. With this experience, we can come in first next time.

Zhou s.h.i.+yu scrutinized Zi Yis face and could tell she meant what she said.

Doubts emerged in his mind.

Boss, did you already know Little Jin and the others wont win the race?

Zi Yi would never admit it. She simply said, I used to think my team would win, but just like you, Ive lost confidence. As you mentioned, Team D is far better than expected.

The moment she finished her sentence, the two of them turned to look at the monitor.

Team Ds car accelerated even more. It had already caught up with Team [Futuristic]s number of laps and surpa.s.sed them.

More importantly, this racer is far better at racing than Team [Futuristic].

Zi Yi turned her head slightly and saw Zhou s.h.i.+yu frowning. She said, Im sure theyll feel defeated about this. I have some important personal matters to attend to later, so I dont have time to console them. You have to help me talk to them later.

She pondered and said, I will give all of you access to [Futuristic Bar] tonight. You can go drinking later.

Zhou s.h.i.+yu nodded. Sure thing.

Zi Yi had already guessed the results of the race.

Team D came in first and Team L came in last thanks to Team Ds trump card.

Lu Jingye and Zi Yi made a killing thanks to this.

After the race ended, Zi Yi and Zhou s.h.i.+yu went over to see Team [Futuristic].

The team looked crushed and defeated.

Zi Yi said angrily, That was just one race, but youre already so defeated. Does this mean youll never race again?

Zi Yi did not console them and even spoke harshly. The racers could not help feeling worse.

Zi Yi glanced at their faces. She was about to say something, but she paused and reworded herself. Never mind. I will give you two days to get over this. Im going back now.

Zhou s.h.i.+jin promptly exploded. What kind of boss are you? Your team did not come in champion. Shouldnt you be feeling sadder than us?

Youre already feeling sad on my account, so I dont see why I should be upset.

Everyone was stunned by the way her mind worked.

Three men from the Dou family had come over looking for Zi Yi and were instantly tickled by her words.

Dou Zerui could not suppress himself and said, Cant you be more serious at a time like this?

She should take a tip from him. Even though he already knew the results and made a killing, he did not get and show it on his face.

Zi Yi glanced at him before looking at Zhou s.h.i.+jin. She did her utmost to calm her voice and spoke sternly. I was confident that our team would win the race initially, but Team D unexpectedly had a trump card. His car was modified and could go equally fast as ours. Also, the guy was a better racer than you. With those factors combined, its no surprise that we lost.

After saying this, the team felt a little better.

Now that they looked calmer, Zi Yi continued, People lose and you cant win all the time. You shouldnt feel so compet.i.tive. Moreover, your car is only slightly faster than normal. If you use my car, I promise youll win every race in the future.

The five of them went quiet and felt their boss was just joking about this.

Considering the speed of Zi Yis car, it was no different from flying.

Were they capable of driving it?

Zhou s.h.i.+yu smiled and said, In that case, why dont we just move on? Youve already come in second and its quite the feat. Now, its time to relax. The boss is buying you drinks at [Futuristic Bar] tonight. Why dont we go and enjoy ourselves?

Zhou s.h.i.+jin glanced at his older brother and went quiet.

Zi Yi went to speak to the other managers. She offered to make arrangements to show them around the sights of the city before preparing to go home.

Someone called her back, Miss Zi, didnt we agree? The champion has to buy us dinner. You have to come tonight.

Im not free tonight. Zi Yi said no promptly. I probably wont be free from now on. If you want to dine together, I will have to send my subordinate.

They did not like hearing this, but Zi Yi did not care about their feelings. Once she was done, she left the place through a private corridor with the three men from the Dou family.

Shortly after walking, a deep voice came from behind her. When are you going to make good on your promise?

The four of them halted and looked at the man standing behind them.

Dou Zerui looked at Zi Yi in surprise. Do you know this racer from Country D?

Zi Yi looked at the mans expressionless face and stern eyes. She said, No, I dont.

She said to the man, Even though we have made a deal, we didnt discuss when I have to make good on my promise. Im going to be very busy for the next few days. In a few days, I will talk to you.

The man promptly frowned with intense coldness radiating from him.

The men from the Dou family automatically trembled inside.

Zi Yi did not feel intimidated by his cold aura. Instead, she called the guys and walked inside the corridor.