Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 988 - 988 Say Goodbye Forever

Chapter 988 - 988 Say Goodbye Forever

Chapter 988 - 988 Say Goodbye Forever

988 Say Goodbye Forever

Lu Zhiheng looked at Yang Yuelans lips.

Yang Yuelan was wearing bright lipstick today. Since her lips were pretty, the lipstick served to accentuate her complexion.

Lu Zhiheng thought about the earlier stage of their marriage looking at her lips and could not resist kissing her.

When their lips touched, Yang Yuelan embraced Lu Zhiheng by the neck and he held her by the waist. It was a very intense kiss.

Lu Zhiheng suddenly realized he still had feelings for his wife.

After the kiss ended, Yang Yuelan suddenly let go of him.

Lu Zhiheng felt a little reluctant and wanted to pull her back into his arms.

Yang Yuelan asked, Zhiheng, if I did something wrong, would you forgive me?

Lu Zhiheng wanted to say yes.

He instinctively felt it could not be that bad.

Yang Yuelan added in a soft gentle tone, I hurt your father. I used a dagger to stab him from behind and it went through to the front.

Huh? Lu Zhiheng thought he had heard wrongly. He frowned and said, Say that again?

Sure enough, Yang Yuelan repeated herself. I hurt Father and nearly killed him.


Yang Yuelan clutched her face where it got slapped. She turned to look at Lu Zhiheng and his face instantly looked livid.

Lu Zhiheng could feel anger rising in his chest as he asked furiously, Youre f*cking mad, right?

Yang Yuelan said nothing. Tears trickled down her face uncontrollably.

She looked at her angry husband and said in a trembling voice, Lu Zhiheng.

Lu Zhiheng hastily got up from the bench. He shouted at her in absolute fury, Yang Yuelan, youre really sick. How could you f*cking attack my father?

As he spoke, he wanted to hit Yang Yuelan again.

Yang Yuelan did not dodge and simply let him do it.

Lu Zhiheng could not bear to strike her when he saw the tears in her eyes. He put down his hand stiffly and turned to leave. As he walked off, he said, Just go. I dont want to see you now.


Yang Yuelan cried even harder and felt as though she had lost all hope. However, she did not cry out loudly. Instead, she watched as the man walked off without so much as turning back before she closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, her eyes were bereft of light. She also stood up.

The police car was right outside the Lu residence, so she could leave with them at any time.

Lu Zhiheng went straight to the living room.

Everyone from the Lu family was sitting in the living room.

Lu Zhihengs eyes turned red as he asked, Hows Dad?

When she saw Lu Zhiheng, Mrs. Lu suddenly felt a little sorry for Yang Yuelan.

The man did not even ask why Yang Yuelan wanted to kill his father.

However, she did not say her thoughts out loud.

Second Master Lu replied, We managed to save Big Brother.

She really wanted to kill Dad?! Lu Zhiheng hastily raised his voice. How could she be so ruthless?

Second Master Lu looked at Lu Zhiheng and said solemnly, Big Brother is at the National Sanatorium recuperating. He doesnt want you to visit him.


Lu Zhihengs eyes turned red. He paused as a notion emerged in his mind and his shoulders slumped powerlessly. He felt terrible inside. Does he never want to see me again?

No one answered him.

He needed an answer about whether Eldest Master Lu was angry with him. Even without giving him an answer, it was clear how his father felt about him.

Lu Zhiheng felt terrible inside. He looked up at them and said, What are you going to do to me?

He did not think for a moment that they would just let him leave.

Third Master Lu replied, You need more training. We plan on sending you to the northwest unpopulated region to guard the border.

The moment Lu Zhiheng heard what he said, he could sense his mind going blank. He opened his eyes wide in disbelief. Why should I go to the unpopulated region?

He could sense fury rising inside as his chest kept rising and falling sharply. He gritted his teeth and roared with his bloodshot eyes. I know. You are just sending me there to die, right? Why else would you make me go there? Let me tell you. Even if I die, Im not going.

Hmph! This is not up to you. Third Master Lu stood up. This time, I will send you there myself. If you want to die, be my guest. You just have to jump off the helicopter and get it over and done with.


Lu Zhiheng felt infuriated and indignant. This was his family, but they were completely heartless.

It was common knowledge that the conditions in the unpopulated region were very tough. People had to worry about alt.i.tude sickness, sand storms, and desert robbers. He might die anytime out there with no one to recover his body.

Im not going!

Lu Zhiheng roared as he retreated.

He wanted to escape. These people wished he were dead, so he saw no reason to do as they wanted.

Third Master Lu knew what he was thinking. The moment Lu Zhiheng turned around, Third Master Lu strode over and kicked him in the back of his knee.




The intense pain in his knee made him break out in cold sweat. He sprawled on the ground, his face in excruciating pain from where he hit the floor, feeling even more indignant.

Suddenly the sound of a phone ringing could be heard.

After listening to the person on the phone, Lu Jingye said in a serious tone, Your wife took poison and committed suicide. She died instantly.

The moment he finished his sentence, Lu Zhiheng hastily opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

Something suddenly exploded in his heart and he no longer noticed the pain in his knee. He howled before stumbling for the door and running out.

Everyone stood up and followed behind him.

When they arrived at the scene, where the police car had stopped halfway, the area was already cordoned off.

Lu Zhiheng ran over, but a cop stopped him.

Lu Zhiheng roared angrily at the cop.

Third Master Lu said, Let him in.

The cop finally let Lu Zhiheng past the police tape.

Lu Zhiheng struggled as he walked up beside the police car. He saw Yang Yuelan sitting in the backseat with her head tilted sideways. It felt as though something was stabbing him in the heart ruthlessly. He was in so much pain that he opened his mouth hyperventilating.

Tears flooded from his eyes. His legs went limp and he stumbled. Just as he was about to fall, he grabbed the car door for support.

In a split second, he lunged at Yang Yuelan. He hugged her and yelled, Yuelan! Yuelan! AHHH

Mrs. Lu also wiped tears from her eyes listening to Lu Zhiheng crying desperately.

Second Master Lu embraced Mrs. Lu by the shoulder and asked Anya and Zi Yi, Can you save her?

Zi Yi and Anya shook their heads looking at Yang Yuelans face.

Zi Yi said, She took lethal poison. After taking the poison, there is a ten-minute window for her to take the cure. Once the time is up, there is no saving her.

Yang Yuelan had clearly taken the poison after leaving the Lu residence. She could have even taken it before seeing Lu Zhiheng. Whatever it was, she had clearly pa.s.sed the ten-minute window to get treatment.

Second Master Lu went quiet.

Mrs. Lu wiped tears from her eyes. From the looks of it, Yuelan already made up her mind to die so that is why she requested to see Zhiheng.

Lu Zhiheng kept hugging Yang Yuelan like a madman and Mrs. Lu suddenly felt sorry for Yang Yuelan. He has done nothing to deserve Yang Yuelan. She would do anything for him, but he did not treasure her while it lasted.