Reincarnated As A Fox With System - Chapter 778 Pauper Tang Li Xue!

Chapter 778 Pauper Tang Li Xue!

Chapter 778 Chapter 778: Pauper Tang Li Xue!

Zi Yan's fossil stone was not big. It was only the size of a basketball.

The burly male fox took Zi Yan's fossil stone and began to cut it carefully layer by layer with his bare hand.

Tang Li Xue felt even more tense, panicked, and nervous when she saw Zi Yan's calm expression.

'Don't tell me that she is cheating?! Maybe his sister that President Zi Hua had already specially prepared an extremely precious fossil stone for her?' Tang Li Xue frowned deeply as she suspiciously thought.

Unfortunately, there was nothing Tang Li Xue could do if that really happened since she did not have any evidence to prove it.

Then a dim white light suddenly shone from something inside Zi Yan's fossil stone!

Tang Li Xue's heart almost jumped out of her throat at that moment!

"Wah, another lucky one~! This is actually 10,000 years Stalagmite Essense!" The party host girl exclaimed in a delightful tone.

"Even though the size is a bit too small, but there should be a few drops of 10,000 years Essense Milk inside it. The value is not much less than the previous fragment of divine treasure!" The party host girl introduced it to the audience.

The audience exclaimed in surprise and clapped their hands excitedly.

Tang Li Xue was still frowning as she pondered: 'Err... So, according to that host girl, the value of her thing should still be less than Silly Fox's fragment of divine treasure, right? Oh well... It is okay. It meant I still had a high hope of winning.'

Zi Yan turned around and stared smugly at Tang Li Xue while sneering provocatively at her.

Tang Li Xue almost could not hold her urge to raise her middle finger at Zi Yan right at this moment but she decided to ignore Zi Yan and let her laugh happily for a little bit longer.

The host girl pulled several other partic.i.p.ants after Zi Yan's turn but after the burly male fox skillfully cut open their fossil stones, all of them were empty.

Without realizing it, almost all of the partic.i.p.ants in this contest had been already eliminated, leaving only five foxes on the grand stage.

The party host girl's next target was actually Instructor Mei Lan this time!

Instructor Mei Lan stepped forward gracefully with her usual gentle smile on her beautiful face, but anyone who knew her could easily see that she actually did not care about the result of this contest at all.

The party host girl took Instructor Mei Lan's fossil stone and gave it to the burly male fox, then the burly male fox cut the fossil stone carefully with his bare hand as usual.

Tang Li Xue was very curious about what Instructor Mei Lan could get from the fossil stone she picked.

'Instructor Lan should be able to use [Sonar] to detect if there is something inside the fossil stone or not, so it should be impossible for her fossil stone to be empty like the others. Unfortunately, she should not be able to judge if the thing inside her fossil stone is precious or if it is just junk.' Tang Li Xue concluded in her mind.


Blinding green light suddenly shone as the entire s.p.a.ce around the grand stage was trembling slightly!

Everyone including Tang Li Xue and the party host girl dropped their jaw and became speechless at the sudden shocking phenomenon!

"Innate treasure~! Innate treasure has actually been born! How shocking and spectacular is this?! This lady should be the real daughter of G.o.ddess of Luck~!" The party host girl screamed excitedly.

Even the audience clamored in shock and surprise.

"Bwahahahaha~! As I expect from my daughter!" Councillor Junjie laughed out loud happily.

"Congratulations to Councillor Junjie and his daughter!" President Zi Hua and Teacher Li Wei who was sitting near Councillor Junjie politely congratulated him.

Tang Li Xue widened her topaz blue eyes in disbelief while screaming in her mind: 'What the heck?! That green bell looks really familiar to me... No way~! That is clearly [Bell of Poison Shade]! Is it a coincidence that Instructor Mei Lan picked the fossil stone with [Bell of Poison Shade] inside it?'

The burly male fox politely returned the [Bell of Poison Shade] to Instructor Mei Lan while enthusiastly congratulating her along with the party host girl.

After Instructor Mei Lan took back the [Bell of Poison Shade], she walked toward Tang Li Xue and threw the [Bell of Poison Shade] onto Tang Li Xue instead.

Tang Li Xue caught the [Bell of Poison Shade] in panic before it fell onto the ground.

"Instructor Lan?" Tang Li Xue asked in confusion.

Instructor Mei Lan pointed her ears and muttered to Tang Li Xue: "Do you forget that my ears are very sharp? I heard you want to take those three fossil stones, so I help you take one of them back. Just consider it as my reward for you having pa.s.sed the Heartless Cave today."

"Mommy Lan... No, I mean Instructor Lan~!" Tang Li Xue cried with a pair of teary eyes because she was really touched by Instructor Mei Lan's care and kindness.

As an orphan in her two lives, Instructor Mei Lan might be the closest figure as a mother that Tang Li Xue could imagine.

"But I do not want it..." Tang Li Xue pushed the [Bell of Poison Shade] back to Instructor Mei Lan.

Instructor Mei Lan frowned and asked: "Why?"

Tang Li Xue blushed as she explained the function of [Bell of Poison Shade] clearly to Instructor Mei Lan: "This [Bell of Poison Shade] is surely a good thing since it not only can detoxify all kinds of poison but it also can get stronger without limit by according to the quant.i.ty and quality of the poison it absorbs."

"But Instructor Lan... You should already know that I am poor. Moreover, I have to feed two greedy big eaters, Little Yaya and Little Loki. If you add this money eater treasure, [Bell of Poison Shade] then I am afraid..." Tang Li Xue could not even bear to continue to think about it further.

Just feeding Little Yaya and Little Loki already made her completely penniless... If she had to buy an astronomical amount of poison to feed [Bell of Poison Shade], then Tang Li Xue would really have to sell herself!

"Of course, if Instructor Lan is kind enough to buy all kinds of poison for me to feed [Bell of Poison Shade], then I will reluctantly..." Tang Li Xue said to Instructor Mei Lan in a flattery tone.

Before Tang Li Xue could finish her words, Instructor Mei Lan already rolled her eyes and took back the [Bell of Poison Shade] from Tang Li Xue.

No matter how generous Instructor Mei Lan was, there would be no way she would pamper Tang Li Xue that much.

Well, it was Instructor Mei Lan's creed to never spoil any of her students, or they might become useless foxes.

However, Tang Li Xue did not feel any pity for missing the [Bell of Poison Shade].

Innate treasures were weak and useless at the beginning, and they could not even be compared to the tras.h.i.+est magic treasure.

But their advantage was that they could grow stronger without limit, and even surpa.s.s divine treasure level!

Of course, it was only theoretical since even if [Bell of Poison Shade] absorbed all of the poison in this Immortal World, it might be still far from enough to reach divine treasure level.

But there was no doubt that only in the hands of a rich fox like Instructor Mei Lan could the [Bell of Poison Shade] grow stronger quickly and become powerful enough to threaten even Spirit Beasts.

In the hand of a pauper like Tang Li Xue, the [Bell of Poison Shade] might enter Little Loki's stomach first before it could grow...

"All right, that lady seems to be the close friend of the previous daughter of the lucky G.o.ddess~! Let's see if she is the other daughter of the lucky G.o.ddess~!" The party host girl whispered to the audience as she approached Tang Li Xue and pulled her to the front of the grand stage.

Almost all of the audience was grasped in shock and awe when they saw Tang Li Xue's stunningly beautiful look.

Even the party host girl was bewitched and stunned for a few moments by Tang Li Xue's extremely mesmerizing appearance.

Previously, almost everyone was focused on the partic.i.p.ant whose fossil stone was opened by the burly male fox, so they did not really pay any attention to Tang Li Xue who had not yet had her turn.

"Wow, this lady is so beautiful~! I thought our fox race as the most beautiful race is already extremely good-looking. But this lady is clearly on another level than us!" The party host girl praised Tang Li Xue until Tang Li Xue lowered her head and blushed in embarra.s.sment.

This was the first time the burly male fox almost slipped when he took the fossil stone from Tang Li Xue, but the fossil stone still fell on the burly male fox's feet.

The burly male fox was so ashamed that he really wanted to hide away on the spot.

Zi Yan gnashed her teeth as she glared at Tang Li Xue with a pair of eyes filled with envy and jealousy.

The burly male fox picked up the fossil stone that fell onto the ground and began to peel it barehandedly layer by layer carefully.



This time, there was not only a blinding green light s.h.i.+ning from the object hidden inside Tang Li Xue's fossil stone, but there were even the ear-deafening sounds of thunder echoing through the entire party venue!